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*throws a pie in Vios face* It's a vi-O-PIE! (゚ω゚)

". . . and apparently this just happened to me."

You're a coward

*Vio just looks away from the anon, fleeing from some unknown many limbed terror isn't exactly helping prove otherwise*

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Maybe he's just exauhsted.. here..*Life then uses her magic to create a makeshift pillow out of leaves for Vio to lay on, she's gonna try to calm Shadow down*

TheGoddessOfLife’s Profile PhotoToriel
*yeah good luck*
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*Until Vio got K.O'd again xD and @GrimReapings has to drag Life over-Goat Goddess is extremely confused when she arrives* Uh!? Should..I even ask..? *Seeing Shadow almost maul Neo and seeing Vio out cold = more confused* Is he alright!? *She hurries to Vios side though worried he might be hurt*

TheGoddessOfLife’s Profile PhotoToriel
*He seems uninjured, just completely unconscious*
*But that unfortunately also means he's not able to calm Shadow down*
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*Vio finally wakes up*

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
*The moment he's awake @PyromaniaRed throws himself around his comrade in a weeping hug, Shadow is still dozed off from his foray into Vio's unconscious mind and likely trip into @MrImportantHero . After reassuring Red he's fine several times Vio manages to pry himself away from the ruby eyed Link*
"So Shadow is probably waking Green"
*based on the shouting from @AngryBlueLink coming from Green's room along the lines of lazy SoB, and a slew of other affectionate derogatives, seems like Vio was right on the Rupees*

*He nods* "Both you and Green have been asleep for an unnatural amount of time, but the magic trapping you here was coming from within the sleep itself, so I had to. . . come looking, sorry Vi."

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
"No it's fine Shads"
*he places a hand over one of Shadow's*
"If you've managed to track me down, I'm guessing you addressed the source of the magic?"
*Shadow nods*
"Alright, you should get back to the outside world, I'll wake up soon."

*It took several hours searching through the mists of the subconscious and unconscious mind, Shadow carefully avoided looking into Vio's subconscious desires* "Vi!" *He springs forward wrapping himself around his partner*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*Vio is surprised and reaches for his sword, which isn't there, then he realizes who just grabbed him*
"Shadow? Where are we, were you looking for me?"

So you just completely ignored @GothsOfDeath 's existence

"Yes, I did, if the others want to interact with that brat that's their prerogative, it's better for all of us if I just ignore him. If I acknowledge him then I remember how infuriated, I am with how badly he injured Shadow. Shadow still wants to be friends with Reaper and Geno, he doesn't have many friends, so I want this for him too, I just wish that child wasn't around."
So you just completely ignored GothsOfDeath s existence
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◈ - https://ask.fm/InAnotherCxstle/answers/172970806026

InAnotherCxstle’s Profile Photo【V I O L A】
*The cat puts his paws on the table and she can see they're violet furred cat feet, the feline's eyes shine a familiar scarlet, yeah this is no normal cat*
"Yep, a cat is one of Shadow's preferred forms, no one really gives him the side eye if he's just a little black cat. Though I see he's being a bit of a show off having violet paws. Shadow I'm already thoroughly impressed by your shapeshifting ability there's no need to flaunt your-"
*He's cut off by a cat tail suddenly covering his mouth*
"Alright, alright. Back on point, only the Colors, Zelda, and the most senior knights know what Shadow did for Hyrule at the Tower of Winds, that he gave his life for all of us. The fact I used dark magic to bring Shadow back, when most people still consider him a monster, well it doesn't exactly go over well. Had I not had Zelda and the other's support, I may very well have been cast out of the Hyrulean Knights. Younger recruits like to gossip, and Heroes are a favorite topic to gossip about. After Green's possible romance with Zelda, the most popular gossip topic is the relationship between Shadow and myself. Some people think I'm possessed, some people think I summoned him and plan on attacking Hyrule, all idiotic theories that speaking to any of us will clear away. But gossip doesn't care about the truth, the idea that one of Hyrule's Heroes might be a Sorcerer, well that's a tasty bit of info for the rookies to sink their teeth into."
*He pets Shadow who's still in cat form*
"I don't really care what they think, the people who matter to me, trust me."

