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أحسد كلمن يخلص صبره وينزل دمعه گبال الوادم هنياله الـ يتذكَر ناسه ويظل مشتاگ ومَا نايم ! أتمنى أضعف وأبچي هوايه أكثر حاله تأذي الـ واحِد من يصير أقوى من اللازم ! لِـ حسين السعدي.

كيف تعرف أن مشاعرك في موضوع معين صادقة وليست مؤقتة ؟

How do you know, for example, if your feelings for someone are temporary infatuation or would be something that would last?
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, infatuation is, “An intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.” People often confuse infatuation with being in love. Infatuation is mostly just based on desire, lust, and admiration. I think that at first, it’s just infatuation only, towards a close friend or someone you know or it is the case of love at first sight, but the matter of deciding if it will last or not is a question which will answer itself by time definitely, but if you want to be certain, then you should judge according to your mind, not your heart, in order to make all things clear for you.

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شنو دتسوون بحياتكم شلون مقضين وقتكم بالحجر ويه كورونا ووين الواحد يروح بهالدنيا

Quarantine Life: How Are You Spending Your Time?
Due to COVID-19 pandemic, I have to go twice a week to the bank where I work and for the rest of the days I work remotely from home and I work a lot, so that I don’t think about stress, and other things I do are listening to beautiful songs and watching Supernatural series and various materials on YouTube and I also read as much as I can.

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