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I quit my job last fall and I thought that'd make my mental health be better. It did for a while but now it's starting to affect me. I feel unproductive and kind of lonely, isolated. I feel as though I don't exist socially anymore. I wasn't happy working but I'm not happy now either... Advice?

I’m currently going through this right now as a college student who doesn’t and never had a job, always at home and in my room being isolated from everyone. You seem to show signs of depression which is something I’ve been dealing with for years. I’m also not productive since I can’t even force myself to start working on my assignments these days and I also neglect personal hygiene on a regular basis even tho deep down, I enjoy being clean and taking care of myself. Maybe you need to find a job that you’re more passionate about, contact old friends if you can, distract yourself with hobbies like sports, or reward yourself after accomplishing a certain task by buying yourself something (but not all the time if you’re worried about finances). Listening to the new music I discover, reading books that help me escape reality, talking to my family members, and having online friends help me cope with my situation in the meantime.

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What are some ideas of starting a online business what can I sell and how do I get sales ? Any ideas ?

With a bit of investigation you can find fishing gear, lures etc at wholesale prices from China and still sell them at lower retail prices than sports stores, most of it you don’t need to stock, it will be sent directly to the customers.
I guess the same is true for lots of stuff but fishing gear moves fast 💨😂

What's the best way or place two people could meet? 🤔 (for amazing friendship, for an interesting beginning of a love story) 😁

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Hmm I like activities and spots where you can both talk and be quiet!
Activities like that are: midget golf, bowling, watching a (sports) game.
It’s always advised to meet up with people at places that are crowded.
Whats the best way or place two people could meet  for amazing friendship for an

How traditional would you say you are?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Hmm it’s hard to tell because the original Dutch traditions and culture haven’t really been around since about 1900.
I hold on to the traditions we sort of have though:
celebrating Kings Day: the birthday of the king. On this day everybody can set up a spot and sell some of their junk. It’s like a huge flee market all over the country. There are also festivals and it’s normal to dress in orange. 🧡
Kids do ‘Kings Play’ which is basically a sports day at school. Where they do an estafette with different activities.
Memorial day: 2 minutes of silence on the 4th of May, to remember those who died in the second world war.
Day of Freedom: 5th of May: celebrating that The Netherlands wasn’t occupied by the Germans anymore.
Then we have a bunch of Christian celebrations as traditional, like Easter and Christmas. I do not really celebrate it since I’m not a Christian, but we sort of have our own twist.

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How traditional would you say you are

What do you think about the whole homeschooling vs public school debate?

Homeschooling sounds nice bc I'd get to spend more time with my kids & wouldn't have to worry anymore about school pew pews (bc stuff like that had happened close to where I live) but not only do I feel like I'm not capable of doing it anyway lol but I also have to work & can't be home to do that. Also wouldn't want to deprive my children of school sports, friends, school dances etc normal school experiences that they'd miss out on if they stayed home all the time.

I don't want to sound mean but why do men not have hobbies? or if they do, it's always either gaming, sports and in a more modern fashion crypto. I want to see more unconventional men, men who break stereotypes. Like, go crochet, go do nails, go do something different.

I know men who like to paint, play music, write, cook etc. Maybe you just don't know the right dudes

I see you like the Boss Mustang. Any favorite vintage fastback or is that it?

The 1954 Chevrolet Corvair "Fastback" show car (based on the 1954 Corvette) wasn't bad but when it comes to that style, the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette "Split Window" pictured below is probably my favorite. Styling was more aggressive and perhaps more typical of sports cars from that era. Man, I was born in the wrong timeline... 🤣
I see you like the Boss Mustang Any favorite vintage fastback or is that it

How do you cope up with pain ?🙂

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1plan
Expressing my thoughts and feelings through writing and engaging in sports has proven to be a beneficial outlet for me. Rather than bottling up emotions, I find release and relief by letting it all out. This practice liberates me from the weight of pain and helps me navigate through life with a clearer mind.

Is happiness expensive?

For me it is and it isn't. Things that make me happiest come from love and laughter. Which comes from who I surround myself by. Then there's the other side of my happiness that comes with a cost. Traveling, going to concerts, going to sporting events, collecting sports memorabilia, shopping for shoes I don't need, etc. Happiness is really what we make of it.
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Which historical period do you find most interesting? Why? ⏳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
THE ROMAN EMPIRE, of course.
Mostly the era of the colosseum. The series about it not long ago on a history network described all the details of it. While barbaric, it was still fascinating to go deeper into the history of it. I didn’t know there were female gladiators and they had served food like current sports stadiums do.

