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Do you wanna dance baby? I know you see me looking at you on the daily

Baba cheghad mitoni dorogh begi. Ye neshone bede

Would you rather have children with a Latina, Asian American or European?

I don't want children

But Persian is the best choice

You scare me because I'm loyal until I look at you... ugh I want you so bad even if it's one night. Would you be down ?

I'm not scare you. And night is mine. You couldn't even think about it. Stay loyal. Because I don't want you.

Lord of all The great I am l You cause the sun and the stars and the moon to shine I'm glad to say you're mine Oh, I'm glad to say you're mine ❤️


I have negative thoughts. How should I deal with this?

Me too. I hear someone a great man said think 96 positive thoughts and negative 1. That time I just think what about other 3 thoughts. I don't know I mostly use pill

Do you ever pretend your bf is someone else?

Yes. I have old friend
For kind of reasons I ask him call and talk about love. We both very bad act.

That's so stupid to try and anger someone to get them to love you, makes you hated even more.

I'm not trying make someone love me

If we kiss we would know if the feelings are real But could it also let us know its okay to say goodbye... i only 6 days

If will be real we say goodbye?

What do you think about the killing of 2 million cats in Australia for endangering nature

I don't know. We will soon have to that for dogs.
But if God wants I will go there

in the future, if some men couldn't find a partner because they liked women with Elon Musk's chip installed in the brain, would you support it if there were men who completely destroyed feelings such as liking, falling in love, being interested?

I don't know


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