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Are u always heartless

sagetoriola53’s Profile Photosagetoriola53
I’m far from heartless (imo) but sometimes I come off as cold due to my distant nature as an introvert, hardly ever smiling in public, living in my own little world rather than making a great impact on the society by helping others, always looking anxious and uninterested in others while constantly worrying about what people think about me but also looking self absorbed at the same time, and hardly being able to connect with others on an emotional level.

Are you a people person

Hmm, not really. I try to see the best in people and probably trust too easily, but I don't like being around a lot of people. I'm quite the introvert, and prefer a smaller circle. I'm shy and get anxious, so I struggle around big groups.
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mng ơi ý là làm tnao để co ny trong khi mình là ng introvert ,k app dating, chỉ có đi học và về nhà, kh tgia clb…

Hôm bữa tớ6 có được giới thiệu một bạn, vì lịch sự, uhm kiểu miễn cưỡng ấy, tui và bạn ý có 7 tin nhắn và tui tự nhủ chỉ thế thôi.
Rồi tớ liên hệ bản thân một hồi, nếu không thể mở rộng số người gặp gỡ một cách chủ động hmm, chỉ có thể chờ đợi ai đó tới... một cách may mắn. Vậy mà đôi khi may mắn tới, tớ còn đẩy đi nữa.
Thế là cậu biết sao không, tớ đang ngồi đợi tiếp...

28. Chybí ti škola? Nebo nějaký konkrétní spolužák, spolužačka? A proč zrovna on/ona? :)

highlysuspect_01’s Profile PhotoɄ₮Ø₱łɆ
Vůbec :) tu jsem se shodli s přítelem, že jsme rádi, že ano, vyzkoušeli jsme si studium na vysoké škole ...máme maturitu, ale zpátky do školy nee ...nemluvě o tom, že bychom si snad dodělávali titul :D
Což je dost kontrast s ex, který měl tři vysoké :) a de facto větší část života strávil ve škole O.o což je za mě šílené - zvlášť dneska, když si mohu vše vyhledat, doučit se i doma ...
Spolužáci - rozhodně ne ;) já byl spíše introvert a šedá myš ve škole :D takovej ten vzornej žák, co byl brán za šprta

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

I think that I am more an introvert, because I often tend to spend time alone.
Socializing is a bit of a foreign trait for me, but that it because I am busier than most people. Being a university student means that I have to sacrifice a few things. Sadly, socialization is one of them.
In other words, I am a person who prefers to be alone. Therefore, I consider myself an introvert.

What are some signs that indicate that a person is more of an ambivert rather than being an introvert or an extrovert?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Well I have periods that last for a couple of weeks to months where communication gives me energy, but there are also periods where communication absolutely drains me.
I also took the personality test four times so far in different periods of my life and I always shift between I and E!

Introvert or extrovert ? ૮ ․ ․ ྀིა💖

princessxbunnii1’s Profile PhotoBunni ₍ᐢ. .ᐢ₎
On a futureless quest for life in the past, I've sunk into the dreamless sleep of the Usenet archives, reading old threads like inscriptions on a tombstone. I find past tragedies, long-healed wounds that I reopen on myself (without tearing them open among the many strangers), poetry with too much feeling and not enough craft. And so, I doom-scroll from rabbit hole to rabbit hole, procrastinating my life away.

Which historical period do you find most interesting? Why? ⏳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Late 1900s as I was born in 2002 and was able to keep myself busy as a kid by watching Turkish series then had an iPod later on and realize that I would have a harder time if I was born centuries ago where electronic devices didn’t exist since I’m an introvert who never really felt like they belong when socializing with others. I wouldn’t have much of a choice but to socialize with others and have hobbies centuries ago which would be hard for me since I lack the motivation to do anything due to having depression and the one thing that always alleviates my anxiety is being on my phone. But, if I knew that I would’ve been happier centuries ago, I would’ve definitely chose to live in a different generation than this one :)

Have you ever wondered what some old (or even late) folks' lives would have been like if they were born later? I know for a fact that if my grandma was born in my gen she would've been an Instagram model or something. She always loved posing with a 'tude and be extra on the vintage press cameras💅🏾

Idk but I’m glad I wasn’t born in an older generation where people didn’t have iPhones and would spend their days socializing with others irl or did chores to pass the time. An introvert like me wouldn’t be able to adjust to a life like that while also being happy and ok with living like that (not that I’m happy at the moment despite being born in this generation but it just would’ve been harder for me to cope with my loneliness back then).

