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((That's really cute honestly. Kind like how I made it cannon both versions of Neo are obsessed with Hello Kitty. It's funny cause OG Neo is scared of cats but loves her mouthless kitty plushies and backpack))

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
[[I partially base that off my own plushie collection I keep on my bed]]

Let's uhh..Change the subject.Have you guys fought any monsters recently?

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
"Me personally, no, I've been spending most of my time in the castle"
*he looks at @AngryBlueLink who shakes his head*
B: "I've been training the new recruits the past several weeks, so I haven't actually fought any monsters."
"Maybe Green or Shadow and Vio have, though Green usually just patrols castle town meaning he deals with bandits mostly, since monsters don't usually enter town."

I don't want to be eaten or brutally k!lled but craving a strong companion with those traits. It's also kinda a dominance thing too .But overall I want someone who protect themselves and me. *She blushes super embarrassed* (End)

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Red and @AngryBlueLink just look at her silently, glancing at one another, not having any idea what to say to that*
"Uhm. . ."
I dont want to be eaten or brutally klled  but craving a strong companion with

Meaning basically anything carnivorous wanted to sink their teeth into our hides.. For most prey creatures like myself the sight of sharp fangs and claws trigger instinctual fear. I however get excited by it unlike most.. I do have the will to live but I crave the thrill. ( TBC)

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo

Um....*that causes her blush bright blue*Something like that. I've always been attracted to dangerous creatures female male genderless I'm not picky.. I'm considered a prey creature where I'm from my kind was wildly considered a delicacy across the universe. (TBC)

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo

"Red don't TELL people that!" *Blue's bright red*

AngryBlueLink’s Profile PhotoBlue
"Oh I didn't realize you had come back, and sorry, I forgot the whole Poly thing is something you're still struggling to come to terms with."

I um . Mostly like Shadow cause of how powerful and scary he can be..His fangs and claws are pretty cool too.*she blushes embarrassed* That's why my EX was a carnivore..*lol* But yeah I understand why Vio is like that plus I'm pretty sure polygamy is widely frowned upon in Hyrule ..

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Red frowns at that*
"Not exactly, I mean Blue is Polyamorous, and ideally would want to be in a relationship with both myself and Green. It just isn't common. Vio and Shadow however are very monogamous. Wait you're attracted to predatory traits?"

I mean... Shadow wasn't really the problem it was VIO..I tried to bribe and um.. Win his affection but once Vio caught on that I wasn't trying to just "Hang out" with Shadow ..Vio didn't take it well.He made it clear I was making a fatal mistake..*she laughs nervously

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
"Well Shadow can be far worse than Vio, but Vio isn't romantically attracted to women so he wouldn't see you as a threat. Shadow is Panromantic so while I doubt anything aside from death would pry him from Vio's side, I don't blame Vio for being. . . clingy. I mean he already lost Shadow twice."

Maybe you or Green? I mean I like messing with Blue and Shadow but they are very short tempered..Both have attempted and or succeeded in messing me in the past. I doubt they'd willingly help me. Vio might still be spiteful I tried to hit on Shadow.*she looks embarrassed*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
"You tried to hit on Shadow?"
*Red just blinks at her in disbelief*
"Do you have a death wish?"

I'll have to figure out what that amounts to.. It's kinda like how I can understand your language yet can't read anything..Thanks red!I'm kinda surprised Vio helped me out like that .He seemed more like the type to throw me to wolves than help. I may have underestimated him. Maybe he's not so bad!

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
"Vio's. . . complicated, the only person who really understands him is Shadow. Maybe one of us should come with you on your first few shopping trips so I can help you figure out what things are worth."

*neo is kinda surprised @Stoicviolet thought of that they aren't on the best of terms as far as she was aware he didn't support her being in Hyrule*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Proof that Vio is far more complex than Neo is able to grasp as of now*

No I don't have one..I'm not a child but that could be useful just to get me started. Maybe with with enough hard work I could even get my own place.Im grateful you guys are letting me stay here but I'd like my own space.. Plus I'm usually occupying your couch ..

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Did it even register to Neo that it was Vio's idea to make her a faux ambassador so she could explore more freely?*
*He walks over to a shared storage area and grabs a small wallet from it, he comes back over and hands Neo the wallet*
"Now a child's wallet can only hold up to 99 Rupees."

*her eyes light up * That's awesome! I've been considering making Hyrule a more permanent home. Since most of my problems can't follow me here. This could make life so much easier! Maybe I could even get a job somewhere.. *she rubs her chin*I don't exactly have Rupees to buy anything otherwise..

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
"Thank @Stoicviolet for the idea, and I could always lend you a few Rupees for the time being, actually do you have a Rupee wallet?"
*Red pulls his out and it seems more like a pouch than any modern wallet*
"We don't have any extra ones except a child's wallet which doesn't have any enchantments to let you carry more Rupees."
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Oh!Thanks red..! *She sits up trying one of the cookies*Pretty good. Yeah it's been hard lately to get motivated to do much.. Plus I can't exactly freely wander around with the guards everywhere. It's not like I'm a criminal or anything but your kind isn't used to me yet..

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
"Well, we spoke with Zelda and-"
*he hands her a sash that says "Skrix Ambassador" on it*
"No one will know you aren't from our world, Zelda agrees you should be able to roam freely, and loved the idea of making you a faux diplomat for a race from the furthest reaches of Hyrule, hence why Hylians haven't met Skrix before!"
*He's smiling widely, and almost seems to be bouncing on his heels*

Why are you so secretive and manipulative?

"Uhm, I think you have me confused for @Stoicviolet ."
*Though Red can be incredibly manipulative, unlike Vio he has never done it maliciously*
Why are you so secretive and manipulative

*Neo has been lying on couch for days now*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Suddenly a plate of vegan cookies is placed down near her head*
"You've just been moping around, I thought some sweets might cheer you up! Don't worry I remembered you're vegetarian."

*Looking around and realizing Shadow left at some point while he was arguing with the other two, Vio feels his heart plummet* "Red," *he tries to remain as neutral as possible* "Where is he?"

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
"I'm not sure"
*Red falls to his hands and knees, dropping his fire rod*
"We were in some cave in the forest outside Castle Town, I don't think I could find it again either since I navigated by just running towards the castle. He, he shoved me out of the way, something was strong enough to break the Ice Rod and Shadow got me out, I tried to help with my Fire Rod, but that triggered some sort of trap and the cave collapsed, I was on one side of the cave in, Shadow was on the other, with whatever else was in there."
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*Red manages to make it back to the castle, somehow uninjured, aside from the head trauma that allowed him to be taken, he's having trouble breathing having run all the way here, but he can't stop yet he needs to tell the others!*

PyromaniaRed’s Profile PhotoRed
*He finally manages to make it to their shared quarters and all but collapses through the door*
" @MrImportantHero @AngryBlueLink @Stoicviolet ! I-I'm alright, but, me being captured was all a trap. Now @forgottenfifth is sealed in a cave underground with whatever else was down there!"

"Red, if things go wrong, Burn the whole place, even if it means burning me, find your Ice Rod and get home to the others."

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*Red looks like he wants to say no, but he sees the serious glint in Shadow's eye, the shade is right if things take a turn for the worse, Red could die here, Shadow wouldn't. He just nods mutely*
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