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You never fight with ghost. You fight with the inner demons within you.. Remember who is in control at all times! ✅ Checkmate!

Can confirm. As a ghost who has exorcised his inner demons, I will attest that it has never been easier to remain in control. 3D chess? I'm game! Name the time and place. 👍
You never fight with ghost You fight with the inner demons within you Remember

Do you think the questions on here will get nicer or at least more creative in the new year?

dragonstorm86’s Profile PhotoKristin with an I
Extremely unlikely.
To receive thoughtful questions, you need to develop healthy relationships/friendships on askfm. This effort can take months, years or never. To be honest, most of the questions I receive are written by myself to myself. This might sound odd to some folks but, 99% of the shoutouts or anonymous questions are poorly written and are not worth answering. So... if I want to improve my writing skills, challenge myself and acquire knowledge, I am forced to answer my own questions.
Here is an example: I like playing Chess, but most people I know refuse to play chess. What should I do? Stop playing Chess or play against myself? So I play by myself. The same thing applies to most of my hobbies i.e. golf, music, etc. One final thought, I have played guitar since I was 10 years old and since that time most of my practicing and playing is accomplished alone. If I waited for other muscians to practice with me and learn songs, I would still be performing like a 10 year old without any skill or proficiency. In short, I learned many years ago that if you want to achieve success, do not depend upon other people, and this appiles to guitar, math, reading, golf or creating thoughtful questions and posting those questions onto askfm so I can improve my writing skills while also informing and entertaining my followers. /Alex
> "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."
Colin Powell

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Could someone tell me exactly how this app works? Are personal questions just for me or are personal questions just personal questions? I'm so confused. I only know it's for me if someone addresses me. Then I ask questions and they don't get posted...

Askfm can be confusing and take some time to get use to.
> Are personal questions just for me? Yes
Select the "Inbox" and you will discover two soft tabs labeled "All" and "Personal." General questions (shoutouts) destined for ALL askfm users within your country will appear here under the ALL tab. Personal questions designated for you will appear under "Personal." Personal questions defined by a predefined list, where you are a subscribed member of said list will also appear under Personal. An example of this would be a text message broadcast from a friend to multiple friends included in predefined list.
> I ask questions and they don't get posted...
Using the plus sign (+) in top right, you can ask questions using two methods:
1. Ask People - these are known as anonymous shoutout questions which are broadcast to all active members of askfm within your country as defined by your Network IP address. Shoutouts only get posted when a user receives and responds to your message.
2. Ask Friend allows you to select which "friends" you want to receive your queston.
You can also ask specific users questions by selecting your "Friends" tab located on Home menu and select "ask me anything." Whether or not these questions are anonymous or not depends upon if the "ask anonymously" soft button located under the "ask" window is selected or not.
History Lesson: When askfm was first introduced in June 2010 it was advertized as an anonymous text messaging application. This appealed to many people who wanted anonymity and wanted to roleplay where they could assume fake names, characters, etc. (note: most of these users left askfm between 2016 and 2018) because askfm was sold and implemented strict rules that prohibited "offending" people. So essentially conversations involving sex, politics, religion have been banned.
The other problem that occurred as a result of this attack on freedom of speech is that askfm users are afraid to ask controversial questions because they know their account will be suspended. Once in a blue moon I might receive a decent question worthy of a response, but most of the questions, in my opinion, are uninteresting (which is why many askfm users have abandoned their accounts).
To entertain myself, what I do is post my own questions and then I answer my own question. This allows me to challenge myself. In a way it is similar to playing chess with yourself or playing golf and competing against yourself or perhaps recording music where you play all instruments and record all tracks individually by yourself.
I hope you enjoy you askfm experience and are able to avoid receiving askfm warnings or suspensions that are mostly without merit and are a result of other "woke users" submitting fallacious reports to askfm administrators who NEVER take the time to review and determine whether or not these erroneous reports are valid or not. They simply send you a warning and then suspend your account. /A

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What do you assume about girls that are good at chess

