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Have you ever worked in retail, fast food, or in hospitality. If you have in the past or currently do. Have you ever read the reviews about your work place

Yes & I have not read reviews.
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What's the last thing you spontaneously bought? 💸

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I have no idea tbh. Lol
I did recently buy my husband's birthday gift but that wasn't spontaneous lol
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If you go to the gym or have been in the past, what are some things other gymgoers do which bother you? 🏋️‍♂️😤

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They don't clean the machine/equipment afterwards 🤢🤮

Have you been to Chicago?

I may have passed through it at one point but I don't think I've actually visited at all.

Someone said I'm soft centred underneath it all what does that even mean? Lol

Probably that you're nicer on the inside than you appear to be on the outside, but I'm not the person who initially said it so I'm not sure what their intent was.

https://ask.fm/ar9495/answers/173037709046 - "Don't forget to lemme know when you get my name tattooed on your a$$ 😏" - You sure you still want me to tell you? 👀 You sounded pretty high there 🤪

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I see ass cheeks all the time while at job 1 & am in school to be a RN, that shit doesn't bother me one bit. Lmfao 🤣


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