Do you have a best friend? 😸 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ 1 DAY TO GO ▩ ♚ ☻
I used 2 have 2... But due 2 ma hectic schedule every day & the change in our personalities & priorities... I'm left with that one who can fully understand when I don't reply 2 her all day or week! I may lose her too in the long run; nth is absolute after all. Friendships particularly (&relationships generally) r hardly established nowadays, especially if u r an introvert have lately gained a lot of trust issues. One can be their only BF, can't be?? & would be ur advice 4 such a person?
Do you have a best friend

Have your high school peers hit you up after you graduated? If not, why do you think they didn’t?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I homeschooled for HS but yeah, all the townies from my late teens and early 20s are social media friends. I was never actually friends with most of them irl. Just acquaintances in the same circle. We don’t talk online because I was an introvert then and am introvert now but that’s how social media works isn’t it? Just look at people’s crap and stay silent? 🤣 I heard from my old friend from the band Skinless recently. We already stopped messaging because neither of us have anything to say. 🤣 I really wouldn’t mind being friends but can’t force myself. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Puste pytanie, wykorzystaj to jak chcesz.

wickedbrain’s Profile PhotoM.
PL: Wczoraj przyszły do mnie wyniki testu DIVA-5, czyli innymi słowy testu na ADHD.
To też jest trochę zabawne, psychologowie, którzy podobno znają się na mowie ciała, którzy znają wynik DIVY, którzy wiedzą, że jestem introwertykiem i nie lubię ludzi, dziwią się, że jak ja mogę siedzieć w domu, że co ja mogę robić, że przecież będę się nudzić.
Tymczasem ja mam do obejrzenia serial (kończę 1 sezon), mam całą ścianę książek, mam śmieci do wyrzucenia, mam zakupy do zrobienia, a o 18:00 mam pociąg i muszę się jeszcze spakować i zrobić sobie może coś do jedzenia na podróż...
Ale nieeee, muszę jechać na spotkanie z jakimiś ludźmi, których kompletnie nie znam, tylko dlatego, że to znajomi psychologa, z którym mieszkam...
A dajcie mi, k****, spokój...
ENG: Yesterday I received the results of the DIVA-5 test, or in other words the ADHD test.
And this is a bit funny, psychologists who supposedly know body language, who know the DIVA result, who know that I am an introvert and don't like people, are surprised that how can I sit in house, what can I do here, I'll be bored.
Meanwhile, I have a series to watch (I'm finishing season 1), I have a whole wall of books, I have garbage to take out, I have shopping to do, and at 6 p.m. I have a train and I still have to pack and maybe make myself something to eat for the train...
But nooooo, I have to go to meet some people I don't know at all, just because they are friends of the psychologist I live with...
Leave me the f*** alone...

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Have you ever been dealing with negative emotions and pushed people away at some point when deep down, you just wanted someone to show genuine interest in talking to you?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
When I feel pain, I push people away. I use the distance to heal and process my emotions. I don’t “crave” people to be interested in me because I’m an introvert. We prefer to hide because it’s more comfortable, but I genuinely love people. I always want to know them more… sometimes that’s what’s painful. Not all souls are kind and I always let my heart get too attached.
Have you ever been dealing with negative emotions and pushed people away at some

do you consider yourself popular?

Hmm. I know a lot of people. When I go out to my local bar, someone said it was like being out with the queen because I knew everybody. The thing is though... they're just people. I have no connection with most of them. I'm really quite the introvert and keep to myself. I'm shy and struggle with anxiety. Yes I know a lot of people and I may seem "popular" to others, but in reality I don't have that many friends.

When you are alone, do you find peace, or unrest?

