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What's your dog's breed? She/he looks like my neighbor's old dog. He had a female dog that looked identical. Her name was Carla and she was a sweetheart, all the kids loved playing with her, lol.

Aw, how cute!! 🥹🥰 I can well believe if if they’re the same breed! I have a show cocker spaniel :)

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Is there a particular field of study you were really interested in, but didn’t end up pursuing as a career? If so, what is it? How long have you had an interest in said field? What made you realize/decide you wanted to pursue your current field instead? 🧑‍💻📑

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I’ve always wanted to pursue the arts, so I’ve very much ended where I’d like to be, or rather, I’m in the process of getting there.
In another life, I would have found archaeology/studying ancient history and working within that field to be fascinating. That, or pursuing being a vet, as I love animals and would feel like I’m genuinely making an impact in the world by helping so many little beans :)
Realistically though, even if I pursued these, I’d still feel a longing back to creating, so I know it’s my true soul’s path, so to speak :)

I understand. I suggest that if you just cuddled your lovely dogs 🐕 and went to sleep earlier today, you’d get a bit better, my friend Livi ✨❤️

angelicfida’s Profile PhotoFida
Thank you kindly, Fida!! I really appreciate your message 🤗✨
I’ll definitely do those things, I’m sure once I catch up on sleep I’ll be okay. I hope you’re keeping well! ☀️💛

Is drinking a 12 cup coffee pot throughout the day too much caffeine intake?

I’m no expert by any means, but that may be a fair amount - as in, that could potentially affect your sleep or lead to withdrawals or headaches, etc.
Everyone’s different though; caffeine has very little effect on me for example, so it truly depends on everyone’s system and their tolerance. Perhaps try less or switch to decaf in the afternoon if you can, see how you feel, and work from there :)
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Why that Livi too much work 😬🥱 ? Have you soon vacation or free ?

SimonHess’s Profile PhotoSimon Hess
I don’t really have a choice unfortunately, and I’m being micromanaged which is really stressful atm; I get numerous phone calls a day, even on my days off 😅
I’m on holiday next Friday and I’m quite tempted to leave my phone at home or mute everyone from work whilst I’m away 🙈 just need to get through everyday up till then :)

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From a mental health standpoint, do you think you're very damaged, mildly damaged, or undamaged?

It’s too difficult to say, but from an outsider’s perspective, I’d like to say that I come across well and mental health wouldn’t come into it :)

Does it feel like summer to you, are you "in the spirit"? I am. Although it's not unlivable hot yet, it does feel like summer, but not necessarily because of the heat. It is the vibe, the energy of people when the city lights up. The streets are always full after sunset, it’s giving euphoria🌃🎉

Absolutely, and for the reasons you’ve said! I know it’s not technically summer until the solstice, but this is truly my favourite time of the year - the days are longer, weather is (hopefully) warmer, nature is thriving and it’s just such good energy out and about! :)

np olivia how was your weekend any summer plans

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
🤗 I’ve been working long shifts on both days, but amazingly I have Monday and Tuesday off, which is a blessing! There’s no real plans other than going on holiday in a few weeks. How about yourself? :)


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