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How do you handle awkward silences ?

Not every silence is awkward to me but if i get the feeling people aren't talking because they're uncomfortable then I'll ask if they're alright or try to lighten the mood :)
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If you bring a friend for support at an Anonymous group doesn't it defeat the whole purpose of anonymity?

I've never gone to any sort of anonymous group so idk what the etiquette is

If you have ever lied about your age before how many years did you add or remove?

I've never lied about my age, no reason to
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What activities did you do with your parent(s) to bond with them? Did it work?

I just try and spend time with them which is harder now since we don't live in the same city, but we visit each other when we can and we do activities over video call too sometimes. Did an art and craft night with my mum over facetime last month which was a lot of fun :)
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What art pieces do you have at home?

My bf has some framed paintings he got from comic con ages ago based on games he likes, and we have some nice photography we bought when we went on holiday to ireland last year

Have you ever been a better friend to someone than they were to you?

Unfortunately yeah, that's happened. It's part of growing up though isn't it?

Is it a good prank to have the waiters of a restaurant sing Happy Birthday to someone when it's not even their birthday?

Sounds silly but harmless, I guess.

What do you use to clean screens (e.g. Tv, laptop) without leaving a smudge?

I use an antibacterial wipe, squeeze most of the liquid out first.
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Are you more likely to apologise for something you are innocent of or deny something that you are guilty of?

Neither, if I did something then I'll own up but I'm not gunna say sorry for something I dind't do eithet

When you were a child and your parents confronted you with a mischief that you had done did you keep lying about it or did you tell the truth?

I didn't get in trouble lots when I was a kid but when I did I would own up to it

How do you deal with being rejected? (if you are familiar with the feeling)

If I'm really hurt then I'll find someone to talk to about it and then I just try and make peace with it and move on


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