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Selfie atm

If I haven’t posted a picture the first two times you’ve asked… take the hint

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Have you ever pumped your breast milk?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan
Once, I don’t respond well to pumps,so I don’t get that much out, and Leo doesn’t like bottles either so it didn’t work for either of us, it took me a week to get enough milk I needed to leave Leo for 4 hours and then it went to waste because he wouldn’t take it from the bottle

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Do both people need VIP in order to send a personal message?

Not that I’m aware. I don’t have VIP abut people send me private messages
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what size did your breasts get to during your pregnancy/ into breastfeeding

Not something I keep track of, they are the size they are, they change every hour while breastfeeding

Heyy x

Lola is back tomorrow, so tonight I’m doing a big honesty night, starting now!
Ask me everything and anything, ❤️
Heyy x
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Would you breastfeed any future children you might have, if you did have them? If not, why not?

I don’t plan on having any more future children, I’m already breastfeeding a baby currently, but the reasons people have to not breastfeed is no one else’s business 🤷🏼‍♀️
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How has your week been so far?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
It’s been pretty good, I got a lot of the house work/sorting out I wanted done, done and it’s been pretty relaxed since my daughter hasn’t been here

I’m not sure if she would have any interest in these, but have you ever shown Lola your anatomy scans of her from your pregnancy with her?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan
I only have them in my phone, the actual scans at my moms but she’s been shown them and she was interested

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