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Do u burry ur emotions and experience feelings like sadness, fear and grief etc.. alone ? Or do u open up , express and share them with others ? :"

brainyheart1’s Profile PhotoNot a care in the world
I'm really bad at expressing myself and showing what I feel, sometimes talking makes me even feel worse! So yeah I tend to bottle up more. At a certain point I blow up tho; depending on how long & how much I've been through that shit, but still I just give headlines without talking about details.

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-how do you deal with your insecurities?

Xx_Elghzal_xX’s Profile PhotoUr Fav Devngel.
I used to have MANY, and I still have some but It's getting better :)
I try to see the beauty in the flaws and what if everything is perfect and typical? Boring Ig..
I believe we all do not see things the same when we look at them, even unseen things. Some people still see me a good person whether in appearance or personality and it's normal that others would not like me even if I'm a beauty queen so why would I seek that? I need those people who appreciate, love, and accept me as I am and I just kept them close to me.. We have eachother's backs and always give support! That's what make me really feel better! And this is not incompatible with telling me that I gotta get better at this or fix this in my personality by those people. It's neither about overestimating or underestimating and embarrassing; it's about balance and sanity in love. So I'm gradually giving up my insecurities and even those I couldn't overcome I accept them and just hide them as much as I can if needed.

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