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What gives your life meaning?

EKara79’s Profile PhotoFeryal
I give it meaning.
My interests and the things I love, my friends and loved ones.
The process of me living gives it meaning.
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People who push themselves onward see a different sort of hell. They're looking at something past that hell. It might be hope, or it might be yet another hell. Only the people who keep moving forward can know for sure.
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Is it true that we can never get over the first love?

Nope, not true at all
The only special thing in common in the first time love for all people is that they try romantic love emotions for the first time, that's why they feel it's special, but it's not necessarily special or more precious at all.
You can love a thousand times after it and get over them also if you want to and if your mindset helps.
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التقيت بنفسك بعمر ال13 و مسمحلك تقول 3 كلمات بس. شو رح تحكي؟

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الاشي محير صراحة : p
بس ممكن اقله شوف العالم بعيونك
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لو عرضت حياتك كاملة كفيلم،هل تستطيع مشاهدته مع أهلك؟

ههههه عالاغلب لا
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Hello old friend, Yesterday my friend showed me the beautiful massege you Wrote on her graduation book a year ago and thought what an amazing person you were and how wrong I did you, It’ll be too selfish for me to ask for forgiveness, regardless I hope you’re doing as good as your soul ♥️ Stay safe

Hey anon!
I wrote on a plenty of graduation books about a year ago so I am not sure I'll be able to remember sorry, thanks for the beautiful wishes though ❤
+ I don't like the drama, if you'd like to talk about anything you can send me and talk anytime.


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