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◈ - https://ask.fm/InAnotherCxstle/answers/172958490122

InAnotherCxstle’s Profile Photo【V I O L A】
"Well we're only two of Hyrule's finest knights, and honestly the other three are all much better knights than either of us. There's still trust issues with Shadow, I mean he DID send the mind of every knight to the Dark World and puppeteer their bodies back in his villain era. Many new recruits are wary of me since in the Castle it's well known that I can use Dark Magic, and given what Ganon and Vaati did with Dark Magic, it has quite the reputation. Not to mention half of them still suspect me of being a traitor of some sort."
*Vio sighs at that, @forgottenfifth catches that and before Viola's eyes seems to become amorphous darkness reforming as a cat he curls up in Vio's lap purring*

◈ - https://ask.fm/InAnotherCxstle/answers/172956164106

InAnotherCxstle’s Profile Photo【V I O L A】
*Vio gets a slight blush when Viola brings up the biting thing, a blush that Shadow somehow seems to miss and he doesn't quite meet her eye when he says the next bit*
"Really I'm totally fine with it. . ."
*He's able to meet her eye again*
"He's not strictly speaking a Vampire,"
*he sighs in regret*
"The moment, the exact moment I thought I knew enough to bring Shadow back I set about doing so. But, Shadow wasn't like Hylians he was a creature of darkness and magic first with the ability to take a flesh and blood form, and I didn't take that into account. I completed the ritual and had brought him back, but because the ritual hadn't been specifically tailored to his physiology he's been left with some, for lack of a better word, defects. He doesn't care about the sunlight one since before I brought him back Sunlight was Fatal to him, this is an improvement, but the blood drinking bothers him. I keep telling him that if it bothered me we would have worked harder to find another solution. Shadow, it's fine, you even have your unique brand of dark healing that you can patch up the bites if it scares you."
*If Vio could just actually TELL Shadow he's into being bitten and fed off of, the shapeshifter wouldn't feel so awkward about it*

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Have you ever thought your significant other might be gay?

"Shadow is Asexual just as I am, he is however Panromantic, but I don't see what the point it. . . or was this question intended for heterosexual couples?"
Have you ever thought your significant other might be gay

◈ - https://ask.fm/InAnotherCxstle/answers/172942130698

InAnotherCxstle’s Profile Photo【V I O L A】
"Unless we're in bright sunlight he can exist in a physical or at least mostly physical form as long as he wants. He still doesn't fare well in direct light so when he starts walking instead of levitating it's usually a sign he needs to retreat into my shadow to recover for awhile. He'll also do that for injuries, though severe injuries we deal with in another way."
* @forgottenfifth cuts in*
"I still don't approve of that method! I don't like that doing . . .THAT heals me."
"Shadow if I had issues with it, I wouldn't continue to suggest it those times where you're beyond what would be fatally injured for a mortal. Like when you had been sliced in half with Death's scythe, no amount of sleep or hiding in the shadows was going to heal that. You needed my blood, and I'm sorry I miscalculated the ritual to bring you back so badly that you do have to do that."
*Vio won't complain though since he miiiight have a bite kink, well at least with Shadow, mind you Shadow has no idea and just feels awful about every time Vio has to persuade him to feed off him*

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Sprechen Sie Englisch?

"Yes unfortunately I don't speak German, you literally used the only phrase I know."


Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
"Actually all five of us are keen on defending Hyrule, father is the knight captain and princess Zelda is a childhood friend of ours, so we grew up with the mindset of a defender. Now here's where I must explain something confusing, Green, Red, Blue and Myself didn't exist until the same time Shadow attacked Hyrule. We used to be one person named Link, and all four of us have the same memories leading up to our split. Link is the one whose shadow, Shadow is. You're probably asking yourself how one person became four, well remember how I introduced myself as a 'Hero of the Four Sword' the Four Sword is a blade with an ancient magic that literally splits a person into four pieces based on parts of their personality. At the end of our quest when we returned the Four Sword to the pedestal we were supposed to reform into Link, but each of us had grown so much along the way, we were all our own unique individuals and couldn't be fit back together as mere pieces of Link. We don't see each other as siblings but our bond to one another is in some ways closer than that since we were all the same person once, well except Shadow, hence why he looks so different from the four of us. In the decade that's passed since the Colors sprang into existence we've each become very different people. Like I said earlier I'm a Necromancer and have learned Dark Magic, but none of the others have that gift. I also specialize in archery and rely far more on that in combat than my magic, I'm considered the most skilled archer in the Hyrulean knights. Red can use elemental magic, his favorite being fire which he can wield like an extension of his own body. Blue is the most headstrong and specializes in in two handed weaponry, although he's able to use things like hammers and great swords with a single hand. Green is the natural leader and I suppose the closest to the original Link, it was difficult at first when people were getting used to there being Four of us, they'd treat Green like Link and us three as copies as opposed to all of us being pieces of Link.
Now as I'm sure you noticed Shadow wasn't really part of the explanation of how we four colors came to be, Shadow began to exist the day Link was born. Shadow watched Link grow up from his shadow, knowing he only existed because the boy in the light world whose shadow he was, was somehow special. He was trapped in the Dark World up until his siege on Hyrule Castle, that's when the forces of Darkness found the Dark Mirror and drew him through it and into our world. At the end of our quest, when it was clear the four of us would each be able to live our own full lives, I made it my mission to give Shadow that same chance, he deserved it more than any of us. It took several years for me to learn enough and develop my necromantic skills enough to bring him back."
*He sighs*
"Our lives are confusing, and strange even by Hyrule's standards, but we are who we are."

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◈ - https://ask.fm/InAnotherCxstle/answers/172940696842

InAnotherCxstle’s Profile Photo【V I O L A】
"I'm interested in the study of Necromancy, and I am capable of Necromantic spells. After Shadow gave his life to save Hyrule I dove into the darkest of magicks to find a way to bring him back. I don't use Necromancy often, but I am fully capable of bringing back the dead with their true selves intact. Shadow, well Shadow is a being made of magic, magic is as natural to him as breathing, shapeshifting, shadow walking, mental manipulation, I'm not sure I even know the full breadth of his abilities."
*Shadow just yawns, the light glints off his fangs drawing her eye to them*
*Vio switches to resting his head on a single hand, and running the fingers of his free hand through his partner's hair*
"Shadow's capable of magic that I couldn't even dream of using. He's the one who first taught me some dark magic after all."

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◈ - https://ask.fm/InAnotherCxstle/answers/172940611594

InAnotherCxstle’s Profile Photo【V I O L A】
*Vio interlaces his fingers resting his chin on his entwined hands*
"Singularity, well that definitely doesn't sound promising."
*Apparently at this point @forgottenfifth has finally decided it's safe enough for him to emerge, as he materializes out of Vio's shadow he half drapes himself over his partner, resting his head on Vio's shoulder as the blonde thinks*

◈ - https://ask.fm/InAnotherCxstle/answers/172940520458

InAnotherCxstle’s Profile Photo【V I O L A】
*Vio chuckles*
"No wonder Shadow is so nervous, I'm guessing an Infernal is a type of Demon where you're from. Shadow, he isn't quite like other demons, being the shadow of the hero, his living reflection in the Dark World."
*Vio taps his own shadow who crosses his arms and frowns at him*
"And he's currently hiding in my shadow. Before you ask, no we don't have any sort of contract. I did use Necromancy to bring him back to this world because I love him and it was my fault he had to sacrifice himself. Shadow could leave at anytime if he wanted to, but well obviously he isn't interested in leaving my side again. Though my Necromantic ritual was flawed so Shadow has a few problems, those are obviously my fault as well."
*He glances over his shoulder at Shadow*
"I haven't figured out how to explain marriage to him yet, it didn't exist where he's from, but we're basically married without the rings."

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◈ - https://ask.fm/InAnotherCxstle/answers/172940395530

InAnotherCxstle’s Profile Photo【V I O L A】
*Vio sets the book down and now that he's not actively reading it much of the dark magic around him settles down into a comfortable lull. Except for his shadow, his shadow is still pulsating with unnatural darkness*
"My partner is far more sensitive to magic than I am, and while I can tell you are a magic user, he can probably sense what type of magic you specialize in. Whatever your specialty left him somewhat spooked, so he left for a bit, he's still nearby though as he'd worry about me otherwise. The fact that your magic has left him unsettled intrigues me though, do you use familiars? A Summoner of sorts? Perhaps even Binding Demons? Any of those would definitely give him pause."
*his shadow shifts uncomfortably*


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