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Oh ya and that's staying on 24/7 you want to harass me and spy on me I will make your life a living hell mark my word oh ya another idea

Do me a favor..come off anonymous so I can fully block you

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Try to hurt me they will all know it's you I am not worried about you nice touch you just make the electricity go out when I threatened you come on oh that must have been a coincidence I'm serious do you want me to say the trigger words you better get a f****** hold of me

Dude, speak to a professional

So you continue doing this with somebody else okay because I'm not going to play your little game I know what you do and it's sick I gave you everything you wanted to see I hope you're happy you're a f****** idiot goodbye good riddance I'm not coming back I mean it watch bet goodbye

Please do.

Have you ever felt the need to unfollow certain people on Instagram in fear that certain followers may not like the pages you follow and will unfollow you or do unfollowers not matter to you?

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Welfare paid for Shazzy's gaming equipment and her far away friends send her gifts.

Does it affect you what other people do or are you just complaining?

Did u not see what I explained about the songs anyway go &say ur sorry to them wow...don't worry about coming back 4me we have been together many lifetimes & this was last one want to sit here &tell me you don't think about me 24/7 I'm going to make this super easy for you goodbye you destroyed it!

Maybe you'll stop spamming strangers with your relationship/non relationship woa problems if you actually mean "goodbye"

Not that you care but you know who you are. I don't know why you told me those lies that night and played into my deepest insecurities. But what you did with this whole phone thing is more than humiliating. Ok? I didn't think a guy as good looking as you would even give me the time of day because

Do you understand the site you're on?

I am sensing that you are depressed. You need to get out.

I hate to tell y'all but being around people doesn't cure depression lmao.
I will continue to be depressed even on days like my wedding day.
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What's your opinion on tipping?

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If places paid their employees a livable wage we wouldn't need it, so even if my server is bad I won't tip less than 10%.


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