> They are intelligent.
> They like a challenge.
> They can think in multiple dimensions.
> They can solve problems and react w/o getting emotional.
> They understand offensive and defensive strategy.
> They comprehend what survival of the fittest means.
> They appreciate that Chess not only requires skill but patience, cunning cognitive clarity.
> They know that in Chess, the end justifies the means.
> They never lose sight of their goal and the objectives required to achieve their goal; in this case, to checkmate the opponents king.
What do you assume about girls that are good at chess

Share a story about smth u love

lost_duck’s Profile Photothe girl in the blue dress
When JR Capablanca was very young (like 5 years) he was watching a chess game between his uncle and his father. The pieces were accidentally hit. The young kid automatically rearranged them in perfect order. They all were awed. His father then took him to the local chess club, where he easily and surprisingly defeated Every single player. His father, very sadly, limited his chess play for some rare hours lest the young kid should neglect his studies and develop a chess obsession. This very young kid grew up to become the third world chess champion, the fastest human to play chess, and the idol that inspired thousands to love and play simple brilliant chess till TODAY.

What did you learn from life

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Life is boring its your solo effort that makes your day interesting .
like I step in kitchen make milk-yoghurt-peach-apricot smoothie and stir fry chicken with favourite vegetable combination spices and with sauces .
I Watch fear files based on real events and walk
Evening I step to terrace with strong cardamom green coffee spread fragrance wherever I go .walk in breath taking view burn calories and look maximum best every passing day.Mohammed Ali Baloucch
Listen music !!
Play chess with friends on Facebook.Try to be your own best friend ,do what makes you happy ,spend time on your favourite activities ,enjoy time with your self to the maximum and lead happy prosperous life .Mohammed Ali baloucch. So yeah

هو اللي معندوش حد يهتم بيه يعمل اي ؟🙂

1-بيصحي الصبح بيشوف الأخبار بتقول اي
2-بيقرأ شويه في كتاب
3-يروح الجامعه ولو مفيش جامعه هيفتح شوية social ويشوف محاضره من ted x
4-علي العصر كدا يتفرج ع فيلم او حلقه من مسلسل
5-يخرج من بعد العصر يتمشي ويشوف الغروب من مكان حلو
6-يروح ال playstation و يلعب ping و pilliard و chess
7- يخلص علي الساعه 12 بليل لو لسه فايق يلعب video games او ينام
(مفيش احسن من اهتمامك بنفسك🤝🤝)

Hi, Alex. I don't really understand the Sun Tzu quote (about enemy) that you've posted. Can you explain it? Thank you.

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
Sun Tzu divides war into 3 categories:
1. know enemy and know self = victory 100% of time. I think of war as a sporting event which consists of offense and defense. The team that is most prepared and has the best offense and defense typically wins the battle.
2. know self but not know enemy = 50/50. In this case the team is only half prepared and therefore whether or not they win depends upon how many mistakes their enemy makes and whether or not they can capitalize on those mstakes. So the odds of winning are equivalent to a coin toss which is 50/50.
3. do not know self or enemy = total loss. Obviously this category leads to loss. The team, in this case, is completely unprepared to fight offense or defense and therefore cannot defeat their opponent.
You can also think of these battles as a Chess game where strategy and an understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses along with those of your opponent will likely determine the outcome of the game and who wins or loses.

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Hi Alex I dont really understand the Sun Tzu quote about enemy  that youve

Have you ever argued with a democrat?

I grew up in a family of democrats and was a democrat until the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter. However, since Biden was selected and the woke cancel culture has dominated our society, I find arguing with a Democrat is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are, the bird will knock over the pieces, shit all over the board, and then strut around thinking he won.
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Have you had any experience of taking care of elderly people? Whether you worked in elderly care or in your personal life. How did / do you find it? 🧓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Not really. I've always been scаred of caring work, because I'm afrаid I can't cope and I don't know what to do in some unusual cases. And the old people here are mostly very independent, many work until they diе and will never go to a elderly care. Some resort to suicidе in order not to strаin relatives, while others periodically or permanently live in the hоspital, there are also those who say nothing to anyone and simply diе alоne.
When my grandpa was ill, I also came to visit him, but dad and grandma did the main work. I just translated his words to them because they didn't really understand his speech after the paralуsis. Usually we played chess or he asked me to tell him what was interesting at school or what the weather was like outside (he couldn't walk to the window). He was very upset that he was causing so much inconvenience, so he cut the special tubes.

