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What are you the most passionate about? Like something that you could talk about endlessly? 🤩💬

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Unfortunately, the subjects I enjoy contemplating or discussing, most people in my life will not consider. This includes politics, theology, physics, music and poetry. I suppose this is one of the reasons I tend to be an introvert who keeps to himself and refrains from expressing my thoughts with disinterested people; and it is probably the reason why I still have an active askfm account. It is here where I get to, within predefined and extremely confined boundaries, get to express myself without worrying whether or not people agree with me or like me. And you might also note that I am somewhat superficial here because I do not want to upset the anonymmous woke activists who lurk in shadows waiting to file bogus reports to the illustrious askfm moderators who couldn't hit the backside of a bull with a basketball if they were standing within an arms length of the bull. 👍👍 /Alex

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What are you the most passionate about Like something that you could talk about

do u consider urself a introvert or extrovert ? :0

amnaahmed40518’s Profile Photoamna Ahmed
I'm a weird kinda Introvert. I'll be chilling with you and suddenly I want some time alone. I enjoyed talking to you a day ago, next day I'll be avoiding you so that we don't get close. I'd like/ love you but not more than my imaginations. Love laughing but in my self made scenario!

Mau tau knp gua intovert ? Ya karena gua milih diem soalnya tiap ngomong sama orang2 baru ngomong dikit jawabnya udah ngegas aja bawaanya ga suka sama omongan gua / malah kadang pura2 budeg. Mentang2 gua blm sukses kali pada gitu ye

Terlalu banyak keegoisan di sekitar kita sih ya, makanya rata2 org memilih untuk menjadi introvert. Hmm..

What single event has had the biggest impact on who you are?

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Zargham Ali
In my early teen hood years everyone including my parents were against me for something I didn't even do until the day everyone got to know the truth
Those 2 years changed me alot
Became so insecure till this day
I have alot trust issues
Lost all my confidence
Became an introvert
I lost myself that day
Don't get me wrong till this day my family is guilty for what they did to me or made me do infront of everyone... but what's done is done
No hard feelings....

aminin ko may kinut off ako na tao, di lang naman kasi sa pagiging introvert dahilan kasi pwede mo naman yan bawiin sa pagchachat. eh kasi tuwing kinakausap ko sya sobra tipid magsalita online or actual, then madami pa sya words o acronym na di alam. he has father issues pero nag trauma bond

You mean like Stockholm syndrome? If the person naman doesn't vibe with you, you have all the right to stop talking to this person.

Aktivitäten/ Unternehmungen im Winter?

Celina2000000’s Profile PhotoCelina
❄️✨ Introvert Edition ✨❄️
₊˚ପ⊹ Kuschelsocken einkaufen gehen
₊˚ପ⊹ Das eigene Zimmer mit Lichterketten und Co. dekorieren
₊˚ପ⊹ Plätzchen mit passenden Motiven backen
₊˚ପ⊹ Auf der Switch cozy Spiele spielen (oder auf dem Laptop/auf irgendeiner x-beliebigen Konsole)
₊˚ପ⊹ Einen kuschligen, warmen Schal häkeln
₊˚ପ⊹ Sich mit einem guten Buch, warmem Tee und Knabberzeug ins Bett verkrümeln
₊˚ପ⊹ Einen Spaziergang durch den Wald unternehmen (besonders bei Schnee sehr schön)
₊˚ପ⊹ Den Frühjahrsputz vorverlegen
₊˚ପ⊹ Sich in ein atmosphärisches Café setzen und Geschichten/Gedichte schreiben/zeichnen
₊˚ପ⊹ Winterliche Rezepte ausprobieren
₊˚ପ⊹Sich mit unzähligen Kissen, Decken und Lampen eine kleine Höhle bauen
₊˚ପ⊹ Sich mit Lego, Puzzles und Bordspielen vergnügen
₊˚ପ⊹ Viel Zeit in einer Bibliothek verbringen
₊˚ପ⊹ Filme und Serien bingen, die Nostalgie wachrufen (Harry Potter, Kevin allein zuhause ...)
₊˚ପ⊹ Süße Postkarten an Freunde versenden
₊˚ପ⊹ Sich mit einer Fitnessmatte und anderen Indoor-Sportgeräten mal so richtig verausgaben (wenn man kein Lebkuchen fressender Oger ist wie ich)