I’m usually restless when I’m alone and I’m alone almost all the time. It’s sometimes peaceful when I have something to do like text my friends, watch a movie or YouTube videos but afterwards I just think, “What’s next and when will I ever have company in person again?” I’m sometimes worried that I’ll finish watching every movie I like, finish reading every “good” book I find and do everything there is to do when one is all alone and won’t have anything to do after a certain point, which would be a nightmare for an introverted person like me. I’m looking for friends but only online these days and currently can’t visit the friends I could’ve easily visited back when I used to live closer to them. I have yet to introduce myself to those who are Turkish like me and are around my age group where I currently live but for the most part, I haven’t been able to get along with those who I already happen to know from the past who currently live where I live and it seems like nothing much has changed, considering I sent an old friend of mine (who also lives in the same state as me) a DM on Instagram and she didn’t even bother reading the message. I hope that I’ll find someone in person who makes me feel at peace while I’m around them no matter how much of an introvert I am because at the end of the day, I still get bored like everyone else does after a certain point and the thought of not being able to have anyone to vent and open up to hurts to come to terms with.

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Are you good at making new friends?

khld_12’s Profile PhotoKhalid
Online maybe it's little easier in person I'm introvert I think mine issues mostly with my confidence levels as child I was loner then mix well with others over time I did make friendships took me a while to open up I'm not for making small talk even to strangers like at the bus stop but I'm not arrogant person will take them on if they engaged the conversation

Do you think everyone needs friends irl (and not just online) no matter how busy or how much of an introvert they are or do you think online friendships are enough for those who aren’t that social?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
To each their own. Whatever works for them. I had many at work and private life, Once I started working night shifts, society became a blur to me... All of my friends moved on and I became a shadow. Most of my friends and even family have no idea what I do for a living... and it works better that way.
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Name: age: from: hobbie: sexuality: pet: height: birth month: pet peeve: fave color: tattoo: piercing: intro/extro: occupation: top 3 values:

Livi, 28, straight, two dogs, 5ft2, August, rudeness/ a lack of empathy towards others, sea blue, no tattoos, a single piercing in each ear, introvert, barista, three values are kindness, compassion, honesty :)

Does your online persona differ from who you are in real life?

dante_aligh’s Profile PhotoDonovan
It does. I’m not as enthusiastic irl but I do come off as someone who’s enthusiastic about life online (at least that’s how I see it). Irl, I’m just a girl who loves her alone time but also craves company yet she doesn’t have anyone around her to keep her company so she chooses to stay in her room and tries escaping the harsh reality instead. My social anxiety doesn’t allow me to speak up much irl but online, I do have a tendency to overshare sometimes and then end up regretting it later. My peers would be surprised to know the kind of music I listen to or any other one of my interests that I don’t talk about in person but happen to talk about every so often on here. Since I’m an introvert, it takes me a while to gather my thoughts at times and online, I like how I can take the time to type out my thoughts while also going over them to see what information I shared that I’d like to get rid of and which ones to keep but obviously I can’t do that irl. I wish to become the person I portray myself to be like online one of these days…

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How do/ did you find out where you belong? Explain how.

You find out where you belong through trial and error. I myself haven’t found exactly where I belong just yet but I do know what I’m passionate about (art, writing, and music) so I spend my days listening to music, sometimes drawing as well and have decided to major in English because I wanted to improve my writing and writing is something I want to focus on for the rest of my life. It didn’t happen overnight tho and I still have dreams of becoming a teacher one day but after failing statistics and not being able to get a degree in the field of health sciences unless I passed statistics made me give up on pursuing a career in the field of health sciences and I switched to studio arts instead. Then, I failed the beginning stages of drawing class and decided that maybe it’s best to make a switch again and found English to be convenient, since I knew I was an introvert and could see myself writing and/or editing works for the rest of my life. All I have to do now is to find more likeminded individuals to continue my passion while being surrounded by those who can motivate me to work harder and to not give up on my dreams.

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Is it ok for girlfriend to keep partying when I decided to leave that party? I didn't want to stay there, because I am a bit of an introvert and don't like spending too much time on parties. She knows it, she knew how I felt, but still she stayed there and I returned home alone.

