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Do female athletes deserve to get paid exactly what men get paid ?

dadair7584’s Profile PhotoFacts Over Feelings
I believe everyone should be paid equally if they’re doing the same job imo.
I don’t really know how payments work in each sport and athletics though. Often pay is negotiated for each individual in, say, football/soccer, and there is prize money in some sports. But a set salary plus winners and runners-up getting the extra prize money seems fairer to me regardless of gender.

QG 22 décembre : Savez-vous gérer votre colère ou est-ce que vous explosez facilement ? Que faites-vous dans ces cas là ?

AlysonBachterzi’s Profile PhotoPsychologiquement atteinte.
J’ai appris à gérer la colère et la violence il y a quelques temps déjà. Notamment grâce aux sports de combat, car à l’époque c’est vrai que je dégoupillais assez vite.
De part le travail que je fais, je n’ai pas le choix que de devoir canaliser mes émotions.

Are you having enough time in life these days to watch sports like FIFA worldcup 2022? ⚽🏟️🥅

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
Heart breaking match ever💔💔💔. They all deserve to play the final. They dared to dream. They fought till the final whistle. What they have achieved extends to far beyond the football pitch. Their names will be written in gold. Morocco has taught people how to dream BIG!
Even in defeat they prostated to Allah.Be grateful even if you lose. This is something we call, sabr mai shukar ada karna!
May Allah bless them.
Are you having enough time in life these days to watch sports like FIFA worldcup

Are there any hobbies you tried out that you really didn't enjoy? Or any that you could never get the hang of?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I tried out various kinds of sports as a kid! Just like many others, I tried out football for a few years. It wasn't really my thing, have never been one for ball sports really. I also did bowling, which I was not very good at, even after being there for a little while so I eventually quit. I do like it a lot more nowadays though! I have a high score of 140 which I think is not too bad for someone who doesn't play it that often 🎳
Are there any hobbies you tried out that you really didnt enjoy Or any that you

Êtes vous du genre calme ?

Aujourd’hui je suis quelqu’un de très calme mais je suis comme tout le monde, faut pas me manquer de respect.
Quand j’étais au collège j’étais bien plus agressif à cause du harcèlement dont j’ai fait l’objet (pneus de vélo crevés, yaourt dans ma capuche, crachats, affaires de classe jetées dans les toilettes,….).
Ma mère me disait que la violence ne servait à rien, et je pensais qu’elle avait raison.
Mon père lui m’a dit discrètement, «si jamais on te frappe encore tu réponds.»
Un matin alors que je me rends en classe, je vois encore ces trois conards qui zonent toujours dans «le couloir aux casiers».
Je prends comme d’habitude ma gifle derrière la tête.
Sauf que ce matin présent, je ne sais pas ce qui m’est arrivé.
Je me suis retourné, je l’ai attrapé, mis la tête dans un casier et pris la porte du casier pour lui donner des coups sur les côtes.
Et j’ai éprouvé une sensation que j’avais jamais ressenti auparavant.
Mais j’ai eu peur de ce que je pouvais faire car j’avais eu un degré de violence extrêmement élevé.
Par la suite j’ai réussi à atténuer tout cela par les sports de combats, et ainsi canaliser les émotions.
Aujourd’hui j’arrive ainsi à mieux anticiper ces comportements que peuvent avoir les gamins que j’accompagne dans le cadre de mon boulot.

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Would you watch sport with SO if you weren’t interested in them. Would you enjoy your time?

No matter what, I enjoy the time with my boyfriend! Just being in his company and seeing him excited over something he's passionate about, fills me with utter happiness!
That being said, neither of us are huge sports fans lol
The closest we get is robot combat, which we both thoroughly enjoy :3
Would you watch sport with SO if you werent interested in them Would you enjoy

Would you watch sport with SO if you weren’t interested in them. Would you enjoy your time?

I’ve never been with a man that is into sports. My “type” is generally not. But to answer the question, I wouldn’t mind sitting there and zoning out but it is unlikely I’d be able to pay attention because it does not interest me. Personally I prefer to do things alone than have someone with me that doesn’t share the passion.
Would you watch sport with SO if you werent interested in them Would you enjoy

Imagine Pakistan is hosting fifa.. sochoo Kya manzar hogaa 😍 Kashh hum b financially itne stable hote.. itne ache hote above all itne imandaar hote just like Qatar 🇶🇦

Sania_Zahid’s Profile PhotoSania Zahid
Football is not our game we need at least 60 years of development just to qualify for the fifa world cup harh sports ap ka liya nahi hai xD. We didn't qualify for the second round for like 20 years of the main qualifying tu khel liya it will go down in history .

How would you describe yourself and your "type" of girl (or guy) in a few sentences?