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Udah jomblo, tugas di daerah terpencil di Indonesia timur. Introvert. Krkr ketemu jodohnya lewat jalur apaan ya ? 😥 Sebagai cewe sekaligus anak pertama yg umur udh 24, kyk suka overthinking 😂

rere36549’s Profile PhotoSin Klaww
Aku juga jomblo cewek umur 24thn kerja 12jam libur 1 hari gak suka upload foto di sosmed. Suka overthinking mikirin jodoh,ini ketemunya jalur apa yaa. Rada curiga tahun depan di lamar pengusaha 🤣

Would you rather hang out for a day with an introvert who doesn't talk much or an extrovert who talks nonstop?

I'd rather hang out with an extrovert, I think. I'm an introvert, so I guess we'd balance each other out. I can be quite quiet, especially when I'm feeling nervous or anxious, so having someone talk a lot makes me feel more at ease. Also there'd be less awkward silences, and I do worry about that when I'm with someone.

How to recharge a low social battery?

CourtneyThomas63561’s Profile PhotoC.
I'm introvert but im not anti social I'm just listening observing I like find mixing with gang of people tiring but it's odd I hate small talk but I can really talk about life for hours if needed in general I'm more reserved person I like keep to myself when I'm in public just in my circle
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How do you stop feeling alone?

The key is to learn how to be comfortable in your own presence, and occupied even when alone. I think sometimes people can rely on others to fill a void that they don't feel they can fill themselves. Like being bored if they can't have others around them to make them unbored. Or feeling sad or uncomfortable alone, so needing others to distract them from that with their company.
There's nothing wrong with needing people to be in your life. Especially if you're extroverted too, you will feel that absence a lot more intensely I think than an introvert. However learning to be comfortable on your own is something I feel everyone should learn. And if you don't feel you can then I think there's room for self improvement. Maybe there's some underlining issues you haven't addressed or tackled yet that have led you to feel that discomfort.
Taking up hobbies and such are great, as they get you interested in something that you can do by yourself even if others aren't around. So you find ways to entertain yourself when you're bored. And also it helps you to appreciate alone time more too, because you get to do these lil things you enjoy. Also practicing self care, like pampering yourself now and then, or doing stuff like meditation can help you learn to be in the moment.

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How would you describe yourself and your "type" of girl (or guy) in a few sentences?

I'm reasonably intelligent, ambtious, a smart ass and reasonably extrovert. I like to read, play piano, dick around on the internet and listen to classical music/jazz.
My type is a girl who is about as intelligent as I am (or smarter), ambitious, a smart ass and not too socially awkward. I would get bored if she was too submissive, not very intelligent or if she wouldn't have a life/career of her own. Slightly introverted, not so much intelligent as incredibly fast at thinking. I love stories and take pride in the fact that I can do my work in dangerous and difficult conditions that break other people. I am also incredibly lazy when I can get away with it.
Me: Introvert and quiet until I warm up to people after we have talked a fair amount. Fairly confident but certainly not fearless. I can spend long periods of time with 1 person but more than a few people drain me. I like dicussing concepts and ideas, and making terrible jokes. Generaly very laid back and calm at most times, though I love competition and get fired up over it easily. Homebody who does not do clubs or rowdy parties but I will go out to a lounge or sports bar for drinks once in a while.
I have found myself to be pretty introverted, to my surprise as I always thought I was otherwise until I really understood what that means. I have spent a lot of my life learning to just take things as they come, a day at a time, and I like to imagine that makes me pretty laid back. I can tolerate most things in other people as long as it's not to do with deliberate ignorance or something they flat out know is not a good idea (ie. complaining about something that they could fix but won't, picking fights with others to try to find some affirmation for their life choices, etc.). I used to be a pretty hard core neck beard, but without a beard, and have been working very hard over the last few years to change that. I can only hope this self improvement has been working, but that's really for me to judge. I like me more, so there's that I guess.
I'm 5'10 (a good height I think). Good looking, manly chin, nice build. I'm pretty even keeled in terms of personality. Wouldn't say that I'm intro or extroverted because I can be both. I'm ok with peace and quiet, sitting in my room browsing reddit. I also have fun going out to parties and hanging out with people. But I do mind my own business, as opposed to some people who seem to have a need to bother and talk to others for no reason. I'm confident, willing to put my money where my mouth is. I don't believe in limiting myself, I want to experience all that the world has to offer. I'm intellectual, and well traveled, so I know what I like. I'm openminded, and appreciate the same in others. I look good in sweats and a v-neck, even better in a suit. A lover and a fighter.

