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My friend found out the gender of her baby and she asked me for name suggestions and she didn't like any of them. I'll never understand why people ask for opinions if they're going to reject them? Like, name that intestinal parasite whatever you want then and don't forking ask again.

You seem a little upset by this? Why do you care so much?

How would you feel if someone who you message every day for 1 and a half years just randomly stopped responding for a month and every time you asked they just ignore it

Pretty shitty but at the end of the day if they don't respect you enough to at least offer an explanation, then there's no point you washing your time on them and being upset about it.

is there a word that you find 'cringe'? i persnally hate 'other half'. that sounds so cheesy and soapy. i'm a whole person, not half of a person. just say partner or lover or gf/bf dude. lmao

Calling people "lovely" I just find really cringe.

where are my coins for sending shoutouts? so i take time out of my day to type something for a bunch of strangers i couldnt care less about for no rewards?

Womp womp

I use gel nail polish and use a gel nail dryer. The skin on my fingers is burning. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe you're allergic.


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