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Was college different in your days than it is now?

Yes. Big Time!
When I attended college we did not study: gender studies, black history, feminism, equity and inclusion, etc. I studied composition, arranging, harmony, counterpoint, improvisation, music history, conducting, ear training, guitar, piano, bass guitar, digital systems, analog systems, power supplies, electricity, physics, calculus, English Literature, US History, Ancient History, Fine Arts, Public Speaking, Psychology, Philosophy, Network engineering, machine language, basic programming, pascal programming, C Programming, IP addressing, Subnet masking, OSPF, BGP, RIP, WAN, LAN, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, OSI Model, Access Lists, etc
And after acquiring all of this knowledge I worked hard to apply what I had learned. In the case of music, I performed in bands and practiced to continuously improve. In the case of engineering I became a Cisco Certified and Baynetworks Certified Network Engineer and worked for many organizations over a 40 year career i.e. Motorola, Nortel, Cabletron, Bay Networks, Cisco, State of New Hampshire, Vital Networks, Bloomin Brands and Tech Data.
Whenever possible, I studied subjects that interested me and that I knew would allow me to earn money and provide for my family. I also studied music, not for the money, but because I love Music and that has always been my dream to earn a degree from Berklee College of Music. Some people say, so what? Who cares? Here is the thing, when we are moments away from death and we reflect upon the life we have lived, what will we think? Will we regret our life because we only did those things that made us money? Or will we have a more balanced appreciation that we utilized our time to not only provide for our family but that we also achieved our dream and thus satisfied our soul? The choice is ours to make and only we, as individuals, can make those choices and be honest enough to own whatever choice we make, and refrain from blaming other people or society, and thus become "victims."
My father once told me the following: "son you've made your bed, and now you must lie in it." Which translated, means that we are responsible for the decisions we make and the consequences of those decisions whether good or bad. Said differently, we must take responsibility for what we think, say and do.

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هوا اي المواد التسعه اللي حضرتك بتقول لازم نطلع من اولي وتانيه كويسين فيهم (مواد البيزكس)، والمفروض ابقا كويس فيهم لحد فين واعرف اني كدا بقيت تمام

المواد التسعة هما
1- Programming and OOP
دول عمودك الفقري لازم تدريبات ومشاريع كونسل كتير
2- Data structures and Algorithms
دول طريقة للتمكن من الكودينج والتيستينج والديبجينج والتفكير الخوارزمي وبيلعبوا دور في الانترفيوز في شركات كتير
3- design patterns and software engineering
دول بياخدوك خطوة للامام في التصميم وبناء مشروعات كبيرة
4- database
هتعرف الداتا بتتخزن ازاي
مهمة جدا للباك اند
5- operating systems and networking
مفيدين لخلفيتك
ممكن تاخد كورس معقول فيهم مش شرط تكون تنين دلقوتي وتتحسن بعدين حسب احتياجاك
تجد الرؤية الكاملة في فيديوهين سنة اولى وتانية وتالتة ورابعة والفيديو ده
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs8pDrX4B5k&list=PLPt2dINI2MIYY3yqu4YDu2se2GCpcKBfB&index=8mostafasaad87’s Video 169965437666 xs8pDrX4B5kmostafasaad87’s Video 169965437666 xs8pDrX4B5k
هل ينفع نمشي بالتوازي تكنولوجي واساسيات؟ لا انصح تماما الا لو شخص مضطر ماديا يشتغل بدري
انصحك تتمكن على الاقل من اول 4 مواد فوق قبل التكنولوجي

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mostafasaad87’s Video 169965437666 xs8pDrX4B5kmostafasaad87’s Video 169965437666 xs8pDrX4B5k

ابدأ بايثون ولا c++؟

ده يعتمد على كام حاجة
أولاً هل أنت مش عارف programming ولا لا؟
مثلاً نفترض لا، فأنت المفروض تتعلم أساسيات البرمجة من cs50 وبعدين تحدد أنت عايز تدخل مجال إيه وتشوف اللغة التوب فى المجال ده.
تانى حاجة لو عندك معرفة بال programming وعايز تبدأ تتعلم لغة لازم بردو تحدد مجالك وتتعلم اللغة التوب فى المجال.
تالت حاجة لو أنت مش عارف تحدد مجالك و عايز تبدأ باللغة، فأنا أنصحك بال JavaScript.