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First impression of me on you?

An introvert first of all... A rather different kind of introvert who kinda finds it difficult to accept it... Seems like you want people to get closer to you but you believe somehow you cant afford it... Temptations are always stored in freezer in your kitchen and doubts or alternative theories or ideas are always cooking on your stove... I am zonked as fuck right now warna main to answer bhi nai karta 😂

What's the deal with are u introverts or extroverts? I mean who gives a fk. It didn't matter back then why tf does it matter now

You know, I wish that it had mattered back in the day in childhood, teenage years and even early adulthood. I wouldn’t have felt so out of place if I knew what an introvert and an extrovert were. I seem to have often been the only introvert and it felt like there was something wrong with me. It wasn’t until my mid 20s that I learned to embrace it.
Whats the deal with are u introverts or extroverts I mean who gives a fk It

Când eram eu copil, în tot cartierul răsuna muzică din toate Daciile și toate geamurile deschise, str. era ca o plajă, 100 de oameni pe m2 și 100 de copii care se jucau. Acum e pustiu peste tot, totul pare așa mort. Vreau inapoi in salbaticia anilor 2000 AND THIS IS COMING FROM AN INTROVERT.

da da da da 😩 same here. unde lumea se bucura de sărbători și vecina aducea prăjituri, ne strigam la geam să ieșim afară și aveam cele mai cancerigene dulciuri și băuturi dar parcă erau tot farmecul.

1.Would you say you're picky in friendships? Like is there a specific trait you want your friends to have or to not have (what traits)? 2.What kind of people do you tend to avoid/never will befriend? 3. What's a friendship dealbreaker for you? 👥️️

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I am picky, yes. I’m an introvert and a loner. I have a very small social battery. If I interact regularly with a person, I surely find them to be extraordinary. I don’t actively avoid anyone or have dealbreakers. I just like people that I feel connected to on a deeper level and do not have the energy to expend otherwise.
1Would you say youre picky in friendships Like is there a specific trait you

What helps you stay positive mentally?

-when i am alone i automatically feel positive and i stay like that until i interact with people mostly my family maybe they are toxic or maybe they are not meant to be the source of my peace. As soon as i talk to people i realize how much of introvert i am, even though i always thought that i am an ambivert, i don't feel comfortable arround these people and the fact that i can't even go away from them anytime soon, makes me even more sad. And to those who think that i am trying to attracy attention by saying that i belong to a toxic family, its not that, they are maybe nice people, its just my mind and my own self which doesn't feels comfortable arround them,even while living with them i dont feel like i belong here.
Baakhi Almighty knows the best.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
I’m more of an introvert. While I definitely enjoy people’s company, I prefer being one on one, or in small groups of people who I feel comfortable with. 🙈
I’m not a party person, and tend to be the one at large social gatherings who either doesn’t know how to get involved or is too anxious to put myself out there. I also get drained around new people very easily, so that makes being in large groups even more difficult for me. 😬
I think part of me wishes I was more extroverted, as a lot of my friends are… But, in truth, my friends are arguably the people who can bring out the extroverted, fun, social side to me, the most of anyone. So, I can’t really complain. I love being around them! ☺️
Are you an introvert or an extrovert

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
I'm the kind of introvert who loves to socialize, so I end up feeling very drained after a while. So it's quite frustrating when you're in a social setting but cause of your tiredness you don't feel like yourself and you don't have any fun but you want to be there at the same time! I try my best to sleep well and had some time for myself beforehand to recharge so I can enjoy my time as much as I want to though 🥴
Are you an introvert or an extrovert

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
I am either an ambivert, or an omnivert. I find it hard to tell. For a start, I love socializing. But then I got conditions to that.
For instance, when I'm with my usual group of friends (only them and no one else present) I'm usually the more dominant one in the group. I can talk, I can crack jokes, I can laugh.
When I'm with some other groups (my usual group of friends absent), I tone down. I even allow certain people to lead the group/myself. Sometimes there will be this hostile feeling tbh.
When I'm in the presence of my usual group AND some other groups, I'm balanced. I'll be the dominant one in my group, yet I'm not loud. The "I represent my set" mood kicks in, which also means there's this defensive nature, in the event that other group tries to dominate us, or worse if someone from that group tries to punk one of us, then I'm jumping in.
So yeah, I don't know what exactly I am, so with the scenarios I've given u, u can have your own take on it. Do add on or ask more if there's anything else.

