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[[I can make Pure little Red a terrifying Yandere, be glad ask has a character limit.
"The fire rod burned blazing hot in his hand as Red faced down his former teammates. He heard a muffled cry from behind him, he never thought he would ever be in a position to break the team apart, but if it came between Blue's life, and the lives of the others? Well even he was capable of being selfish. Just as Green made a move towards them the heat and magic that had been building in the rod burst forth in a white inferno. He could hear shrieks of pain, Green probably got caught in the blast, but knowing Shadow he would have pulled Vio to safety in the darkness. Content that he now had time, he turned around to face Blue, they had restrained him with manacles and gagged him. Red giggled as he gently removed the gag, looking deeply into Blue's shocked eyes. "I won't let them have you."

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You two seem to care very deeply for each other. Even if he appears quite headstrong I can sense a form of chemistry. Companionship. *Red might find that off she assumed him and blue were a thing so quickly. *

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
"Oh I forgot to mention earlier when I said Blue was taken that he's taken by me."
*He flashes her a grin*
"We're not as serious as Shadow and Vio, then again none of us are sure if they have eloped yet or not."

It's quite cute. If not a bit disheartening.. We don't bite or anything. Perhaps I don't understand the struggle he faces when encountering the opposite gender.

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
"I mean he's fine with Zelda, but we grew up with her, and he's fine with the female knights, but one on one with a girl. Well Erune. . . just kinda a long running issue he's had since our adventure."
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"I am not Red!"

AngryBlueLink’s Profile PhotoBlue
"Really? You still haven't said a word to her since you picked her up, you've just been trying to ignore you're carrying a girl like that."
*Red teases slightly, but Blue knows Red doesn't have any malicious intent.*
I am not Red
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Ah right my apologies. Is your friend alright? He seems awfully quiet. *She has noted how silent blue was not even acknowledging her thank you to him earlier*

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
"Blue's bad at talking to girls"

I never thought I'd be so close to genuine heroes. That must mean your Red and Blue Link?

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
"Well we don't really go by Link anymore, just Red and Blue, as well as Green and Vio, no one of us ever goes by Link. we don't need that old argument coming up again."
I never thought Id be so close to genuine heroes That must mean your Red and

What a lucky guy.To be with a knight is quite the accomplishment. Most aren't so lucky. It takes another kind of bravery to do what they do. I'm a natural pacifist myself but I understand their importance.

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
"All Four of us are knights, Shadow isn't, not for lack of skill or anything but most of the knights don't trust him. I'm just glad Zel lets him live with us in the castle and accompany us on our missions."
*Red just assumes Seda knows about the Four Sword Adventure, then again it is common knowledge in almost every corner of Hyrule*
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It's actually kind of a nice change of pace. Most other hylian guys won't stop staring at me. But you two seem really nice. *She winces slightly in clear pain*

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
"I mean Blue's Bi but since he's in a relationship he's not gonna just ogle people. I don't like labels so I just say I'm Queer."
*Red neglecting to mention Blue is in a relationship with HIM lol*

I was wondering why he wouldn't look at me.. I'm Seda Heva my father collects desired items from across Hyrule to sell to locals. I'm sure no one has noticed I've been gone.*she had gone missing several months prior the villagers most likely assumed she was d3ad by now*

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
"Seda Heva? Can't say I'm familiar with the name or even the family name. Blue has trouble talking to girls outside of knight training."

*she was surprised to be picked up by @AngryBlueLink but she doesn't fight him she was too injured to do so anyways.*I'm sorry about this. *she glances towards Red *

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
*Red has his fire rod close to both Blue and the stranger to keep them warm*
"I'm sorry I don't think we ever got your name. I'm Red, and the guy carrying you who can't look you in the eye is Blue."
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*she closes her eyes leaning against the tree sharp thorns covering the newly made vines* Leave I'm not going to stop you.

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
*Red just looks at Blue*

What a pity.* She doesn't seem to have any intentions of moving* This is where I belong if I freeze it was meant to happen.

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
"Well we can't just let that happen, we can't leave an innocent civilian behind to an unsure fate."
*Red gives Blue a pleading look*

I can't go back there. I promised I wouldn't. I belong out here alone with monsters. *she clenched her fists something was keeping her from willingly leaving* I dare not leave. I'm sorry I'm not trying to get your hopes up. *he notices vines sprouting out of the ground wrapping around her. *

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
"B-But, you're not dressed for the storm, you'll freeze out here."

"Red where did you take off to?! I only agreed to do a patrol before an ice storm since I was gonna be here with you and you brought your Fire Rod."

AngryBlueLink’s Profile PhotoBlue
"Sorry Blue, there's a civilian here, I know you have issues with the cold. I didn't mean to just run off like that, but I was worried about her."
Red where did you take off to I only agreed to do a patrol before an ice storm

*she seems startled covering her head with the fancy red hood she's wearing looking down she doesn't react to him freezing in place.Maybe she's just shy?*

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
"Are you alright?"
*Red's ears lower in worry*
"Not only are there monsters in the area but there's going to be a bad winter storm coming through soon, it's not safe to be out here."

*A young elf lady is seen in the forest alone. it's odd to see someone so far away from the villages*

ElfInTheRedHood’s Profile PhotoSeda Heva
"Uhm excuse me miss?"
*The red clad knight runs over waving to get her attention, he looks friendly but worried. Instead of a sword though, which he has strapped to his back, he's holding some sort of magic weapon*
A young elf lady is seen in the forest alone its odd to see someone so far away
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