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How many jobs have you left?

I took voluntary redundancy from my last job. Before that I only ever moved jobs within the same company so I have never actually resigned from a job.

how do you remove private messages on here? a creepy guy keeps messaging me :(

kittyhanemiya’s Profile Photokitty hanemiya
On the Android app you swipe left then click the black flag to block or report someone. It blocks anonymous accounts ok but you can't stop someone from just opening a new account if they really want to be persistent.

How much money will you spend if you cook food at home ....? And you don't order from stores....

My groceries average about £30 a week if you don't include alcohol and other treats, by that does include other household products like cleaning materials, washing powder, toilet roll etc.

Why I easily trust all people??

Because you're an optimist. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you don't give too many second chances when they prove you wrong.

What’s something you always need to know about someone before giving them a chance?

Ellis893757’s Profile PhotoJames
Do they smoke? Instant rejection, not negotiable.

How long did it take to you to get your driving licence ? From the day you started your application for provisional license ...

About 9 months. I only had about 10 proper lessons but I did a lot of driving in my parent's cars in between. I'd probably driven about 4000 miles before I actually took my test, which I passed first time.
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Should we care about people's opinion about us or we should focus on being good for us?

mano373’s Profile PhotoMohsen
Your reputation is important, especially at work and in business, so you should absolutely care about other people's opinions of you.

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What’s your nickname if you have one?

Confessedloser’s Profile PhotoTJ
On a recent holiday my friends started calling me Alexa because I was full of useful information about where we were, what to see and how to get around etc 🤣

Thoughts on Jacob Rees-Mogg?

Math_Blink’s Profile Photomath
Like most politicians, if you manage to catch him talking about the issues and discussing matters in detail rather than just spouting blind support for the government/leader and talking in soundbites, then he is actually incredibly intelligent, talks a lot of sense, and works hard for his constituents. Some people are against him because he is rich, educated and talks posh, but that's not a valid reason to dislike him, that's just your own prejudice showing through. If you want to get the true measure of a politician, ignore what you see on the news headlines and what happens in the chamber and other political sparring situations and watch them actually working in some of the committee meetings or the parliamentary debates which don't make the headlines.

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