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Which is your favorite holiday foodwise? What do you eat then? 🍗🐟🥔

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Only holiday I eat a specific thing for is Christmas but I also eat a roast dinner weekly so it's not that special lol

boring I get but it wasnt about the money. u were answering that stuff way b4 u had an o.f.

I also got sick of being harassed so much so I stopped feeding into it
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k so u never answered the q. what caused that change? u never gave af about all that stuff. & idc about it myself but like ur a dif more buttoned up conservative person now. how did that happen?

I'm definitely not that at all I just don't need to tell you my sec life, I already answered the question, money. I knew if I answer those questions people would of been willing to buy my onlyfans more, I know longer do it so I no longer feel the need to put the answers out there.
Plus the questions are boring?
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no even b4 that u never cared. nothing fazed u

Nothing fazes me now, that don't mean y'all need to know my sex life though, the beauty is you can ask me I'm not fussed but I can pick and choose what you know, that goes for all topics
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