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What do you call a person with no nose and no body? Nobody knows

dwilhite942560’s Profile PhotoAZ™
The question of which elephant does not have a nose is the chess one, and the one who is without a body and eyes, who is a cloud🤣
Вопрос у какого слона нет носа, так это у шахматного, а тот кто кто без тела и глаз, это туча🤣
What do you call a person with no nose and no body Nobody knows

Why do people take advantage of you?

Only if I allow it.
Let's use the game of chess as an example. I will, at times, sacrifice several pieces i.e. pawn and knight in order to capture the queen and improve my chances of checkmating the king. In this example, my opponent falsely believes that he has the advantage because he has gained two chess pieces while I have only captured one. His false sense of superiority/advantage soon turns to defeat when, to his chagrin, he finds himself checkmated.
Why do people take advantage of you

You strike me as the kind of man who plays chess

As he closed his eye for a brief moment, the blob responded, "Mmm..." His tentacles coiled and hung limply. It's reasonable to assume that was his confirmation. I'm curious as to who he plays with since he believes everyone else's IQ is in the negatives however, one thing is certain: the Prince of Darkness was bored and restless. Which is never good, you may even call it the quiet before his storm. Quite fitting for a drama queen.

Describe yourself in a paragraph.

I'm a 30-something, single, college educated, middle class woman. People describe me as strong-willed, confident, distant, aggressive and funny. I describe myself as a wordsmith (occupation), ass-shaker (hobby), car singer (secret talent) and sexy nerd who can have a conversation with anyone - but would prefer to be left the fuck alone. 9/10 times, I'm thinking, "move out of my way, don't start, you tried it (and failed), don't bother me, where can I get some chocolate?," or Spanish music lyrics. I love rarely, but hard and cut people off often and easily. Earth is ghetto, I wanna leave. But for now I'll just get high and wish I could be with the one man who knows how to turn on my body and shut off my brain. I collect things—comic books, bottles of cologne, sunglasses, platinum and tungsten carbide jewelry, art (traditional and digital), photographs and many other things. I enjoy strategy games like chess and Magic, my favorite formats being the older ones. I'm an atheist and skeptic. I wear black a lot, which I see as representing neither a brooding personality nor an inclination towards a gothic motif. My taste in music and film is eclectic. I'm currently writing a novel set in Afghanistan. I don't consume drugs or alcohol because I don't trust myself to do either in moderation. My sense of humor is dark, bordering on morbid but I still love Disney films like The Little Mermaid. I don't put a lot of stock in IQ tests and think people who brag about their IQ are generally losers. Sports involving a ball bore me to tears. I hate pop music and bright colors. I voted green party in the past two presidential elections. I love Coke and hate Pepsi. I put ice in all my drinks. My favorite colognes are tea scented. Whip Inflation Now. Make love, not war. Why are you still reading this?
I work as an engineer for the Director of Operations at a robotics company. I do what needs doing and enjoy it, but ultimately my career is just a job. I collect myriad hobbies and inevitably discard them, as nothing maintains interest. Principally, I read history, philosophy, and science, mostly during lunch. I also play guitar and study foreign languages. I feel very alive when listening to the right music, and I feel mostly dead otherwise. Regarding personality, I'm like a still ocean, occasionally disturbed by ripples in the wake of a passing ship, but only ever lightly, and never for long. I appreciate irony.
I'm quiet and scared shitless most of the time. I tend to come across as a know-it-all but this is usually just a mask for my insecurity. I have a fear of abandonment so I get emotionally attached too easily. I'm pretty intuitive and I like philosophy.

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Who was the nerdiest person in your high school days

Great question, I like it.
Back in the day a classmate of mine named Kyle was a brilliant chess player (he had also played in chess Competitions and won many) I used to go visit him at the library as did many others, I never seen him lose a game even at school! He also taught me his tricks and how to play chess, he was a genius.