Would be glad to say that everything is going to be fine and stuff, but if I were you, I would consider options.
Is it ok for girlfriend to keep partying when I decided to leave that party I

Apni bndi ko namaz pr lgao yakiiyo pr noiii>>>👍🌚

She is a namazi but full of yakian at times, An introvert to the extreme, her heart beats for others, empathizing and keenly observing any stranger in trouble. Tears flow for the sake of others, relentless in trying to help, perpetually attuned to the pain surrounding her. Yet, emotionally distant from those closest, keeping her pain to herself without providing a single clue of those agonizing moments. When she feels the loneliest, her smile is so luminous that it alluringly conceals the pain in her eyes. Yet, I was able to feel that pain in my chest and unconsciously got gravitated towards that pain, trying to delve deep into those eyes to get access to her heart and consume each and every ounce of that excruciating pain that would turn my material form into ashes. But, I ended up hurting her more and unlocked another level of hell for her. Kher...!!!

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Pokud ti u nějaké postavy či hráče vadí, jak se chová, přijde ti její chování nepromyšlené nebo nelogické či dokonce porušující pravidla, řekneš to tomu hráči napřímo?

Mala som s tým celkom problém, najmä tým že som solídny introvert a jednoducho som aj bola nová. Ale povedala by som že teraz už s tým problém nemám, najmä ak je to nejaká postava alebo hráč s ktorými sa moje postavy a ja bavím. Vtedy im to väčšinou poviem rovno s čím nesúhlasím.

Why do you think introverts are creepy?

As an introvert myself, I don’t think introverts are creepy but they might come across as creepy if/when they constantly stare at you from a distance without ever approaching you, stalk you, and/or they have communication problems and end up not being able to express themselves properly or have a hard time saying things in a manner that wouldn’t come across as creepy. I’m pretty sure that many of the people in high school didn’t understand me because of the way I would sometimes daydream and look around me while doing so so some thought that I had a staring problem. I also wouldn’t talk much and when I did try to talk, I kept it short and people didn’t really get a chance to know me because of that and could’ve made a lot of false assumptions about me in the meantime. I think the idea of being creepy varies from person to person and not every introvert is the same so I can’t speak for each one of them.

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Do you have someone you talk to everyday??

I’m the kind of person who could talk all day with you and then not contact you for a whole week because I’m an introvert and need a break from talking with my online friends every so often. I don’t have much to say on a daily basis to the same people I talk to either so it’s better this way (unless I’m having lots of events happening in my life, which rarely happens). So no, I usually don’t have anyone I talk to everyday but I do have people I can contact anytime.

They say we forget a thousand things every day. What can you tell us so that we don't forget about you?

DomUnleashed’s Profile PhotoDom
I’ve always kept to myself ever since I started going to school and even before I started school (so I’ve been an introvert my whole life and a loner for the most part), I don’t like the idea of being in close proximity with others, none of my therapists were able to help change me and my ways in the long run, I’m stubborn when it comes to the certain beliefs I have, I like volleyball, and some people say that I come across as older than my actual age.
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Akú jednu vec by ste zmenili na spoločnosti?

Hinaru_26’s Profile PhotoAhmya
“Ty si introvert, to musíš mat ťažké” lmao nie, dokážem úplne v pohode komunikovať s hocikým a skoro hocikedy, len to nemám rada. Plus prestať hovoriť introvertom sračky typu “si tak ticho, veď povedz niečo”. Čo keby sme skôr povedali extrovertom nech držia piču. A ešte by sa mohlo celkom normalizovať prestať hovoriť veci poza chrbát. Viem, bolo to tu, je to tu, aj to tu bude, ale na čo ? Keď dotyčného tak extrémne ohovaras, tak pochybujem, že sa s ním chceš reálne baviť alebo udržiavať kontakt, tak prečo mu to nepovieš, pošlete sa dopici a bude klidek
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As an introvert, it's good to hang around with extroverts. You can just be there and not talk anything cause they do all the talking.

As an introvert, I don’t always like that because I’d also like to talk and have a few things to say myself. But I do like being around extroverts in general because they’re almost always open to having a conversation unlike introverts who don’t always make it clear whether or not they’d like to talk to you (like me in public, usually quiet).

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