I'm reasonably intelligent, ambtious, a smart ass and reasonably extrovert. I like to read, play piano, dick around on the internet and listen to classical music/jazz.
My type is a girl who is about as intelligent as I am (or smarter), ambitious, a smart ass and not too socially awkward. I would get bored if she was too submissive, not very intelligent or if she wouldn't have a life/career of her own. Slightly introverted, not so much intelligent as incredibly fast at thinking. I love stories and take pride in the fact that I can do my work in dangerous and difficult conditions that break other people. I am also incredibly lazy when I can get away with it.
Me: Introvert and quiet until I warm up to people after we have talked a fair amount. Fairly confident but certainly not fearless. I can spend long periods of time with 1 person but more than a few people drain me. I like dicussing concepts and ideas, and making terrible jokes. Generaly very laid back and calm at most times, though I love competition and get fired up over it easily. Homebody who does not do clubs or rowdy parties but I will go out to a lounge or sports bar for drinks once in a while.
I have found myself to be pretty introverted, to my surprise as I always thought I was otherwise until I really understood what that means. I have spent a lot of my life learning to just take things as they come, a day at a time, and I like to imagine that makes me pretty laid back. I can tolerate most things in other people as long as it's not to do with deliberate ignorance or something they flat out know is not a good idea (ie. complaining about something that they could fix but won't, picking fights with others to try to find some affirmation for their life choices, etc.). I used to be a pretty hard core neck beard, but without a beard, and have been working very hard over the last few years to change that. I can only hope this self improvement has been working, but that's really for me to judge. I like me more, so there's that I guess.
I'm 5'10 (a good height I think). Good looking, manly chin, nice build. I'm pretty even keeled in terms of personality. Wouldn't say that I'm intro or extroverted because I can be both. I'm ok with peace and quiet, sitting in my room browsing reddit. I also have fun going out to parties and hanging out with people. But I do mind my own business, as opposed to some people who seem to have a need to bother and talk to others for no reason. I'm confident, willing to put my money where my mouth is. I don't believe in limiting myself, I want to experience all that the world has to offer. I'm intellectual, and well traveled, so I know what I like. I'm openminded, and appreciate the same in others. I look good in sweats and a v-neck, even better in a suit. A lover and a fighter.

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Vai sports ir atdalāms no politikas?

staalnis’s Profile PhotoAlnis
Grūti spriest. Godīgi sakot gan jā, gan nē. Jā, tāpēc ka sports ir sports pats ar sevi, bet piemēram tagad esošajā situācijā būtu pilnīgi apsurdi, ja karu uzsākusī valsts varētu piedalīties starptautiskās sacensībās, vēl pie tam zinot visus viņu dopingu lietošanas paradumus. Es neesmu baigi zinoša šajā.
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Are you an equestrian athlete?

I don’t compete if that’s what you are asking, most equestrian sports aren’t for me. More of a happy hacker but I do like doing dressage when at work. I prefer to be on the ground working and building connections with them than being on their back. I have a cousin who show jumps but I am more of a long rein/lunge and natural horsemanship type of equestrian :)

Let's say you could have a spare/separate room for your "weirdest" hobbies. What would this room look like? What kinds of things would you put on a display, and how would you decorate this room?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
man cave😁, a tv on every wall. a gaming pc, 2 ps5s, 2 xbox series xs, oculus. sectional w/ lounge & some recliners. a small fridge for bottled water. i’d put my sports teams on display, some gaming posters up too. i think i’d decorate the top of the walls with those color changing lights that stick to the wall. i’d have a surround sound, for games, movies & music of course.

How to motivate yourself for gym?🥲

1-Hang up a picture - Find your dream body and hang up a picture on it on your wall. Dream Big and then think of every day you go to the gym as getting one step closer to the goal.
2-Make it easy to be motivated - Plan everything out that you can so that you need less motivation and that it becomes more habitualized.

3-See the bigger picture - Besides the body that you want, going to the gym every day will create more energy, a healthier, longer life and more joy to spread to everybody else. Take that into account as you imagine your life 10, 20 or 30 years down the line. How will your life have changed then if you hit the gym every
Day since today?
4-Talk to people that go to the gym every day - Become inspired by people that are doing what you want to do. Spend time around them to “take whatever they’re having” and “get a piece of the pie”. Eventually their mentality will rub off on you too!
5-Enjoy the Gym - Do not think about the blood, sweat and tears, but the muscles, energy and health. Think about how great your body will feel and what music you can listen to. Maybe even download a funny audiobook to connect even more joy with the gym.
6-Watch Motivational Videos - Simple, yet effective.
7-Read inspiring stories - There will be things you connect to and can learn as well.
8-“One more day” - Every time you want to give up, procrastinate on it. Say “Just today. I only want to go to the gym one more day.” And then, say the exact same thing tomorrow! Procrastinate on Procrastinating!
9-Follow your interests - Instead of hitting the gym blindly go and join sports that you enjoy. Follow that internal compass that shows you what you want and then simply do more of it!