حد يعرف ممكن اتعلم شطرنج ازاي؟

nada_magdi5’s Profile PhotoNada
اعرفي الاساسيات الاول و شوفي فيديوز عاليوتيوب و تابعي بيدجات و فيه كورسات و نزلي chess. Com اتدربي عليه بيعرفك لعبك ازاي غلطتي ف حركة ايه و هكذا و لو احتاجتي حاجه l'm here👈🏻👉🏻

Give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down about one of main issues of human existence today is misplaced anger and an acceptable and EXPECTED hatred towards whoever the person feels is most threatening?

This intense anger is also referred to as the "woke cancel culture." It's purpose is to intimidate and silence anyone who is critical of the globalists ideology and radical social and political agenda. By creating fear while simultaneously silencing all opposition, the globalists hope to create a New World Order and One World Government controlled by a brutal dictator who uses violence and tyranny to control all of the people in the world. In my opinion, we are currently experiencing this transformation that will result in mass starvation, disease, suffering and ultimately WWIII. All of the pieces are forming alliances on the chess board as I write this. Pay attention to the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the Globalists who attend Davos every year to plot, scheme and slowly strip away our freedoms and rights as citizens of the world as each western democracy is destroyed.

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What's your favorite board game? Why? ♟️🎲

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Chess. I like the complexity of the game and the many formations and strategies involved. I also enjoy the psychological aspects of chess where you can be within several moves of checkmate and your opponent does not even see the checkmate coming and when it finally arrives they refuse to accept their loss. Chess clearly is a polite game for intellectuals that is as brutal as it is psychological.

What's your favorite board game? Why? ♟️🎲

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Chess is my favourite, but it is funny that you brought this up just now, because I'm in a process of designing my own board game as a project for the uni. And so far it's coming out really good, so maybe this will become my favourite 😆

What would be your ideal lifestyle?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
Living alone, taking my time with life. I always imagined being a stay at home wife😅 Apartment in a safe part of the city, over a coffee shop. happy kids, happy marriage, happy me. enough money to be comfortable but not so much I get stupid with it. A job I love.
Living in the burbs, making 80-120k a year, household 150-200k, and be able to afford for my future kids the opportunities I never got. Who knows, maybe I could have been a world renown lacrosse or hockey player if I was exposed to different opportunities when I was younger. Maybe chess master of the world, who knows.
Ideal life? As in unattainable, I would live life as a musician and continue my education until I was satisfied with myself.
If I could have an ideal life it would fit this plan. Finish college and get a job. Nothing fancy just something in an office with a steady income and good people around me.
Build a house. I know exactly what kind it would be to. Its an eco friendly DOMED HOUSE. They have a lot of space and are cheap to have built. I think they are awesome. Domed House Just enjoy life. I'd surf reddit and go out and do stuff. My day to day wouldn't change much I just want something to call my own and the ability to support myself in the long term.
I'd have a wife that loved me unconditionally and a couple of sons that did the same. Wife (If there is such a thing) would be my soul mate ♥,fighting by my side and helping me along the way. Then I'd find the true nature of God and he'd accept my apology for being a bad person in my younger years. I'd also help to destroy the uprising of slaves today before I died, with absolute peace, joy and love in my heart. I'd want to live like a king while remembering that I am only a man who loves people but is too hurt in my younger years to show it. I'd want to live convincing people love one another. Consistent schedule every day, a close friend to live with me to remind me to do big important stuff (ie remember your doctor's appointment today) not take care of me, just help me keep my mind on track. A job where I dont deal with customers and I can work with my hands and be consistently doing something. In an area with a low tempo speed of life, in a small house that I can easily keep track of. I can understand wanting to raise children in the suburbs--safe streets and other kids and all that--but only to a point. Mostly because I absolutely loathe suburbs, especially the ones with rows upon rows of near-identical houses. It's nightmarish. I need space and nature; being surrounded by buildings all the time just makes me feel deeply unhappy.

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Do you think a disadvantage can turn into an advantage over time? Could you give me an example?