What are your hobbies and interests?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
I like cats and I collect everything related to them (cups, Pusheen merch, jewelry, notebooks), I play videogames, I write poems/stories, I read books, sometimes I try to draw (comic characters, flowers), I am interested in anime, Japanese, Marvel, DC, Japanese culture, martial arts, geography, the environment, nature, astronomy, programming aaaaaand I get obsessed with random things like mushrooms, wooden ornaments, statues and ... moss. ✧/ᐠ-ꞈ-ᐟ\ ᵐᵉᵒʷˎˊ ˗

شغال علي كورس الoop من يوتيوب حاليا بحل في الدرس بتاع const,static friendبس حاسس ان الكورس غالب عليه طابع الcompetitive programming شويتين، انا ضروري أكمله،بس انا واخد فكرة ان الoop عبارة عن فلسفة مش سينتاكس وكدة،هل ده هيتغير مع الموضوعات الكبيرة زي الinheritance وكدة؟لان لحد دلوقتي كله سينتاكس وبس

مش طابع مسابقات ولا حاجة
انا بجمع ما بين الفلسفة والتطبيق
كمل بس مش هتلاقي التركيبة اللي عميلها الا قليل

مساء الخير انا بدرس ال programming جمب دراستي الاساسيه انا بكون حاطه خطه انه انا هدرس مثلا جزء معين ف البرمجه ف فتره الدراسه وكدا عشان بردو اقوفق بين الاتنين وكدا بس اوقات كتير بحس بتشتيت وحماسي بيقل جامد ؟عمل اي عشان اقلل التشتيت واجدد حماسي بما انه انت Software engineer وكدا

بصي لازم تحطي بلان و علي حسب دراستك الاساسيه لو انتي كليتك صعبه و تقيله ف ده صعب تعرفي توفقي بين الاتنين غير مثلا في اجازه اخر السنه تحاولي تتعبي نفسك شويه تاخدي الحاجات التقيله علي حسب بقي انتي في مجال ايه علشان ال programming دي فروعها كتير جداا و اثناء الدراسه تحاولي تطبقي علي اللي انتي اخدتيه في الاجازه بحيث م تنسيش هي النصيحه مش هينفع اقولهالك في مجرد بوست في كلمتين لان الموضوع بيعتمد علي حاجات كتير جداا بس انا حاولت اختصر في الحاجات المهمه و معلش نصيحه مني كمان لازم يكون المصدر اللي بتذاكري منه موثوق

Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance?

Ayeman_Shabbir’s Profile PhotoAyeman
I find it completely absurd to assume that nature was always in its place since the beginning or a random huge explosion made planets come into their perfect orbits and suddenly earth became an ideal planet for survival with appropriate day and night schedule, perfect oxygen levels, abundance of food and minerals and perfect ground for population expansion. Even diving further into human body, every organ, artery, vein, gland, tissue etc are in their appropriate places and if one of them starts malfunctioning, the whole body feels it. We take credit for tiniest bit of innovation, invention or discovery and we should believe that the randomness of the nature was so perfect that everything was inherently in order? These things created are beyond the scope of human imagination and so much is yet to be discovered but we are very sure that we know how everything begin?
Someone or something beyond our scope of imagination is definitely pulling those strings.
Humans didn’t randomly come up with “Oh lets create a programming language which could allow us to communicate with the machines”
We understood the existence of electricity in nature, understood their native language, came up with an idea of communicating with them, translated them into a language which is easily understood by humans and finally guided them into working for our benefit. I don’t see that happening randomly without the existence of a roadmap otherwise a lot of people shouldn’t have taken credit for something so perfect and random that it was bound to happen.
Even a disorder is an order and an order cannot take place without any intervention.

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Hello, what programming language you are using to see if I can help?

