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I'm not the best at giving directions, so the fact he didn't die more than he did is a miracle ---is something you might say in a co op video game?

I like to think that I give clear directions. 🌻🌻🌻

We all have learned from past malice, we've separated the lies from the truth before and started anew - but people are fickle, amenable even, and i will never understand how that works. hope lies in the shadows? it's a small flower in the night, waiting to grow once again at the noon in the summer!?

Stuck on the use of amenable, which by my understanding of it, is normally positive.
Hope, though, I would say lies with and in God.

those are just one's just deserts, not that hazardous on the jobsite. - do not worry, i mean sleepy hollow is h3adless and he's going on about his day just like a normal person does.🐎🎃

Sometimes wonder where my head is which might explain my not knowing anything about Sleepy Hollow.

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join the mafia? the Godfather's faculty get: paid lunch breaks, you get to see-through black market dealings, provide cogent accommodations, inflation wont ever hurt anyone who's part of the family; you might end up h3adless at the bottom of a river but those're small hazards to pay, it happens :)

You tease, of course, but that they should try set up a way of life which pretends to be virtuous is truly scary. May all organized crime end! May we never sin!

"NYC banned ALL [WOOD BURNING] PIZZA OVENS in the city. " so they prefer microwavable pizza? i guess i have to go to Italy to get some good food cooked in an oven , maybe wood fire brick ovens are actually aliens and their evacuating Earth because something will happen in 2024/5?

👀👀👀 Yikes! I hope this is not true! The banning I am talking about. (The alien bit I am relaxed about.)

Look at the stars

Even just a peek at them was beautiful and there was a beautiful moon earlier his evening too! Thanks for the prompt! Keep your eyes on the heavens too! 😊😊😊

reads headline: "Putin gives Kim Jong- unluxury automobile".... what's an unluxury automobile???...ooops it says ... gives kim Jong-Un luxury automobile*....i can't English today...


recently learned Jacob Elordi's other job is a spy. And he's after me, i need a bodyguard, who's decreed a spy. Can a foreigner buy property in S Africa?? That way when you perform Spy vs. Spy renactments, the spy agency loses two agents, and one agent (me) will walk away with a hefty rain check lol

Not following the spy stuff but foreigners can buy property in South Africa. (Also sounds like you will be just fine without a bodyguard!) 🌟🌟🌟 Many, many prayers and blessings to you!

Some of'em even have the audacity to interview you over Zoom, and fire you via camera, just because your facial expressions didnt suite them. Or, your normal voice makes them think you're not happy to be in the interview chat!

Yikes, I take by fire here you mean dismiss as in not consider one for the position. I suppose employers are quite free in terms of who they want to employ. If one is looking for work it is more difficult to be so discerning.

Anyone down to chat

Yikes, I am rather late in replying and now heading to bed but otherwise I would be happy to chat on say X. Many, many prayers and blessings!

Heyyy there !!! ❤️ I have a question !!! ❤️ I have met this guy on Tinder and we went on 4 in real live dates at his restaurant,because he invites me and how do I know he really likes me ?❤️ Sometimes he will put his feet closer to mine but then I don't know if that is a sign from him 🤭🤭🤭

I would say that he has asked you out 4 times is clearly a sign that he likes you. Remember, though, that relationships only work where God is central to the relationship. 🙏🙏🙏

The hire-ers think they're better than you! Why not use AI to read the HR or hiring people's voice tones, and faces, and find out if they're really serious about hiring people in the first place! OR ARE WASTING YOUR TIME! Urghhh!

Yikes! This is really unpleasant!

this message, was produced by me. But it well as might be, produced by an AI in the FUTURE!

I have had thoughts about being engaged by a bot here.

Should rent be free? We could live anywhere we want?

I think in the ordinary course of things we should earn money to pay for our accommodation and if we are unable to do so then if at all possible accommodation should be provided but not of our chosing.
(I answered a similar question some time ago that was sent with this question. Please forgive me if I am repearing myself.)

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Hello Stephen how's your Valentine's Day?

It was lovely thank you Tiffany. I do not think romantic love is meant for me but if I am right that is no loss for me but a gain in God's love. (It was also Ash Wednesday! Wishing you a very blessed Lent.)

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Hawaii publicly said carrying a g.un isn't allowed. i guess any enemy country on our list just found their first easiest target to take over, before going to mainland America! haha!

I am not sure that it will but I hope that the law makes Hawaii safer. 🙏🙏🙏

"In United States, a Hallmark holiday is a holiday that is perceived to exist primarily for commercial purposes" and there's also the Hallmark company, maker of cards and a tv channel. Seems the video used the word "hallmark" interchangably. i would still go to a hallmark planet full of cards 🤗❤️

A Hallmark planet might be nice but give heaven any day! Many, many prayers and blessings to you! 🌟🌟🌟🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌

youtube video: "im single on Valentines day because i choose to be. Hallmark created the holiday" do too many valentines cause valentines inflation? did hallmark invent it? does hallmark own a planet in Star Wars? why are hearts red? stay tuned.... to the Valentine's Day Channel to find out... ❤️

It is, of course, the Feast of St. Valentine of whom I know far too little. Hope rhat you had a very blessed Valentines Day and a very blessed Ash Wednesday too! 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤✝️✝️✝️


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