Have you ever spilled liquid on something which shouldn't get wet? What did you do then? Was that thing okay afterwards? 💧💻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I want you to join me for a truly tragic tale, Tobbe. It’s not recent - this all occurred when I was a fresh faced, limber limbed 18year old. I was training full time, I was running a lot. And I absolutely loathed those armbands you were meant to put your phone in when you ran.
This is before wireless headphones - they really weren’t a thing. So your choices were armband and two meters of anaconda-esque wire, or no music for a gruelling fifty minute treadmill sesh. Intervals, man. I hated intervals.
I, of course, thought I was a GENIUS and came up with a third option. Stick the phone in your sports bra, job is a good’un. Phones were meant to be semi-waterproof, what could possibly go wrong?
It drowned. It drowned in my own sweat. The most disgusting of deaths. And then! A month later, a new phone! I did the same fecking thing. Because it takes a good few sessions for the water damage to take effect. I did not put two and two together. I thought “how weird, my phone is bust” but at NO STAGE did I blame my own bust until it was all too late.
Nowadays phones are a lot more waterproof but we’ve also invented AirPods, praise Jesus.

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Im in college and already take 3 class. Total 16 unit. But i want to take karate class. Should i add karate class? Or 4 class per quarter are too much? Ps. It’s 3 months

I’m in college and am taking 4 classes right now but I would definitely make time for Karate if that was something I really wanted to do. You’re taking three so one less class that you don’t have to worry about compared to me. There’s always time for extracurricular activities unless you’re taking like 6 classes and spend the vast majority of your day studying/keeping up with your school work but even then, I think a person could make time for sports. I’d say do it and drop it if your schedule becomes really hard to follow after doing Karate.

Did you do any sports or activities as a child?

I did various martial arts, rounders (kind of like the English version of baseball), tennis, and a few different kinds of dance classes before realising I wasn't much of a dancer 😂 Also did a few different musical instrument lessons, but again not for long as I didn't have much talent.

If you are blessed with children one day what sports would you get them involved with? Badminton seems to be a family tradition of yours? I would sign mine up for swimming lessons asap and let them choose anything else they wanted to be involved with

Hahaha, it is! I think I'd get them into racket sports and sailing, because I love them, and then as a family there'd be a lot of hiking and skiing. I was like you - I had swimming lessons young (Mum was fairly convinced that I'd drown otherwise, and that was fair) so that would be another one. I used to love running track and cross country as a kid as well, and my partner runs ultra marathons, so I think we'd encourage them into that line of things.
I don't know, honestly. I know a couple of mums who are super athletics and their kids could not be less interested in sport, haha! And if that was the case then I'd try and encourage whatever else they had an interest in (whilst desperately hoping it'll be something sporty) (ya girl hasn't got the braincells for quantum physics or whatever)
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What indicates to you that a person is smart?

When they quickly decipher the meaning behind words (such as in poetry), when they’re ahead of their peers in math and/or other classes with a little effort, when they seem to excel at many of the things they do and quickly catch on when it comes to sports or while trying out other hobbies, they have the ability to understand how people who are guarded and hardly ever show emotion feel on the inside (indicating they’re emotionally smart), they usually don’t make fun of others and try to help others who are behind or not doing as great as them, and they can be very witty and/or eloquent by nature.

Can you discuss the phenomenon of fame and its impact on the individual and society?

Fame is popularity, fame and respect from the people around you. It can be associated with achievements in different areas of life: science, sports, art, etc. But it is worth noting that fame is not always a high assessment of achievements. There is also negative fame associated with crimes, immoral behavior, and other negative actions.
Fame can have both a positive and a negative impact on a person's life. In the case of a positive reputation, fame can help in career growth, making new acquaintances and even increasing self-esteem. Fame often attracts more lucrative job offers, opportunities to get a high-paying position or establish influential connections in the business environment. In addition, fame can be an incentive to continue to achieve success and gain new titles.
However, negative fame can lead to problems at work, conflicts in personal life, loss of friends, etc. People rarely wish to

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Can you discuss the phenomenon of fame and its impact on the individual and

Do you think violent sports should be banned? I just saw a TikTok of a woman who's a bare-knuckle boxer, and after the match, she was completely disfigured and had her front teeth knocked out. It was horrible. Yet she said she enjoyed the match... girl...sis... you ok?! Anyway, what's your opinion?

If everyone knows what they're getting into and is OK with the risks it's kinda up to them, it's not my jam and I don't really get the appeal but it's not for me so my opinion on it doesn't really matter 😂

Do you think violent sports should be banned? I just saw a TikTok of a woman who's a bare-knuckle boxer, and after the match, she was completely disfigured and had her front teeth knocked out. It was horrible. Yet she said she enjoyed the match... girl...sis... you ok?! Anyway, what's your opinion?

I think it’s all good if she enjoyed the match and I believe violent sports can be a great way to relieve stress or release built up energy.