Is this about my ask for help?
I just need help to collect more responds to our survey about the idea of the project to include it in our documentation
And if u can help 💙 answer this :

أنا في أولى حاسبات والكلية مفهاش ICPC Community وكنت بفكر ابدأ اعرض على الزملاء تدريب ال problem solving بس مش عارف لو التدريب هيبقى مناسب لحد درس programming 1 فقط ولا لأ؟ وهل هايحسن من مستواهم في البرمجة لو هما شايفين صعوبة فيها؟

هتلاقي قناتي فيديو لتأسيسي كومينتي
ده وقت تدور فيه على 2 تشيدوا حيلكم جامد سنة
وكل ما تلاقوا حد شاطر كلموه يشترك
الهدف في المرحلة ده جيل مميز قدوة عادة صغير في الحجم
تبنوا بعدها الجيل الاول
ثم الكومينتي تكبر

لاحظت انك متخرجة هندسة حاسوب ممكن تنصحيني بشي بعد تخرجي لاني نفس التخصص ورح اتخرج عن قريب ؟

هلا حبيبتي...
اول شي الله يتمملك ع خير وتتخرجي بتفوق 🌸🌸
ومش إحباط بس انا الي ٣ سنين متخرجه وقاعده فهالشي عادي لا تيأسي ولا تزعلي...
ثاني شغله .. بدك تتعبي ع حالك بدورات programming وnetwork وطوري من حالك ووسعي مدارك البرمجه والشبكات عندك انا هالشي كان نقطة ضعف عندي انه ما معي لغات برمجه وهالشي اله علاقه بتأسيس الدكاتره الك وحسب الجامعه طبعاً..
واذا انتي من عمان بتقدري تقدمي ع شركات كثير بس كمان بركزو ع حكيك بالأنجليزي كثيير..
صدقاً كثير شركات بركزوا ع برمجة java وPaythone اكثر من معدلك الجامعي .. الخبره والدورات بتدعم الcv تاعك وحاولي يكون الك حساب ع linkend بنشروا وظائف وفرص تدريب ..
واذا تيسر الك تشتغلي تطوع مش غلط هالشي بدعم الcv تاعتك بشكل كبير...

What were some of the general highlights of 2021 for you? Was there anyone or anything that made last year better despite the circumstances? ⭐

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
- I achieved a Bachelor's degree in Geography, mainly focussing on geomorphology, environmental management and soil and water sciences.
- I got into photography more, which is a fun and pleasant activity.
- I improved my mental health a LOT.
- I started my Master's degree in Physical Geography and even though the first semester is awful and mainly focussing on programming (which I don't hate but three modules with the same stuff are too much to handle), I am looking forward to the second in summer. I am also planning on moving out this year and experience new things, explore other surroundings and learn to get by by myself.
- A friend of mine started playing video games and I just love to see her turning into a total nerd, haha. She even surpassed my level in Final Fantasy 14. >:(
- My internship from June to July was really nice. I learned a lot of new things about mining maps and digitalizing them with ArcGIS.
- After a long absence due to COVID-19 the Christmas markets were finally opened again (more or less), so that I was able to visit one nearby and it was such a nice experience. I didn't mind the rain, the cold or the many people.
- I joined Christy Anne Jones' monthly book club and even though, I have no time or motivation to read a lot at the moment, I am still happy to participate in the discussions.
- I started working out again one week ago and I love how I am feeling afterwards (tired and dead but proud and lean).

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كمان عاوز اسالك، لو عاوز أبدا أفهم العلوم العصبيه وعلاقاتها بالوعي و الموقف العلمي الحالي والتوجهات.. ممكن بعض الترشيحات؟ انا عامة عندي خلفيه كويسة فى الفيزياء وخلفيه لا بأس بها فى علوم الحاسب (بس معرفش كتير - أكتر من الافكار العامه - عن امور زي التعلم العميق و الذكاء الصناعي)

صراحة، انا كل اللي شوفتهم حققوا اي تقدم يستحق الإحتفاء في المجال دا كانوا دايما جايين من Multi-disciplinary backgrounds
بمعنى ان اطلاعك في كل مجال بيساعدك تفهم شيء وتوسع مداركك وتخلي دماغك عنده من الأدوات والـModels التفسيرية اللي تخليه يقدر يفهم ويتخيل ويتعامل مع التعقيد والنظم المركبة
خلفيتك في الـComputer Science, both programming and theoretical, Discrete Math, Recursion theory and recursive structures, graph theory كل دا مهم
خلفية في الفلسفة التحليلية والـCognitive science مهمة جدا
خلفيتك في الفيزيا والرياضيات مهمة وضرورية فعلا
هتحتاج تتعرف على الفسيولوجي والبيوكيمستري المتعلق بالمخ
كبداية واطلاع ممكن تشوف كورس Robert Sapolsky: Human Behavioral Biology انا بحسه بداية كويسة جدا ونقطة انطلاق هتساعدك في التفرع والإطلاع بعدها.
بالمناسبة يمكن دا برا الموضوع شوية انا بخطط قريبا اني في لحظة ما اني اعمل Pause في كاريري كـSoftware Engineer وهقدم على Neuroscience masters
@hagermansour2 داعماني في الخطوة دي جدا هتخلص دراستها وهنبدل الأدوار بقى 💕💕
انا بحكي معاك بشكل شخصي عشان حقيقي مهتم اعرفك واعرف مين اللي سأل الأسئلة اللطيفة دي

