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Would you date a celebrity? Why? Why not?

I’m a pretty private person as it is, so I’d find it rather overwhelming to be immersed in such a public sphere. Plus, I’d constantly be wondering why they were seeing me in the first place, when they have the pick of beautiful celebrities around them!

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Is society erasing what it means to be a woman? Political parties like U.K. Labour, Australian, Canadian & American liberal/left politicians can’t describe what a woman is, and has referred to them as Child birthers. Women are amazing and should not be dehumanised or downplayed to appease people.

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Thank you :) but I do think society as a whole is reducing a woman, particularly in regards to yesterday’s horrific news in the States, it’s such a regression in human rights. The fact that a gun is more protected than a woman’s safety (and I mean that as a collective, trans women included), is quite terrifying really. Not everyone has the means to travel across states, and you can use all of the protection in the world and still run the risk of becoming pregnant. Nothing is guaranteed, so to penalise folk over that is horrid (let alone instances where there was no consent, which is 1000x worse).
It’s saddening really, but I hope that if folk speak up enough about it, it may make things a tad more accessible, at the very least. :/

Is it bad to be uptight?

It’s not a bad thing, but being so rigid sounds like it could be rather confining - in the sense that, if you feel the need to control everything or aren’t very flexible (for whatever reason, whether it be anxiety or something else), that must be a rather stressful state to be in. I used to be pretty uptight in social situations due to anxiety, and it often resulted in a lot of physical pain, due to the amount of pressure you’re putting yourself under. It could vary depending on what makes you feel this way, the situation, etc. If it’s not doing you any harm though, then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it :)

How long did you wear braces?

I wore retainers from the age of 10, and had various different types of braces until 16. I wore retainers again for about 6 years after until they broke, and I’m about two thirds of the way through my current treatment, which I started in December? So it’s been a fair while, it’s just had a couple of years off in that time :)

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