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If you need to decompress, how do you typically choose to do so? Like, if you’re feeling burnt out, what is the first thing you immediately want to do? 😮‍💨😴

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Lay in my bed... Burrito blankie myself into a cocoon, binge watch YouTube videos until I turn into a... Bubbling... Blabbering... Social butterfly, again! Lol. 🤣🦋✨
This can take an entire day, sometimes two... There's a dire need to re-energize away from others, as an introvert lol
If you need to decompress how do you typically choose to do so Like if youre

Say something which hurts you?

Abzquad’s Profile PhotoAbdul Ahad
I'm extremely emotional most of the time. So I avoid being expressive and stay introvert to keep my tears rolling on my cheeks in front of any Person. This hurts because I can't express how much other person mean to me 🥺😞😞. I regret later too ,life is too short to show love and affection. My love stayed inside me and became pain later on when I realized they are no more with me in this world. Still I'm processing it and I fail everytime 😭

How do you describe your personality?

An antisocial introverted homebody. I just want to stay home with my dog! But if you’re in my inner circle and you need me, I’ll bend over backwards for you. If you work with me, you’ll never guess I’m an introvert. I’m non confrontational by default but my silence should never be mistaken for acceptance. I’m also a deeply empathetic realist.
I’m pretty damn anti-social, even when at simple places like a park with other strangers there. I’m really unapproachable but will be much nicer than I look to people I haven’t met yet. I’m kinda weak mentally and physically (unlike my mom and my sisters they’re fricking QUEENS). When somebody agitated me so much to the point I can’t take it anymore, I sometimes snap at them (which I wish I could stop), and I behave a little impulsively.
Mr Toad when it comes to my interests, whimsy and mania and all. Very curious and feeling, insecure with romance but very romantic. Told I look intimidating (tall, dark hair, pretty, etc) but I feel like a sweet baby bunny on the inside. I feel masculine but like to play with femininity and express both. I like to be around people and be alone, its all about balance. I have things about myself that I'm working on like shame and anxiety. I love emotional intimacy and stimulating conversations. Smart ass with dad energy and silly, very silly.
I’m extremely loyal to my loved ones. No-drama, just a shoulder to lean on and someone to depend on. Honestly, though, really damn stubborn. Also the kind of person who will never ask for help and prefers to work things out alone.
Chaotic (in a charming way), intellectual, playful,, open-minded, flexible, childlike, knowledgeable, verbose, analytical, disorganised…introverted energy, habits and preferences but , extroverted appearance of social skills (mostly when around introverts, the extroverts see through it quite quickly)…self-reflective, forgetful, self-deprecating, obsessive, hypochondriac, over-thinker, unfocused, impulsive, authentic, honest, book smart but I appear ditzy in social and practical situations. Always curious… always caffeinated…
I’m nice to everyone I meet but I live in Northern England so nice behaviour is seen as suspicious and disingenuous. It takes people a while to realise I’m just…. Nice.
Outgoing, approachable, empathetic, and outwardly-confident. Also I have a fucked up sense of humor most people like.

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kayakny masa skrg ini lgi booming bgt tentang orang yg ekstrovert dan introvert kan.... kenapa orang lebih mengira introvert itu nolife🌚

Ada yg main ngasih label asal2an ke intro maupun ektro yak. Dikata intro ga bisa sosialisasi. Pdhl yg intro bkn brarti ansos 🙃

how to switch from introvert to extrovert???? 100 marks.

Faiza_Ahmad’s Profile PhotoBrown_eyes
Some suggestions 🙂
1)Changing companions ~ Real friends can make you feel more confident and happy in the social circle.
2) Try to share opinions and think whether you really liked speaking up! 🤔
3) Working on personality.
If you don't speak much then it's not necessary you are an introvert, it depends on your social circle as well. (just an opinion).