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ما مدى أهمية إني أكون قوي في الproblem solving وال competitive programming عموما ؟ عشان انا مديها دلوقتي أولوية نوعا ما عن اني ابدأ في مجال معين

مهارات الحل نفسها هتفيدك وتنفعك في الانترفيوز
لو انت طالب في اولى وتانية فيها اولوية
لكن بجوارها او او بي ومشاريع كونسل
من تالتة بتقل الاهمية وتركز على التكنولوجي
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كيف ممكن أطور من مهارة الـ problem solving، أنا fresh graduate من معسكر تدريبي للبرمجة، وبحس اني ضعيفة كتير بالألغوريثم والداتا الستركتشر. عندي مصادر كتيرة لكن حاسة حالي ضايعة وما عندي خطة أمشي عليها أطور من نفسي. حاسة انها من العقبات اللي مصعبة عليي موضوع إني أتوظف. شكراً مسبقاً يا إسلام 🤍

البروبلم سولفينج/ ألجوريزمز محتاجة خطة وحل كتير وصبر:
دي رود ماب لعلوم الحاسب متصممة كويس ومتراجعة
ممكن تبدئي من سيكشن ال core CS وتشوفي الكورسات فيها وتتعلميها، كان فيه حد هنا عالاسك مختص عامل رود ماب للأجوريزمز وال competitive programming وعنده بلايليستس بيشرح فيها دا ب C++ بصي على قناته هنا:
ولما تيجي تحلى شوفي المسائل على Codewars و Leetcode( بيحضروا منه مسائل الانترفيوز اللي بيقدموا في FAANG ) وابدئي من ابسطها وخليك صبورة، ومتتعقديش لو لقيتي الحاجات دي صعبة شوية في البداية وبتاخد وقت، اتعلمي براحتك.
حلى تمارين كتير واشتغلي واقري كلين كود كتير وحطي وقت تفهميه وتكرريه.

“I’m never bored” could you tell us about your secret ingredients?

Reading, writing, studying, occasional painting, some gaming (mostly modding), tinkering with electronics, very light programming (more of a hobby), building and maintaining PCs, mediating, hiking, working out, skiing, playing guitar, jamming with friends, collaborating with other artists (when my schedule allows), camping and outdoor activities, sh!tposting / memeing, esoteric pursuits and study, some woodworking, watching movies, charting market movements and analyzing business / investment opportunities, etc. How anyone has the bloody time to be "bored" is beyond me... ;-)
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Se o seu livre arbítrio está baseado numa programação a qual você não teve controle, veio de infância, então é o livre arbítrio de quem que estamos falando? (livre Interpretação)

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoDz9
""" "Journal 9
If your free will is based on programming that you had no control over, it came from childhood, then is that free will we're talking about? (free interpretation)
Personal VIP + 8 days ago" """
You can break free .
But if you get caught up on . . . . don't allow bitterness to engulf you . . . . . . . or you'll be a prisoner of birth
Se o seu livre arbítrio está baseado numa programação a qual você não teve

I wanted to major in programming and make some vid games but someone caught my controller and started playing w me, made me get on the rollercoaster a few times in an year and it was a cliffhanger situation in my life yk like thats where I had to decide where I should take my step khair 🥀

Akh i hate people, hota hai koi ni look at u now 💃🏻 and didn’t u mention this someone a few answers ago
aur dusri baat soon to be 25 ke bachay😂 Feb is far away !

Are you superstitious in any way? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ тєηα¢ισυѕ тσммαу™ ▩ ♚ ☻
i do not even make wishes on my birthday cakes... but when it comes to programming and you for example need to roast a voodoo rooster for the program to compile, i'll roast a dаmn rooster, jump above the bonfire, find a four-leaf clover, go to hug a birch, pour all my coins to a nearest fountain and 'll find horse's rear tooth.