When I play chess, I let my opponent think he is winning when I sacrifice chess pieces to gain strategic position in order to achieve checkmate. Many chess players lose sight of what is important and settle for collecting chess pieces as a symbol of their superiority, forgetting that the primary objective is to checkmate the king. So if I have to sacrifice my queen or my bishop to get checkmate, that's precisely what I do. And once I reach checkmate and my opponent has been defeated, I contemplate what Sigmund Freud or BF Skinner would say about my opponents' inability to acknowledge defeat or even admit that they made various strategic mistakes. That's human nature, I guess.
Do you think a disadvantage can turn into an advantage over time Could you give

Même si vous êtes contre la malbouffe, quel type de nourriture aimez-vous manger de toute façon dans un fast-food ? Vers quoi, portez-vous le plus votre intérêt ? Comment avez-vous vaincu les punaises de lit sans appeller un pro ?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
1. Pizza 🍕 & hot-dog 🌭
2. History 🏺, folklor, 🇸🇰 chess, ♟️detective stories,📚 fantasy movies, 🎥 creativity🎨, baking of sweets 🍰, spending time in nature 🏞️, yoga 🧘‍♀️. 👍
3. We never had them! 😱

Do you ever want a relationship and then think about your past shitty ones then change your mind?

Before I got married, I absolutely avoided dating the opposite sex for that very reason of avoiding shitty relationships. From age 20 until age 25 when I got married, I did not get involved in any meaningful relationships with women because I was afraid that I would get hurt again. For me, the pain and suffering of being manipulated and deceived, wasn't worth my time or effort. So I avoided it like one avoids cancer.
I participated in activities that I enjoyed (music, tennis, chess, 5k road races, traveling) or activities that developed my skill set to prepare for a successful career as an engineer and musician. To that end, I performed with bands, earned two degrees (music and engineering), and worked with the developmentally delayed, where I met my wife. After my first and only girlfriend and I broke up, I decided to try something different. Instead of worrying about dating or falling in love, I simply lived my life enjoying every moment while also hanging out with my male friends who loved to compete, laugh and have a good time. Occasionally family and friends would question me about my sexuality, but I chose to ignore their rude comments because I knew that eventually I would meet the woman I was destined to meet, which is exactly what happened. My future wife was also working for the department of mental health as a pool supervisor and she was also a recent college graduate. The great thing about meeting her was that I was able to observe her, before we dated, working with young adults with severe handicaps and I could see that she was a kind, compassionate and loving person who actually cared about people and was not into playing head games, cheating or basically being a horrid person who would intentionally break my heart. This woman became my loyal confidant, supporter and best friend.
I do not want to bore you with all of the details of our relationship, but suffice it to say that the decision I made at age 20 to simply live my life and not worry about people and events that I cannot control, was the best decision I ever made. Why? Because it forced me to focus on what is important in life: "living each moment to the fullest and not worry about the future or live in the past"

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What board game do you like the most?

I like playing board games, but I don't get much chance to do so. I like games that require skill or strategy, but you also need some random elements to even up the odds when you're playing with people of different skill levels. I mostly play Monopoly, Scrabble, Backgammon, occasionally Chess, but I also like other non-board games such as Kerplunk and Connect 4.

If you were a chess piece, which would you be and why?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
In chess, each piece has a different value and most people want to be King👑 but I prefer to be a Knight. Coz, The KNIGHT is the only piece that can jump over other pieces including its own men. No Piece Can Move As a K N I G H T ♞ Can Move
If you were a chess piece which would you be and why

have you ever owned and played with a tamagotchi before? what was the experience like? 👾💕

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I am not familiar with tamagotchi. May favorite board game is chess, but I haven't played chess in many years; although, I used to play almost everyday when I was in college. Is tamagotchi a game that you like playing or are interested in learning?
have you ever owned and played with a tamagotchi before what was the experience

Have you ever lost someone close to you?

Yes. I have lost my father, my mother and most recently, my best friend Matthew. Matt and I were best friends. We laughed often, played music together (piano/guitar), played golf, attended baseball games, went to high school (F.H.S) college together (Berklee College of Music), we worked out together, went hiking, debated, played chess, enjoyed our coffee and beer, played in big bands, tribute bands, jazz bands, pop bands and wedding bands. We even moved our families next to each other in a beautiful town located near Tampa Bay. Although losing Matt was devastating, my memories of our time together and our non-stop laughter and pranks are forever etched upon my mind.
Matt, wherever you are, I love you man!
Have you ever lost someone close to you

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