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How much were you involved in sports at school?

I was mostly involved with sports outside of school, as I was part of a tennis club for eight years, with solo and class coaching. School wise, I didn’t do any extra curricular sports, but I did take physical education as a GCSE, which was basically sports science/biology with a bit of actual physical sport thrown in alongside the theory :)

How much were you involved in sports at school?

As little as I needed to be haha. I hated sports growing up. I was part of a hockey team for ages and would go on tournaments against other schools with my schools team. But it wasn't because I liked hockey, I just ended up doing it ha. I always loved basketball though.
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Where do you usually buy your clothes? Any fav brands? Ever bought anything from facebook or instagram page?

Champion, Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Victoria's Secret, Hollister, American Eagle, Rue 21. The first 5 brands I can get at Kohls or sports stores. The rest are their own stores. I don't buy clothes from Facebook or Instagram no. Don't buy anything from them.

What is a controversial opinion you've ?

Khadija_Ishaq’s Profile PhotoCOCO
“We” literally made people like Ronaldo, Messi, Kardashians, Kohli and other people of that category multi-millionaires by following them on social media. Why are we even curious about personal or off-field life of sports people? Why do we want to know who they’re dating and what schools do their children attend? I mean if its educated people like Paul Cehlo, Warren Buffet, Mufti Menk, Henry Kissinger such global following makes sense but for sports people it’s so illogical.

If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep. What genre would you pick? Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess ha

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I would probably only fall asleep to stuff that bores me to de.ath. Such as mathematics, cars, football or other sports shows.
I'll respect you for being able to fall asleep while watching/listening to true crime, I get paranoid listening to true crime podcasts XD but I also can't stop listening to them because it gives me knowledge on how those crimes happen and an illusion of safety that I might be a little more prepared for psychopaths. X'DDD (Also I don't think you're strange ;) )

The advice u want to give to ur past yourself ??

modiac1000’s Profile PhotoModiac1000
I don't want to give any advice to my past self because all the experiences just made me realise that why self-love is so important.
As we get older, I feel that some happenings in life can exacerbate the pain but we must learn to live with it and find a source of happiness in this life which can make us smile like enjoying nature, doing sports, etc.
All individuals must learn to take care of themselves and establish a spiritual relation with their mind.
Becoming adept to deal with all life difficulties and never ever losing hope is my advice to my present and future self.
Never silently suffer any injustice. Avoid people which can affect your health. 🌻
The advice u want to give to ur past yourself

Poproszę 5 ciekawostek na temat utworu Dance Again 😄

natiix2231’s Profile Photonatalia
🧡 Selena po wydaniu teledysku do „Dance Again” ogłosiła, że przekaże część dochodów na fundusz pomocy na rzecz MusiCares COVID-19.
🧡 " Dance Again" pod względem notacji muzycznej skomponowany został w tonacji des - moll w tempie 112 uderzeń na minutę.
🧡 Teledysk został wyreżyserowany przez : Craiga Murraya.
🧡 „Dance Again” miało być wykorzystane do promowania relacji CBS Sports i Turner Sports z turnieju NCAA 2020, ale tak się nie stało gdyż turniej został odwołany ze względu na wirusa.
🧡 Utwór trwa 2 minuty i 50 sekund.

"Boy your bodies are perfect" You don't have to be 6'2 and have six pack abs to be handsome. It's ok to be skinny and have Tommy. It's ok so be short and have acne and stretch marks. You all are handsome and perfect in your own way:)

Alizy_8’s Profile PhotoAlizy
To hum jo 6 6 ft k ho k 10 10 saal sports khel k apni physique bana k bathien hain hum chutiya hain ??? Hum mar jaien phir ?

Why do allot of people get so emotionally invested in professional sports? 🤔

Smitty841’s Profile PhotoSmitty841
🌷 I've never been really interested in sports so I can't speak on their behalf. But one thing for sure is.... it's more likely one of their passion in life and they get lots of benefits that comes with it.

La France, grâce aux Africains, a deux championnats du monde de football, grâce aux Africains, elle a une économie stable avec tout l'or et les matières premières qui ont été volés dans ces pays qui étaient ses colonies, les voleurs européens aussi 😂🤢