This question might be asked to all of the people I follow, but I’m actually curious about all of you sooooo… How are you doing? 😄 any upcoming events and plans? ☺️ I hope you have a great weekend!

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I do not have plans, because as a rule I do not plan. The way in my life is that I do what I have to do. I know that from Monday I will go to work and, in addition, from October I will go to university for working people. Currently, I spend a lot of time learning programming in the computer language C ++
Best regards and have a nice weekend🌹

Does it ever happen to you that you simply forget to eat? When does that usually happen for you? 🤷‍♂️🥪

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Used to happen frequently when I was working. Especially when I was programming since I was only doing it by myself yet also happened in a regular jobs when there was just no time to go anywhere.
Yes usually breakfast and sometimes lunch especially when I get busy doing thing and running errands. I’ve come home after shopping at 3 p.m. and remembered I haven’t had breakfast or lunch.
I constantly forget to eat. I'll realize it days later and then chowdown a sandwich or a bowl of soup but I just don't feel that hungry anymore. I stay the same weight and I function very well but I just realized I've had some baguette and 1 cup of soup in the last 48 hours. It's not like I'm just sitting on my ass...I ran 4 miles Sunday morning, moved furniture and went to a barbeque (where I had a glass of wine) and Monday I played ball in the pool for two hours after a long math-intensive day at work. It's been like this since February...I haven't lost any weight, been sleeping fine, sex drive is alright...but my calorie intake is extremely low. Boyfriend just recently started complaining that I don't cook anymore. I also forget to eat. It's a self-perpetuating cycle. If you don't eat regularly you will lose the ability to know when you are hungry. I've permanently damaged my sense of hunger due to an eating disorder when I was an early teen. I now sometimes feel hungry but I have to eat at least a small snack every 4-6 hours to maintain that; if I skip a meal or two, the hunger goes away and won't return until I've eaten regularly again for a while.
I generally forget to eat. I can't really explain it, but I've pretty much lost my appetite in the last year or so and because of it, I can't ever be bothered to make my own food. I used to think it was because of stress/time constraints from school, but my appetite hasn't returned yet this summer. I can't offer you any suggestions, but I can say that you're not alone.
I do that all the time. I get thirsty or hungry, but I usually just ignore it if it's at an inconvenient time for me (like if I'm busy arguing something on reddit). I'll often just skip dinner because I'm too tired or don't feel like dealing with the people downstairs.
I forget to eat when I work a lot of 12 hour days in a row or get really busy. Sometimes I am just too tired to eat. I feel hungry at first and then just forget and am not that hungry like you mentioned. I have never lost weight or anything either. Maybe try setting your alarm on your phone or something everyday at a certain time and just grab a snack, even if you aren't that hungry.
I go through phases every couple of months where the thought of eating makes me nauseous. An ex of mine would get angry at me for it, thinking I was purposely starving myself. But I just felt sick. Even when I don't feel sick, I can sometimes go days without eating, forgetting about it altogether. I don't get hunger pains, I will just start to feel lightheaded and then remember OH YEAH FOOD.

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لو سمحت يا دكتور انا لسه متخرجة جديد وحابة مجال ال clinical data management وبذاكر online courses فالGCP وال data management by R programming هل متاح فرص شغل او حتى تدريب في مستشفي ٥٧٣٥٧ او مستشفيات تانية وايه رأي حضرتك عموما فالمجال ده هل فيه فرص عمل فعلا المرتبات كويسة ولا لا

مجال حلو جدا و ليه فرص الي حد ما في شركات CRO (Contract Research Organization)
و اكيد ليكي فرص في 57 ممكن تتواصلي مع دكتور ندي الخطيب في الكلينيكال ريسيرش في مستشفي 57

What’s so bad about basing your self worth on grades?

