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What's more important money or love?

Life without money can be accepted but life without love will make you mentally sick no matter how rich you are if you don't have love all money is wasted love could be for anyone brother sister mom dad children wife but there must be love in your life from someone or for someone 🤍🌸

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Ask wale and their obsession with Q to Q 💀

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I don't get some people like we need a listener and when someone is asking that tell me your problem and they are like you won't understand and I want to stay alone 🥹 q to q people are much better than that 🥴

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how to make friends? especially at your workplace? 🙃

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You must first notice the people around you are they good or bad then when you figure out that this person might be a good one or a good company in break ask him or her for a coffee or share your food once you did that next time that person will ask from you and start sharing your stuff specially start with like the problems you have faced so that person will try to figure out or ask him that is there anything I could help you with, so here your talking just started now just let it go but do remember that they are not friends just tag them with colleagues

Here I'm burning my parents money in med school and my friend is paying her own bills for over a year 🙂life choices

You shouldn't feel like this
This isn't bad

Watching others success and thinking you are dumb will make you mentally sick You must focus on yourself
You must carry on what you doing and do better and better 🌸🤍


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