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*Suddenly, the room bursts into violent flames, a pyromantic figure wreathed in fire towering over Vio and filling the space* "DID YOU KNOW THAT BURNING ALIVE IS ONE OF THE MOST PAINFUL WAYS OF DYING, INSECT ?"

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*Vio takes several steps back away from the towering flaming figure, he instinctively reaches for his bow and his ice arrows*

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*the hands vanish as soon as they are struck, followed by what feels like an earthquake, yet nothing falls over and nothing budges from their proper places ... Did he make the specter angry ?*

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"Din Dammit. . . what in Nayru's name just happened here."

Might need to make a new one these claws were built for digging after all.. What are you doing out here? Is there another person with you patrolling maybe?I don't want to freak them out ..

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"I'm here with @PyromaniaRed . . . though I think I walked too far ahead of him. I wasn't in the mood for small talk and that's what Red wanted to do today."
*AKA Red wants you to acknowledge your emotions you idiot*

*The hands continue playing, and while someone of Hyrule wouldn't recognize the song, someone of Earth would recognize it as coming from the cartoon known as Peanuts*

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*Well Vio has no idea about what the song it, he just tries to strike each flaming hand with an ice arrow since as BotW proves fiery enemies die from ice attacks, and icy enemies die from fire attacks*

The joys of being snack sized.. Easy pickings for larger creatures.. *she laughs nervously* I already dug a burrow somewhere around this forest but I keep forgetting where it is. I got lost and it doesn't help that the bokoblin chased me for quite a while. Not sure how far away I am now.

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"I can't really help you with that as I have no idea where you might have dug this burrow of yours"
*Vio is silently and stoically grateful about the fact the little alien dropped questioning him about how he himself is doing*

And you? I asked about you too..I've been trying to survive out here there's a lot more threats than I'm used to. Almost everything wants to snatch me up. *She laughs nervously* You made that victory look so easy.

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"Years of fighting monsters will make it look easy, but Hyrule is packed with countless threats, you're lucky that there were only Bokoblins after you, I mean Moblins could easily reach you in that tree. A Lizalfols tongue could also catch you easily. Given your size it might be wiser to look for somewhere too small for monsters to follow."
*And he's avoiding the question*

That was a close one.. I'm not exactly good at fighting.. *she jumps out of the tree landing on all fours* It's been a while how's you and Shadow doing?

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"Shadow's fine."
*Vio she asked how you are too....*

*Neo is seen perched up in a tree hiding from some bokoblins that girl always seems to find trouble*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Neo watches each of them die reduced to ashes and smoke, leaving no bodies behind when they're struck in the head with well aimed arrows*
"Considering I've had to save Hylians in almost the exact same position, this isn't the worst thing you've done."
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*she snaps back to normal taking her a minute to recognize her new injury. She winces slightly*I should have seen that coming. No need to be so hostile.Though it was quite impolite to read your mind without your permission.

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"Incredibly impolite, your mind should be the one place your thoughts are safe and free from judgement."
she snaps back to normal taking her a minute to recognize her new injury She

I'm not like everyone else.I know and see more than most. *Her eyes turn white beginning to glow a third eye projecting on her forehead as she prys into Vios thoughts to gather info* His name is Shadow. He means an awful lot to you.Your partner your love. I'm not a threat to you or your darkness.

FracturedSoul’s Profile PhotoRipley Dread
*When she does that her body explodes in pain, when she blinks open her regular eyes she sees there's an arrow deeply embedded in her shoulder. It was clearly specifically aimed to be non-lethal. Lilac eyes stare at her cold, calculating, furious, and at the same time afraid*
"Stay out of my mind."
Im not like everyone elseI know and see more than most Her eyes turn white

*the young woman steps out into setting down her basket down* I don't want trouble... But your company seems different from anyone I've encountered before.Why don't you reveal your friend.. *how does she know about Shadow? Her gift of course*

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*Vio started to lower his bow, but the moment she mentioned his company he immediately drew it back up aiming at her*
"It's his choice if he wants to show up or not, but my question is, how can you tell he's here. Most people only notice him if he's making himself known."

*she hides again rather curious this wasn't her world it would be wrong to assume.She accidentally steps on a twig causing a snap sound*!!!

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*Vio's ears immediately perk up, revealing the mobility of his long pointed ears, he pushes himself to his feet and turns to face the origin of the snapped twig. It's unclear where he got it from (the infinite hammerspace inventory that every Link has) but the man has pulled out a bow and nocked an arrow*
"Step out, slowly, announce yourself if you're no monster."
she hides again rather curious this wasnt her world it would be wrong to
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*she is surprised hiding behind the tree his shadow reminds her too much of the shadow monsters in her world. But this was different.. She takes another peek towards the young man despite the threat of being caught*...

FracturedSoul’s Profile PhotoRipley Dread
*She can tell the two are conversing and from the barely perceptible smile on the lavender eyed one's lips would indicate it's an amiable conversation. Clearly this Shadow is a lot more personable than the ones she's familiar with*
she is surprised hiding behind the tree his shadow reminds her too much of the

*A strange lady wearing a dark hood is seen wandering the woods collecting mushrooms and plants local to the area*

FracturedSoul’s Profile PhotoRipley Dread
*She comes across a young adult male with blonde hair and pointed ears, he seems to be carefully collecting a number of lethal herbs that seem to be in a secret garden deep in the woods. Because of Ripley's "gift" she will probably easily see Vio's shadow is very obviously alive*
A strange lady wearing a dark hood is seen wandering the woods collecting

Unknown to any but Shadow, the entity who started this blaze was watching their reactions with maniacal glee .

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*Vio's confused about how the oil ended up spilled there, they don't keep any flammable liquids or other types of accelerants anywhere near the stables for safety reasons. Safety of the people in the castle, and the horses in the stables, in fact now that Vio thought about it, he wasn't sure where oil was even kept on the castle grounds. He knew there was some somewhere that they used to make torches but he himself had never fetched any*

*glancing out through a castle window, Vio sees the curious sight of a torch far below shooting a fireball at an oil spill, resulting in the stables catching on fire*

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*Vio has to wake the others to help spread the alert throughout the castle, especially since he and the other colors live fairly high up in the castle and jumping right out the window would be lethal for any of them aside from Shadow. Eventually some of the knights are able to get the blaze under control, and Vio is just trying to figure out how it happened. How did that fireball just spit out of the torch like that*


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