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Can you tell who am i ?

Judging a guy based on driving skills 101
If he drives fast, he's cool
Can overtake? Yup, sexy
Is a smooth driver, than that's classy
Lol, just like Elizabeth judgin' Mr Darcy based on his dancin' skill.
If he can do all this and flash cars before overtaking, that's a domineering personality their gurls :p
Voice: Or you could say with low patience
Me: -_- okay, one last thing, if he knows how to keep the windscreen clear he's smart.
Voice: Is this a guy or a driver?
Me: ideal guy :3
Voice: Ideal driver, I must say

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I was deeply in love with him. He knew that. He still used me. I did everything, i could for him. One day he decided to leave. I never cared for my self respect, begged him to stay. He did not. He said rubbish about me. I had no controls on my emotions, i was blindly in love. What was my mistake?

You should have been a virgo and no one could hurt you behind a brick wall. |:
Voice: but it does get very quiet behind that wall
Me: Not when I have your voice in my head. *exhales*

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