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Why can't we just meet why games? Because you and your friend are trying to kick me off the internet without just cause. Games are simply a method of self defense used to weaken and expose the enemy so askfm administrators will suspend the stalkers accounts.

Just say you're a stalker already
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How long before you can walk again? Will you have to crutches for a while?

Can't put any weight on my foot until after 3 weeks, probably around 6-8 is when I'll start PT soo. And I'm not on crutches anymore, I only had them for 3 days until we got the knee scooter.

When you stand before God you cannot say “I was told by others to do this” or that “virtue was not convenient at that time.” At least don’t pretend to be Catholic.

Anyways. Perfect sleeping conditions lmao. Took a pain pill, Valium and my antibiotic...time to relax
When you stand before God you cannot say I was told by others to do this or that

I’m nervous too get all my teeth pulled what should I do I am 22 years Old I have to be in dentures

Stop obsessing over it


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