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It's December 2009
You just woke up at 6:50 AM and it's raining heavily outside, your mom allowed you not to attend school today, you are very happy under your blanket and you woke up again at 8:00 AM. It's still raining and the weather is cold, you are watching it through your window. You feel so good, you sit on your chair and turn On your PC, then you play some nostaglic hits, Your mom just made you breakfast (Chai Paratha), after that you start playing Gta vice city while sipping your tea and killing innocent people in Gta.You do not have any depression neither any overthinking, You are living your life with an urge to grow older as fast as possible.
Life was so good. ♥️

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Sometimes i get tired of everything and at that time i want to leave everyone and everything but then i push my self again to come out of the comfort zone and ask my self to have a look at my goals. What i have achieved so far and what i still have to. So don’t be afraid of being tired. Just look at the bigger picture and ask yourself either it’s worth it to quit or not? Believe me you can do anything. Push yourself to work for 14 hrs a day rather than satisfying yourself in a 9-5 job. Stop expecting from others. People will leave you, they will ditch you, you’ll have sleepless nights but all that matters is what is the reward? Set your goals and start working on them from today. You can also build an empire out of ashes!


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