My personal thoughts are that grades don't define who you are as a person, they simply restrain your intelligence to a certain letter or number average. A real person is so much more intriguing than the thing you see on that piece of paper/report card. A person has dreams, desires, opportunities, and basing your self worth on grades is stooping yourself down to a low level of what the honestly messed up school system says you can be, rather than trying to achieve the things you want and love. It is a toxic mindset to put yourself down like that and it is much healthier to give yourself a chance rather than confine yourself to the laws of society.
But things won’t always be great on that front. Especially in the workplace. The economy might suck. You will work for and with difficult people. Performance and progression is not as clear cut as it is in school. You will inevitably feel stagnant or stunted or disrespected or devalued, no matter how much success you have. That’s not me being cynical. It’s a part of life. You may have a 4.0, but one day, your career will look less than perfect.
When that day comes it is incredibly healthy to have a sense of meaning that goes beyond work. Family. Friends. Hobbies. Spirituality, if that’s your thing. Civic involvement. A healthy balance is necessary for happiness. It’s like diversifying your portfolio, and if you don’t hedge your well-being against career uncertainty, you will find yourself unhappy one day.
Generally, some people may have an easier path in life up to some point and think themselves to be much better than they actually are. And when they need to show how good they are in front of an average challenge, some fail spectacularly. For example, I don't think I've ever had below 9/10 on any programming related subject since secondary school up to Uni. I'm a shitty programmer. If I would advertise myself that as a good one because of those grades, I would be embarassed when meeting industry standards.
Circumstances outside of your control can cause you to lose whatever it is that’s making you get good grades (natural ability, motivation, resources, etc), so if your self worth is based on your grades you’ll suffer. That’s what I was like, then I moved from northern Virginia to Idaho halfway through high school and had to change my entire educational course and ended up super behind because of how different the school systems were. Tried to kill myself not long after my grades started to suffer as a result of the move. Not saying that’ll happen to you, just saying that sometimes life is fucked so you should just find things to love about yourself that don’t require external validation.

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Votre activitée préférée en soirée ?

Jojolicious_w’s Profile PhotoJoanna
I'm on a 3rd shift schedule, but have a routine: dishes, wipe down the counters, feed the animals breakfast, take out the trash (if needed). I don't mind doing dishes, so it's actually a pretty good way for me to wind down. It takes me 30 minutes at most to do these things and it helps me feel like I've accomplished something after a lazy day.
I think we are just an extremely lucky pairing. We are both a bit introverted and just get on very well together. There is no other person I would rather spend time with. Together 20 plus years and in all that time I think we have had maybe 5-6 arguments, not one of them serious. The whole soulmate thing is a huge cliche but I think that's genuinely what we are.
I just love going for a walk with atmospheric music in my earphones when it gets dark outside. Especially, when it is winter and a foggy evening.
Go for a walk! The weather's getting nicer ... if your neighbourhood doesn't excite you, you can drive, bike or transit to somewhere. It's free - and even if there are lots of people/shops where you walk, you don't have to go in. Just walk around till you're tired of it, and go home. Try board games, with friends. If you play at their house, you're getting out of yours. Similarly, just going to someone's house for dinner can be a change, and a bit of socializing. Since it's summer, also find out about free activities in your area. We have free movies playing in the park, and other free events through the summer.
Watching YouTube. Masturbating. Browsing reddit. Pretend to make goals for myself and become a normal, wholesome person with healthy hobbies. Fantasize about waking up in the morning and getting a nice, big breakfast and some coffee, and enjoy walking through the park across the street while the air is still cold and few people are out. Though I never follow through.
Here's a list of the things that keep me occupied at night: Video games, movies, tv shows, documentaries, reddit, just thinking in general, cooking, writing whether it be poetry or just my thoughts/feelings, smoking, drinking, fantasizing, listening to music, reading, wrap crystals in wire so they can be worn, find new hobbies like programming or something of the sort, drawing, talking to people, and trying to fall asleep. Other people like to work out at night and hit the gym but thats not my thing to do.
Going to the supermarket. I live in an area densely populated enough that during the day there is always activity (cars coming and going etc). The night time is still and peaceful. I get to enjoy the cool night air as I walk there. Once inside, there's no screaming kids, nobody blocking the god damn isles.