อะไรทำให้คิดว่าตัวเอง introvert??

Mickkie64849’s Profile PhotoYou can call me Saimai
ไม่ชอบคนเยอะ อึดอัดกับคนแปลกหน้า พลังที่ได้รับมันไม่ได้มาจากสังคมภายนอกแต่มันมาจากการได้เสพหรือทำอะไรบางอย่างคนเดียว
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อะไรทำให้คิดว่าตัวเอง introvert??

Mickkie64849’s Profile PhotoYou can call me Saimai
ตอนที่เหนื่อยเวลาออกข้างนอก จนต้องนอนพักเป็นวันๆ ตอนที่ไม่สามารถเอ็นจอยกับบทสนทนาในกลุ่มได้ทั้งที่สนิทกับทุกคน ตอนที่รู้ตัวว่าชอบฟังมากกว่าพูด เยอะแยะ

How big would you say your social battery is? 🔋🗣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have no idea.
It is probably very small.
I am an introvert and do not like large crowds unless I am on stage with my guitars. And as soon as the music ends I like to pack up my gear and leave as quickly as possible. Partying and socializing is not my cup of tea. It's not that I do not like people, rather I find small talk to be boring and I tend to fall asleep while standing or talking with my eyes closed and mind in it's REM cycle. lol
The truth is that I grew up with musicians and artists and I am more comfortable in that environment, but I also like hanging with people with certain skill sets like mechanics, tradesmen, engineers, physicists, doctors, poets, etc who are willing to share some of their knowledge and experience with me. I enjoy acquiring knowledge and when I am not actively learning I prefer to be by myself where I can read, practice, write to satisfy my curiosity.
“I have never seen battles quite as terrifyingly beautiful as the ones I fight when my mind splinters and races, to swallow me into my own madness, again.”
― Nicole Lyons, Hush

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How big would you say your social battery is

Do you prefer city life or country life? Why?

This is a hard one for me. I really like both. I love being close to stuff and if I'm awake at 2am and want a snack there's always some place open. And you don't have to drive too far to go out to restaurants, the grocery store, or shopping. But I also really like the idea of living out in a pasture on a cute little ranch with a garden and not having people around all the time. I think overall I'd lean towards the city though. Maybe just have a good little chunk of land so that it's a little isolated.
I'm a massively introverted person so that in itself might make me sound like I'd prefer living in a place that has less people in it and is less crowded. However counter to that is I'm big on technology to support my way of life so a city will be more suitable for me in that respect. Anyway, being an introvert in a small town with less people around might actually be a disadvantage in itself. I like being anonymous - a face in the crowd, so to speak - and from what I know about small towns and from what Mitsuha (I think she said it somewhere) said people in smaller municipalities tend to be more tight knit than people in large cities. It would be harder to have privacy and stay anonymous. I guess I'll pick living in a city over living in the countryside, considering my interests and way of living. But I can't say some perks of living in the boonies don't interest me either. If a new city life is what you have been longing for, then congratulations to you! Just like Mitsuha who was able to make it to Tokyo in the end (even though it was kind of by an unexpected force).
Well, this topic post and comments look like people prefer city life over countryside life. In fact both sides have different good stuff and bad stuff. I think a big move from one side to another side is not an easy job and it can take some time to get used to a new life. Living a happy life is the most important thing. I remember the precious times when I lived in countryside I used to read books on my way to school by train, and I often enjoyed looking out of the window during my 40-minutes long train trip. I think by the change of four seasons, the shapes and the colors of the sky have been seen differently during these three high school years of mine, and all these can be connected to my current works. Now, the landscape, the scenery, and the emotions in the past, become a powerful tool for me to try to make something when I have grown up to my adulthood.

