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When to compromise and when not to compromise? FYI: Compromising is for losers. 😈

I mean, I wouldn’t say that compromising is for losers.

If it is possible, would u like to be immortal? The catch is, only u and not family or loved ones.

No, not if it meant that they couldn’t be too

When did you join a cult? Would you consider religious organizations as a cult? Thoughts 💭

Unless you count Bible study, I’ve never joined what would be considered a cult.
But yeah, I could see a majority of religious organizations being that way

When was the last time you pissed on grass because there are no toilets nearby?

Can’t recall a time if ever had to do that

What is the process of plants making their own food using sunlight? A)Respiration, B)Photosynthesis or C)Germination.

It’s photosynthesis

When a person is missing “nuts”, would that be considered a disability? Thoughts 💭…

Depends on their diagnosis

Have you ever had a crush on a coworker or a coworker like you? I’m pretty sure one of my coworkers has a thing for me. I can’t blame her because , well come on😎! But one , I’m spoken for , and two it’s not good to date a coworker. Could cause problems

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No I don’t think I ever have

What was it like to be the center of attention?

I’m not someone that’s the center of attention or likes to be the center of attention

You’d never buy a used mattress ever but sleeping in a hotel is fine? 🤔 🛌

I haven’t slept in a hotel in years

did you notice that if you receive a shoutout from someone who sent it before deactivating their account (but you received it with a delay), you can still see their name in your inbox, even though their account is no longer active?

No I haven’t noticed

It’s frickin’ April 15. Pay your damn taxes. You’re welcome ☺️….

I don’t pay taxes lol but I mean every working person pays them

I expected this from your father and Lee AKA Sam Winchester but I never expected this from you D or B!

I expected this from your father and Lee AKA Sam Winchester but I never expected

Are they currently doing any construction near your house? They are repaving the streets by us and it’s causing a shit ton of traffic headaches

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They tore up the road partially in front of my house like a month ago. I couldn’t park in my driveway for like a week because my side was blocked. Like 5-10 mins away from, on my route to drop off my younger two, they have one side of the road completely blocked off that they’re doing construction to.

Are you opportunistic?

Guess it depends on the opportunity at hand and whether it’s good and benefits everyone

When being lazy, how often do you just leave the grocery cart out in the middle of the parking lot after you load up your groceries inside the car?

I don’t

Did you ever read or attempt to read the fifty shades of grey books?

I’ve read all 3 of the original ones


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