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🎀 مِسـSPACEـاحَة 🎀

safa3083625’s Profile Photo# صَفاء غَفر اللّٰه لٓها #
I live in a painted world
Where everything is opals and turquoise.
As if I was staring at the wallpaper in the apartment
And I forgot to relax my eyes.
And people are painted on them,
Their dreams and thoughts are unaccountably simple,
Unwavering in the principles of conquering illusions
And insane beauty.
A little more and we'll make it, a little more and we'll fall
And our souls, flying over the night Colosseum,
Suddenly they will be happy in the rain…..
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFmlzACPRpAfatinsadeq7710’s Video 171250531929 eFmlzACPRpAfatinsadeq7710’s Video 171250531929 eFmlzACPRpA

I don't know where are you now or what you feel but the only thing that i want to know if you loved me why you left me without right reason is it easy to broke hearts for no reasons..!

I do not know to whom this message is directed to, but as for me, I do not leave someone I love for no reason at all. I leave him when he does not understand or appreciate my pure love for him, and ignores my good wishes and prayers for him and for those he loves. I leave when I feel and without the slightest doubt that I am not welcomed... I will go away while repeating the words of Alexander Pushkin's poem “I Loved You”.
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ima87BRr4bAfatinsadeq7710’s Video 171248964953 ima87BRr4bAfatinsadeq7710’s Video 171248964953 ima87BRr4bA

why goes raining?😥

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Happiness is rainy night, balcony, a cup of coffee, your favourite music. – Unknown quote.
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E5RvXolafEfatinsadeq7710’s Video 171027115865 8E5RvXolafEfatinsadeq7710’s Video 171027115865 8E5RvXolafE
why goes raining


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