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*she senses someone following her taking a swift turns through the crowded area trying to lose him. She goes to a darkened section in-between some shops. Stopping to catch her breath since she was almost at running pace trying to avoid whoever was following her. She thought she lost them*

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*white eyes look at her from the darkness*
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*A figure with a long hooded cloak is seen walking into the crowded town amongst the townsfolk she seemed to blend in except for part of her snout and long bushy tail sticking out of the cloak she was trying not make a scene or alert the knights of her presences. She passes by Vio.*

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*his eyes alight on her, lingering on the visible tail before he begins to follow her.
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Bet a pretty boy like you has to deal with cougers and manthers

*Vio just raises a brow*
"I'm sorry what was that second one?"

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What’s for dinner ? Or what did u have if you already ate

". . . I seem to have forgotten to have dinner today," *he sighs* "the others will lecture me when they find out I missed another meal."

Meanwhile who knows what the First Hero's height was

*Admin thought way too hard about this to the point a headache has occurred. That is all*

*Shadow emerges from Vio's shadow* "I managed ta get away, but, dis isn't gonna be easy."

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*Vio nods*
"I'm glad you're alright, thanks for doing some recon. I figured it wouldn't be easy, but he doesn't have you or Vaati, so that's in our favor at least."
*Vio seems to be reassuring himself as he says this*

*Shadow erupts out of Vio's shadow, his eyes have a hunted look as he glances around* "Vi, serious trouble, HE's back, I don't know how but he's already back!"

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*Vio looks at Shadow, and it takes a few moments for it to click*
"Wait, he's already back? In which form, human? Demon? It's supposed to take centuries before he reappears, long enough for the whole reincarnation cycle to repeat."
*He presses his palm against his head*
"This is bad, this is very very bad."

*The demon slowly slinks through the tear, rising up slowly onto two legs as it curiously hovers over Vio.*

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*His ear flicks, Shadow wouldn't have stayed silent, so he finally looks over his shoulder, his widen somewhat, which for Vio is a big deal, and he slowly reaches for his Four Sword, which was sheathed on his back*

*A large black claw suddenly tears through the darkness.*

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*Statz might expect a different reaction than the one he's going to get, Vio just figures his boyfriend is messing with him*
"Shadow, what do you think you're doing? You should know by now none of that phases me anymore."
*he stays seated, paging through his book*

Soo we hitting up some chicks tonight or what?

"Considering I'm a Homoromantic Asexual Male, no, no 'we' are not."

(( She'll likely have that thought at first, she isn't entirely familiar with shadowed entities that mimic the form of whomever they follow. ))

[[Well Shadow's kinda unique, Also that's his default form since he's Link's Dark Reflection and Vio is an Aspect of Link, it gets really confusing sometimes]]
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*The demon emerges from his boyfriend's shadow, the lilac hero can see one of his eyes is badly injured, liquid darkness seeping from it; looking at him his eyelid is limp, the eye is likely entirely gone* "Vi, I think you know what I need help wit here..."

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*Vio looks at Shadow his expression completely blank. He gets up and heads over to his dresser, he pulls something out of the top drawer, pulling back the dark red velvet fabric covering the object, revealing a shard of the Dark Mirror. He pulls a small knife from his belt and cuts his thumb open, as his blood drips onto the mirror, it seems to almost be absorbed by the dark glass, looking at the Demon his eyelid has returned to normal*
"I was able to summon it back from the Dark World, I'm not sure I want to know how you lost it."
*Though he looks calm, suddenly Vio tightly hugs the demon, he was clearly terrified, even if he doesn't really show emotions, he loves his partner*
"Be careful Shadow"
The demon emerges from his boyfriends shadow the lilac hero can see one of his


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