Как вы бы описали свою личность, используя ароматы духов и парфюмов?

darkpassion13’s Profile PhotoDarkpassion13
Welcome to my world
Сложно ответить, но допустим так: что-есть от французских La Rive the hunting man. Что-то от Karl Anthony 10th Avenue Grey Max. А если меняю характер, то это Peril Sports
Так что где-то нежный, но в основном серьезный) как-то так
Thank you and Goodbye. I hope we meet again
Date: 29/11/23
Time: 18:42
Как вы бы описали свою личность используя ароматы духов и парфюмов

Can you suggest a fun and easy hobby to pick up?

cataloging and/or reviewing things you already participate in: films, music, sports games, etc. you don't have to know all the technical terms professional reviewers use, nor take it too seriously; i actually advise you don't, as that sucks all the fun out of doing it at all.
like, i use letterboxd to log and rate films, and this was my most recent review:
Can you suggest a fun and easy hobby to pick up

There is always a point in our lives when everything seems boring and detached FromTime2Time. Watching your favorite shows, listening to songs, scrolling on social media, eating your favorite food... But there's one thing and it's different for everyone that never feels boring. What's that for you?

OneFinalTime__Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Playing sports. For me, the whole world could be falling apart and if someone asks me to go play my fav sports I’ll say Yes without thinking twice, I never get bored of it. Ever.

Ever participated in a game or have a favorite sports memory?

I was an athlete in my college days. Participated in triathlon and decathlon in apsacs back in 96. played field hockey, soccer and cricket and in indoors, played badminton and pingpong as well. Also participated in kabaddi contests in my school and college days. But for now, i only play games.
Ever participated in a game or have a favorite sports memory
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My gender is queen. My pronouns are her/majesty.

Your Majesty, please allow me to walk past you without you touching my manicure, and my pink sports clothes that I like to wear. And I would also ask you not to copy the fact that my eyes run around the city like a cat, because you considered yourself a queen. 😁😁
My gender is queen My pronouns are hermajesty

Как ты относишься к компьютерным играм?

Let me talk to you
Опять 25) Хотя. Тебя какой-то определенный жанр интересует, или в общем?)
Если в общем то положительно. Игры это как один из способов расслабиться. А некоторые жанры ещё и полезны. К примеру, в одном из интервью, "Железный" Майк Тайсон рассказывал, что частенько играл в UFC Undisputed 3 и EA Sports UFC 4 дабы не потерять своих навыков.
Люблю квесты. Улучшают логику и позволяют понять физику игры.
Date: 31/10/23
Time: 11:59
Как ты относишься к компьютерным играм

Você já usou vestidos?

In Ukraine, naturally, I wore dresses, because it is in Ukraine that you can wear whatever you wear. For example: in Europe they wear dresses only for some events or parties. And in Ukraine you can even walk around the city in a beautiful dress just like that, and no one will say anything to you.But of course there are people there who lived in Europe,and they smile a little because I’m wearing a dress in Ukraine,and don’t understand that I’m going to a party?This is the plan, and I’m having fun in Portugal now.My mother told me when I came to Portugal to visit them that here they wear dresses to parties.School uniform for school.And denim and sports pants are worn on a regular day, with a sweatshirt.That is, dresses, sundresses for the holidays.

How good were you in sports when you were a kid? I was pretty terrible. Gym class was to me a human torture session held 3 times a week

Hated it. Got picked on. Last two middle school years I got a doctors note for the entire year to get out of it. I should have never stopped going to that doctor. He was excellent and give you whatever you want because he liked my mom and grandmother. 🤣 I used to go to the library during gym period. Well, I was supposed to. Sometimes I hid in the bathroom because I felt awkward just being in the library without the librarian knowing. I’d sit in a corner so she wouldn’t see me and think I was skipping. I was so weird. 🤣
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Do you like……stuff? Do you have a lot of possessions or do you like to keep things minimalistic?

I have way too much stuff 🥹🥹 Because I LOVE them. I love keeping all the postcards that make me smile and the mugs from various places and the strange things I’ve picked up abroad. I love all of my clothes and my cushions and my sports kit that I’ll use once a year. I LOVE my book collection, and it just keeps growing. I love pens and stationary and lamps with warm glows. I love pretty bottles of wine and fancy champagnes that I’m saving for special occasions. I love photos and photo frames and old cameras and I am a NIGHTMARE to live with. So. Much. Stuff.

Чтобы вы хотели иметь: спортивный автомобиль? Частный самолёт? Быстроходный катер?

svetlana24a’s Profile Photosvetlana24a
I don't need a sports car, I have several luxury cars.
I don't need a speedboat, I have several premium class ocean yachts.
I already have several private jets.
Чтобы вы хотели иметь спортивный автомобиль Частный самолёт Быстроходный катер

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