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Would you want to teach the Bible?

Of course this would entail me improving my knowledge of the Bible and study has proved to be difficult for me recently.
I suppose I am raising objections rather than answering the question simply.
I would not be so interested in teaching the Bible as I would be in teaching philosophy but I am not sure that I have the subtly of mind for it even if my mental disposition was at its best.

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I know little about the history of the criminal laws which applied to witches and I do not know of any current laws which their beliefs and practice might break.
I do think that the most valuable thing we have is the knowledge which God had given us as to what we need to believe and to do in order to get to heaven. To kill a man is a terrible thing but to kill a man's soul is far, far worse.

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i just watched a truck say he quit cuz of the soul-sucking corporate greed in the workplace, trying to micromanage every aspect of the job. the logs were paper, now they're electronic trackers. Why do jobs tell you how to do everything or else you're a disposable robot to them? it's depressing

That sounds really horrible. I hope that this truck (?) will be able to find a way to earn a living with more autonomy.
Many, many prayers and blessings!

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