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Two boys in my uni love me I am confused whom to accept whom to reject??🥴🥴😭😭

Eleven guys in my class, six guys from the other section, five, six juniors and 4 to 5 from another department look interested in me. (These are just the ones I noticed myself) Am I confused? No. What's my answer? No. (:

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It's Ramadan, and I am trying to be a better Muslim. I pray five times a day, and today I was listening to a Quran recitation. Idk but whenever my mother gets angry she uses my that little struggle of being religious against me. If i made a mistake, she said kia faida namaz or quran prhny ka.💔

Don't let it get to you just keep doing what you're doing. Parents are sometimes like that but it's okay.

So, there was this guy who was kinda my best friend till he proposed. Of course I had to discourage him. But now that he's sent me a picture of him with his wife, suddenly I find him attractive. I want to feel happy for them but somehow I can't. I feel guilty as well

Stap girl. Be happy for them now. -_-

Do you believe in love at first sight?

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If you fall for the face, you could keep a picture. If you fall for the personality, what do you keep?
Everyone remembers the first love but they mostly don't do anything about it, but what if the female lead comes across a guy who's exactly like her first love after 11 years lol. But is the second guy just a shadow of the first one or does he stand out just because of the resemblance.
Here the female lead won't do anything and let it go once again. But she's amazed at the resemblance between the two, is this resemblance a torture or a moment of bliss for her?
Iss par koi novel likh day I'll be the first to read.


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