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তুমি মনে হয় অনেক কষ্টে আসো। তুমাকে অনেক প্রশ্ন করছি । বিরক্ত করসি ।পারলে ক্ষমা করে দিয়ো । আর আমারে বন্ধু হিসাবে নিতেও হবে । আল্লাহ তুমার সহায় হোক

Petroleum heart
You don't need to be sorry man,you didn't know and it's okay that you asked questions,after all it's ask.fm :-)

Why are all bangladeshi so lame here? I found only you the real questioner

Actually it started recently,some new users are doing this shit,there were some great users here from our country who used to ask interesting and meaningful questions but sadly they're not fully active here anymore

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