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My fiancé is so adorable he always says the best things , our relationship is kinda long distance, he is in America and I am in uk and he is coming soon to visit. He keeps saying how precious I am to him but his actions are zero … his gifts are so cheap and few unlike mine , his words are too much

Long distance relationship with American guy?
Girl RUN.


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I don't know how to express my feelings I am going through nowadays, but let me try.
There are few things happening to me since my aunty passed away few days back.
I feel scared. I feel terrified like omg, I can't stay alone in my house.
I feel the need of someone to talk to all the time when I am free. I only fee relaxed when I am busy. I can't concentrate on my studies due to this fear. I feel like there is someone behind me especially when I am in a spaced room (only of my house where I am living rn)
My family isn't here with me and I can't talk to them all the time because of the time differences.
I pray, do recite Istighfaar but it's same.
I was never like that. I used to stay home alone for hours and never got scared even once.
Some day my fear goes down but sometimes I'm so scared that I can't even get out of my room and go to kitchen to eat anything. I don't feel hunger anymore.
Loneliness sucks.
Everything's got affected because of this thing.
If anyone knows how to cope from this kindly let me know. 😭

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