C'est sûr, dans un monde plus ouvert où les sports ne sont plus réservés à une bourgeoisie blanche, on a forcément peur du déclassement... Sans une population immigrée et les sportifs qui en sortent, on serait encore pire. Après je ne suis pas entièrement fan de la dynamique autour de l'EdF... Soit ça appâte les droitardés qui s'indignent du peu de blancs (chose que j'apprécie au fond), soit ça sert de cache-misère pour vanter une fronsse black blanc beur. De plus, si on se met à interroger l'historicité et le contexte qui font qu'on ait ces sportifs, ça nuance les choses... Idéalement, nous n'aurions pas d'anciennes colonies francophones d'où tirer des migrants exploités pour en élever quelques un ou leurs descendants au rang de vedettes spectaculaires... L'infrastructure sportive dans les pays d'origine seraient égales, de façon à ce que le choix des binationaux soient vraiment de coeur... Et si ça veut dire que tous nos meilleurs athlètes filent, tant mieux, on perdrait plus souvent, comme on mérite... c'est la loi du sport non... Mais bon, nous vivons dans le présent, et ma foi si l'EdF peut convaincre quelques blancs de la chance qu'on a de les recevoir et de mieux les traiter, ça me va j'imagine...

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Favourite kind of sports?

isayevaisayeva2627’s Profile PhotoSly Ana
Якщо я відповім украінською - ти зрозумієш?
Я люблю всі, без винятку, види спорту, але деякі види спорту я відмовляюся розуміти, зокрема: бокс, карате, кік-боксинг, та інші подібні види… Навіщо ці спаринги, якщо вони, у кінцевому результаті, призводять до травматизму , інвалідності. СОБАЧІ БОЇ ЗАБОРОНИЛИ ! А людські бої чому не заборонять? Хіба собака цінніша за людину?
Брюс Лі . Відомий режисер, актор, а також спортсмен, який брав участь у боях, раптово помер у віці 32 роки. Патологоанатоми тоді так і не виявили причини . Аж через 20 років сказали, що причина смерті - зміни в організмі від ударів
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Kā sevi motivēt? Un kā Tu motivē sevi? 👍

Es radu sev patīkamu vidi apkārt (šajā dzīvesvietā tas ir iespējams). Lieku sev justies labi. Tad arī ir motivācija darīt lietas. Es arī apzinos, kas ir tas ko es vēlos un saprotu, lai dabūtu ko vēlos bieži ir jādara lietas ko negribas darīt. Tad mana opcija ir nedarīt un nedabūt ko vēlos. Vai tomēr saņemties un rīkoties, lai gan rezultāti arī netiek garantēti. Vēl palīdz ieiet ritmā - to esmu ievērojusi uz praktiski visu, gan sportu, darbu, mācībām, kārtošanu u.c. Vienkārši to darīt. Un, kad, piemēram, sports ir kā ikdiena, Tu vienkārši ej un dari nevis domā - vai cik grūti, nezinu, vai šovakar to varēšu. Savā veidā automatizēju sev vēlamos ieradumus.

How competitive would you say that you are? Even in seemingly casual things such as games, activities etc. 🎲🎳🎮

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’m not competitive at all 🙂
I’m much more for team effort and shared achievements, but I’ve nothing against competitive activities like sports etc.
I’ve less time for competitive saboteurs in the workplace who like to see others fail rather than achieve what they didn’t/couldn’t.

How's your day going 😎👍

Feeling like a queen 🥰💃🏻⭐️ our last summer vacation was an absolute blast 💥 sooo ready to be home 🏡 gonna do one last summer clean and start putting my gal stuff out and then find something to put up our stairs case and the 🤭 outside 💃🏻🤩🤘🏼 I loveee life and how everything is coming along 🤭🏼☺️ can’t waittt for our future plans 😆🥹 my little peoples first day of school is tomorrow and they are moreee than excited 🤩☺️ sports this year also ☺️🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

How do I add a “man’s touch” to my home?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoGlinda
Toilet lid…both lids are down. @AnitaakaMabel leaving it up means a roll of tp can fall in while swapping it out!
All the stuff on her walls goes away. It is replaced by (few) items like a framed movie/rock band poster (I once had a poster of Boorman’s Excalibur in Italian). Knick knacks/figurines are replaced by sports memorabilia. Furniture is not fancy but functional. One item is a big fat recliner with foot rest where one can recline and even nap.
If enough space/money then a game room with tv for sports viewing, pool table (maybe foosball).
The ultimate item would be a life size T-800 endoskeleton. Awesome! @Applepop needs one for our commune.
Oh, coasters are ones from breweries.
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Poprosze ciekawostki na temat ery Rare.

#1 Era Rare była nagrywana w latach 2016-2019.
#2 „Dance Again” miał być wykorzystany do promowania relacji CBS Sports i Turner Sports z turnieju NCAA 2020 ale z powodu pandemii Covid-19 wydarzenie zostało odwołane.
#3 W 2018 roku, podczas transmisji na żywo ujawniła, że jej ulubioną piosenką z albumu jest Rare.
#4 Część dochodów z „Dance Again” poszła na Fundusz Pomocy MusiCares COVID-19.
#5 Selena powiedziała, że album jest najbardziej szczerą muzyką, jaką kiedykolwiek stworzyła.

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