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1.Puno ime;2.Odakle si;3.Nadimak;4.Dat. rodjenja;5.seks pref;6.Visina/kg.;7. ♥️ hrana; 8. ♥️ Piće ;9.Int.mreža:10. Tabu teme su:;11.Zašto si na Asku?;12. U vezi?:13.Hobi;14. Talenat?; 15. Porok; 16. Opiši sebe

Već sam odgovorila na većinu pitanja, ali evo:
1. Ne dajem tu informaciju.
2. Živim u Nišu.
3. Joka, Jokica...
4. 18.10.
5. Strejt sam.
6. 160 cm, za kg nisam sigurna.
7. Nek bude giros, ali nemam u suštini.
8. Ne pijem alkohol, ovako volim kafu i ledeni čaj od breskve.
9. Nisam sigurna da razumem?
10. Nemam baš (valjda).
11. Ovaj nalog sam skroz bez veze napravila, nisam čak ni planirala. Odvlači mi pažnju i ubija monotoniju, a trenutno mi dosta znači to. 😄
12. Nije baš definisano.
13. Hmm, rekla bih crtanje, ali zapravo crtam jednom u sto godina. Mogla bih tome da se posvetim.
14. Mnogi kažu crtanje, ali kao što rekoh, jako retko to radim.
15. Nemam.
16. Ne znam koliko će bilo kome da bude zanimljivo, ali reći ću par stvari koje mi prvo padnu na pamet - introvert sam i volim da imam mali krug bliskih ljudi, obožavam životinje i uvek stanem da ih pomazim na ulici ili im kupim nešto da jedu, san mi je da posetim što više zemalja i da često putujem, studiram elektrotehniku i volela bih da se posvetim poslu i budem dobra u njemu (a samim tim i ponosna na sebe), volim da kuvam, obožavam da šetam i obično izlazim sama... Da ne dužim više.

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kamu introvert atau ekstrovert?

Atikamld_’s Profile Photoatika mauludiah
Introver, mungkin nggak introver akut.
1. Yang paling mudah, introver lebih senang mendengarkan/menyimak daripada berbicara.
2. Lebih senang dengan komunikasi secara tidak langsung atau non-verbal.
3. Kuat untuk tidak keluar rumah, berada di dalam kamar.
4. Hanya ingin bersosialisasi ketika hal tersebut memang perlu.
Begitulah diriku.

Anak rumahan ketemu jodoh jalur apa ya?

Idealnya, tahap-tahap punya pacar adalah sebagai berikut:
1. Berkenalan
2. Berteman - bersahabat
3. Kencan
4. Pacaran
5. Menikah
atau mungkin tanpa basa-basi langsung minta keseriusan(?).
mungkin sebagai orang introvert nggak terlalu suka bertemu dengan orang baru dan berteman, kabar baiknya nggak perlu berteman dengan semua orang (baiklah, mungkin mengenal tetap perlu), tapi berteman dan dikenalah oleh cukup banyak orang yang memungkinkan.
menemukan 1 orang di antaranya untuk menjadi kekasih, jangan dibikin ribet:)

Yang Introver, story singkat dungs mengenai pertemanan semasa SD-SMP-SMA-KULIAH 🥲

bener2 gw tipe org yg diam klo ga diajak ngobrol dluan apalagi sama org yg blm kenal. tapi alhamdulilah semasa msih sekolah ada aja org baik yg lngsung ngajak temenan trus dijadiin geng gitu wkwk. i think gw org introvert tpi kok makin kesini makin punya bnyak tmn apalagi skrg lgi kuliah yg di jurusanku diharuskan smuanya saling kenal trus ikut himpunan pula gmna ga bnyak tmn wkwk yaa walaupun mmng tau people bakal come and go tapi smpe skrg bersyukur sih tmn dekat semasa sekolah entah itu sd smp sma blm ada yg bener2 lost kontak, kadang sesekali mereka tnya atau ngasih kabar hihi

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

ɪ ᴀᴍ ɴᴏᴛ ᴀ ᴘsʏᴄʜᴏʟᴏɢɪsᴛ ᴛᴏ ɢɪᴠᴇ ᴀɴ ᴇxᴀᴄᴛ ᴅᴇsᴄʀɪᴘᴛɪᴏɴ
ᴀᴍʙɪᴠᴇʀᴛ ᴛʜɪs ᴛᴇʀᴍ ɪs ᴄʟᴏsᴇsᴛ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴇsᴄʀɪᴘᴛɪᴏɴ ᴏꜰ ᴍʏ ᴛᴇᴍᴘᴇʀᴀᴍᴇɴᴛ
Are you an introvert or extrovert

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