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There are a lot of ideas and theories which represent the Yourself, speak a little about them ? ..

sabbbas’s Profile PhotoSABBBAS
We live in a matrix.
I believe that our thoughts, information, choices, all are manipulated and programmed by the matrix. It's scientifically proven that we only use 5% of our conscious mind, other 95% is subconscious, which is predetermined programming that got installed in our minds in our early childhoods. There are also other experiments that showed before a person takes a decision, its predetermined a few seconds before they recognize it, according to childhood experiences and the environment. So next time u make a decision, ask yourself this, Is this really my own choice?
There are a lot of ideas and theories which represent the Yourself speak a

لو انا لسه هبدأ في الcomptitve programming و فاضلي سنتين علي الكلية is it too late عشان اعمل achievement كويس ؟

حسب المجهود اللي هتحطوا
وتارخك في الفهم والحل
المشكلة ان اخر سنتين المفروض تهتم بالسوق وتستعد له
فكده حاجة هتيجي جامد على حساب حاجة
القرار والمخاطرة ترجعلك
بردوا تفكير ابيض واسود ده غلط
يا هكسر الدنيا يا بلاش
مع ان المشاركة ممكن تعلمك حاجة
وتعرف على ناس كويسة
ولحظات اجتماعية ظريفة
الموضوع مش يا من الاوائل يا مفيش
المتعة والدروس في الرحلة نفسها مش نهايتها. النهاية لحظة قصيرة بنشوة عالية فقط لا غير

What sign do you typically dislike?

Personally, I am a Capricorn, and I am really annoyed by most Leo's I meet. I think it is because I enjoy attention, and Leo's are big attention seekers. I prefer to work hard at whatever I am doing, in hopes that people will notice me. But then I still become bitter when a Leo so effortlessly gets the attention that I want. They also tend to be lucky and popular (at least the ones I know), and I am not. Things you dislike about your zodiac sign? What sign do you personally dislike the most? I do not judge people about something, so shallow as a zodiac sign. And it confuses me a bit that people who believe them have specific ones they dislike, because I see little to no difference of saying I dislike this sign compared to saying I dislike this ethnicity or race of people. As you basically alienating a hole group of people over a stereotype or generalisation.
Do you believe in zodiac signs?
I'm not the most spiritual person, but it still is pretty fun to read about my personality nonetheless. And more times than often, my personality does correlate with my sign.
What's your sign and do the personalities associated with your sign correlate to who you are? I believe in zodiac signs but I don't think it's fair to single one out to dislike them. I'm a Pisces myself and yes, the personalities associated with my sign do correlate to who I am. I think that's true about everybody, not just me. I've never met anybody who is the opposite of what their zodiac sign says they are. Being jealous of another person's popularity, regardless of zodiac signs, is no better than alienating a whole group of people over a stereotype or generalisation. You already know how I see astrology. Show it works and how it works, otherwise it doesn’t work. Great for making excuses and avoiding personal responsibility though. What make astrology the superior bigotry? How many people of each sign does one need to form accurate stereotypes. Five? Ten? Does gender and ethnicity make a difference? Age? Does a child immediately act like their sign or grow into it? Also explain the programming part. Happens instantly? No downloading time? Are the planets each emitting a energy beam traveling billions of miles to focus on my tiny head?

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Кой е вашият драматичен обрат на събитията?

ivrainovaa99’s Profile PhotoIvana
Планирах с години да уча стоматология, започнах от пети клас се стремя към това. Влязох в специализирана паралелка в осми клас, тъпчех теми по химия и био четири години и половина. И тогава реших, че ще уча програмиране. В чужбина. Заради момче. И всичко върви гладко. Странното е, че когато взимах решението, не ми се стори толкова странно, но година по-късно започнах да се питам къде ми е бил акълът. Ами ако бяхме се разделили? Ами ако програмирането не беше за мен? Как ми е хрумнало да замина с човек, когото едва познавам? Idk, man, I'm kinda dumb. But not that dumb, cuz it's all working out better that I could have imagined. And I actually like programming. So... Ye... Както викаме на български, шанс!

٣- المجال اللي بميل ليه مجال تنافسي .. لو عندي احساس اني مش هتميز ف المجال وأنه حدوده ضيقة ف مصر (embedded systems) ممكن أتمكن وامشي ف دا يستحق يكون كارير؟ بحس بإحباط أحيانا ان واقع الشغل هكون جزء من chain و دوري فيه هيكون أغلبه software, pure programming وده ممل هل ده بس جهل بالمجال ولا ايه رايك؟

