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Are you stressed?

I do feel like I’m starting to hit a wall for sure, in the last week or so! Our manager was on holiday for the last two weeks, so I’ve been doing all of the morning shifts, so I’ve been getting by on 2-3 hrs sleep each night. It’s been difficult trying to adjust my body clock to try and sleep earlier, unfortunately it didn’t work. Even now that she’s back, I’m struggling to sleep beyond that timeframe.
It’s emotionally tiring being around folk all day and actively doing my best to keep everything together at work, as well as keeping morale high for the team and customers too, as I can’t let any of this show to anyone. Just trying to juggle all of the plates to the best of my ability aha, but I feel pretty spent 😅

People go on holiday once a year and make it the highlight of their lives. Meanwhile, to me, traveling is the most basic, normal thing

Travelling is definitely a luxury for most, but it would be amazing for it to be considered such a normal and ordinary thing :)

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How's your day been?

It was really lovely thanks! I’ll answer for yesterday, as I’ve only just seen your question.
Did a full shift at work, then headed to the o2 to see The Killers, with the last stretch going on a clipper down the Thames! That was such a surprise, and so cool too!
The Killers were amazing. They even streamed some of the final minutes of the euros; as soon as we won, they immediately launched into Mr Brightside which was just electric! ⚡️ All in all, a very lovely day for sure :)
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I'm reading this book that was literally written in the 1850s, and a man is trying to get with a married woman, chasing after her. Seriously, what's this obsession straight men have with TAKEN women? Apparently, this is something universal and timeless. Do you think that's a k*nk?

I can only assume they do it to fill an insecurity, to show that they can “win” something, the harder the target, the greater the reward of self satisfaction, etc. perhaps it’s a negative aspect of toxic masculinity really, to prove that they have “alpha” qualities, etc! Who knows really, it doesn’t make it right or have any logical sense 😆

How were the kiilers?

Man, they were so good!! I had seats right on the outskirts of the stage wings, it was so intimate and like having your own concert! Brandon’s voice and stage presence is truly something else, and it’ll hands down be one of the best night’s of my life ever!!
Highly recommend seeing them live, if you ever get the chance! 🤩⚡️
How were the kiilers

mental health check in ❤️ how are you really doing?

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Hey there :) I’m doing okay thanks, I’m mostly good, just a bit weary atm, but that’s because I’m in the midst of a 9 day work week, waking at 3:40am 😆 we’ll get there! 💪🏻 Hope you’re doing well! 🤗
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Is it bad that I want to know everything about you and the other people I'm following here? I know some people are stalkers and harassers, but I am not one of them. I don't send hate or engage negatively, I just want the tea. I want gossip and intrigue. I want to know everything about everyone☕

Haha, well I’m humbled, I’m not even remotely interesting! 😆


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