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I've been collecting my urine in plastic bottles and then I pour it on plants and trees outside to help them grow. I have 8 bottles and every few days I'm contributing about 5 litres of fertiliser. Why are more people not rebelling against the big water and helping nature?

It *is* a good fertilizer, containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but it also stinks. Plenty of gardeners pee on their compost heap, and that's not just because it's "convenient" (pun intended).

Monday tomorrow! What will you be upto?

GrantLow97’s Profile PhotoGrant Low
Somebody in my street gave me an old mountain bike yesterday. It needs a bit of work to get it cleaned up and the brakes and gears set up properly, so I'll do that today. I already have a decent bike so I'm thinking I might leave this one locked up in central London so I can use it when I go up town, which I do every couple of weeks or so. I used to use the Boris (rental) bikes, but ever since they changed the price of them they are no longer viable unless you use them daily and have a monthly subscription.
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Where are you from? 😊

GeorginaKeemcook’s Profile PhotoGeorgina Keem-cook
Originally from the Midlands, but living in South West London ever since I went to uni. My accent is confused between north and south. Just yesterday I had to set up a voice recognition password with my bank on the phone, and I had to repeat the phrase "My voice is my password" several times. Sometimes I said "paRse-word" and sometimes I said "paSss-word" and their system didn't like that.

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What do you do when the power goes out? 🔦🕯️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Check the fuse box, check with my neighbours, report the outage to the power company, don't open the fridge. It's not a common occurrence though. I can only recall maybe 3 outages in the last 20 years.

Cause I've been busy with life just in general and not really been active on here these last few weeks, I felt like catching up with the people I follow! So, what have you been up to? 😄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Today I'm at the Epsom Derby. I've got a busy week coming up. Cinema on Tuesday, the Take That musical on Wednesday (don't judge me 😂) and Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream at the Globe on Thursday.
Cause Ive been busy with life just in general and not really been active on here

What's the last meal you had?

GrantLow97’s Profile PhotoGrant Low
Wholetail scampi, potato, peas and tartare sauce, followed by lemon sorbet, with a glass of my homemade mead that I made from my friend's honey bees.

What’s your preferred format of time: 12 or 24 hours?

mistyskypath1’s Profile PhotoMistySkyPath
Usually 12 hour, unless it's for something like train and bus timetables which should always be 24.

What is your favourite colour and why is it your favourite? 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
When I was maybe 5 years old or so, my older sister read my horoscope out of the newspaper and told me that my lucky number was 7 and lucky/favourite colour was yellow. It has stuck with me every since, even though I realise now that they probably printed a different answer the next day.

Anyone doing anything on this fine day?

connor_lowrey’s Profile PhotoCon01
I just started my journey home to South West London, via bus, coach and two trains. I should get home about 11.30pm

How much planning/research do you put in when you’re going to tour another country? Do you plan something new everyday, or space it out?

theonlyems’s Profile Photolionessence
It depends on the type of holiday, but for my US road trips I usually decide on a general area first, like a group of three or four states together, or one or two must-see attractions (Grand Canyon, Kennedy Space center, Graceland etc). Then I will research everything else in the area that might interest me, from the obvious tourist attractions right down to the weird quirky little roadside oddities. I plot them all on a map, and then plan a circular route to take in as many as I can. I will generally have twice as many things marked as I can actually do, and then decide only a day or two before which ones I will actually go to, based on the weather, my mood, or whether I feel like I've already seen one barbed-wire museum too many (there are lots in OK and KS!). I book the flights, a hire car, and my first night's accommodation (a US entry requirement), and then I make it up from there, staying in motels in whichever town I happen to find myself at the end of the day.
I have learned that it pays to be flexible in the US. You never really know whether you're going to stay in one place for a few days or a few hours until you get to each destination. Some places surprise you with how much there is to see and do, and some are over in a flash so you need to move on. I usually go for three weeks, but I tend to get tired of all the traveling and endless identikit motels after 15 or 16 days, so then I'll find a nice cabin in the woods or by a lake and end the holiday there. I've done 5 US road trips so far (California/Arizona, KS/OK, Florida, Blue Ridge mountains, Deep South inc Memphis/Tennessee) and I have two more in the planning (New England, and around the Yellowstone area), but COVID and a seriously bad exchange rate for the GB pound has put those on hold.

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Have you had a good bank holiday weekend? 😎

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Five concerts with a dozen friends, and I made a couple of new friends too. At one of the gigs, an afternoon tribute act for the main event, the singer got called away on an emergency so the singer of the actual band stepped in at the last minute to help out. That was a bit surreal. The main event was 3000 capacity, the tribute act about 300.
Have you had a good bank holiday weekend

What's your opinion on the reboots of Harry Potter being a series and the twilight franchise also being a series?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
I'm not a fan of either, but this is never a very good idea. It will be popular enough for them to make a profit on it, but it's likely to get slated and if they ever get to do a second series I'd be surprised. At the end of the day, it's a safer bet for the production companies than trying to come up with something new.

What’s the best language, in your opinion?

mistyskypath1’s Profile PhotoMistySkyPath
I don't know anything human languages, only computer languages.
Sometimes people are surprised that I, as a professional developer, code almost entirely in Visual Basic. It is definitely not "the best" as far as speed, efficiency or elegance, far from it, but what it does have is readability. I am acutely aware that one day somebody else is going to have to read my code and modify or adapt it, and that person may not be a professional coder. Visual Basic is by far the easiest language to understand, especially for "amateurs" who might not look at this sort of stuff every day, and in my view, maintainability trumps speed and elegance for all but the most critical applications.

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Today I ordered an online order from Iceland when it came it wasn't my order as 1 it had a different name on the bag 2, I didn't order any of the things in the bags. Has this ever happened to you?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
I had a Tesco order where they got most of it right but gave me somebody else's chilled/fridge items instead of mine. I called customer service and they came back and fixed it about an hour later.

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Where’s the best place you’ve ever been?

mistyskypath1’s Profile PhotoMistySkyPath
I'm lucky to have travelled quite a lot. It's impossible to choose just one place, but I loved Japan for the temples, gardens and culture; Australia for the relaxed attitude of the people, and Kansas for the wide open plains.

How is everyone doing tonight?

gamingexplorer3328’s Profile Photorazer113
I got lucky with them opening a side door at just the right time and got a place at the front.
How is everyone doing tonight


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