كارير طبعا، المجالات كلها بتخش في سايكلز طبيعية وبت saturate في مرحلة ما لكنه عموما مجال موجود وله سوقه في مصر. الشغل في كل المجالات هيحطك في حلقة ضيقة جوا ال chain دي، حتى بتوع جوجل بيشتكوا من دا بس دا الطبيعي ومن غيره مش هنعرف نبني سيستمز ونسكيل ونخلص شغل في وقت محدد. انتي في النهاية ترس بتقومي بشغل محدد جوا بروچكت شغال عليه أكتر من حد. الشغل فيه روتين كتير، تاسكات بتتكرر، ومجموعة مهارات بتيجي بعد فترة ومبتزيدش والروتين بيجيب ملل بس هي اللعبة لعبة إلتزام ومسؤولية لأن الحياة الحقيقية والإنجازات اللي بتحصل هي صناعة روتين. حد لسه باعتلي دي ربما تفيدك.
المجال اللي بميل ليه مجال تنافسي  لو عندي احساس اني مش هتميز ف المجال وأنه حدوده

Даш, здравствуй, скажи пожалуйста с чего ты начала учить программирование? Очень жалею, что не заскринила твой ответ на прошлой учётке. И извини, если тебя заебали эти вопросы

базовые курсы на codecademy 👍
+ книги по нужным мне языкам и технологиям автоматизации. просто книги из списков 10 top books about programming или типа того

say something for today

vinaagathaa’s Profile Photos a r v i n a
Gua mau cerita aja. Jadi gua udah bertahun-tahun tinggal di Jerman. Kemampuan bahasa gua juga udah lebih baik dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Ngobrol sama temen, presentasi, pesen makanan udah bisa dimengerti walaupun nggak bagus-bagus amat. Kadang Grammatik juga masih ketuker. At least, gua menilai kemampuan bahasa Jerman gua udah meningkat dan bisa dimengerti, terutama kalau tertulis.
Nah, 2 tahun kebelakang gua coba kerja part time. Tapi kerjaannya yang gampang keterima karena skill yang dibutuhkan cuma niat mau kerja aja. Jadi bahasa dan skill khusus yang lain nggak penting-penting amat. Sampai akhirnya tahun ini gua gua melamar kerja ke beberapa tempat dan akhirnya coba buat daftar ke dunia perkantoran yang dimana beberapa skill khusus tentu diperlukan. Skill niat mau kerja aja udah nggak cukup kali ini karena saingannya juga cukup banyak.
Setelah daftar di beberapa tempat, akhirnya gua diminta salah satu tempat untuk interview. Interview ini akan jadi interview pertama gua di dunia perkantoran. Dengan bekal dari tempat kerja sebeumnya yang hanya memerlukan skill niat mau kerja. Gua mempersiapkan interview ini dengan sangat santai (re: kurang persiapan), dengan pikiran "Ah, bahasa Jerman gua udah bagus. Paling ditanya gitu-gitu doang".
Kebetulan perusahaan yang gua daftar waktu itu adalah perusahaan yang berhubungan sama programming gitu, yang sebenernya emang hal yang gua geluti di dunia perkuliahan. Makanya, di motivation letter gua tulis bahwa gua pernah ada project kampus dan bantu di proses programming.
Sampailah di hari interview. Awalnya berjalan lancar, cuma perkenalan diri. Easy... Sampai pada akhirnya gua ditanya, "Saya baca anda pernah ada pengalaman dalam programming. Cerita dong project yang kalian kerjakan apa dan apa yang anda kerjakan di project itu". Dengan bekal hampir 5 tahun di Jerman, beginilah cara gua menjawab dan menjelaskan...
„Ich hab so gemacht.. und dann so.. und fertig“. Gua cuma mengandalkan gerakan tangan waktu itu. Hahaha stupid, Ik.
Entah kenapa gua kayak gitu. Mungkin karena kurang persiapan dan skill improve bercerita gua jelek banget. Selesai interview gua langsung cari lowongan kerja lain karena tau nggak akan diterima disitu. Dan memang nggak diterima akhirnya. Tapi itu jadi pelajaran berharga, sih. Jadi setiap mau interview memang harus bener-bener well-prepared kayak mau ujian, haha.

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Why we are not using one language for programming ??

arifa237eb’s Profile PhotoUnknown.
Because different programming languages are good for different things. Your question is like asking why we have different models of road vehicles. Why not have one vehicle to do the job of motorcycles, family cars, sports cars, trucks, buses etc.
Youcando everything in Assembler. C++ is not necessary. But you don't. And C++ is far from perfect. As someone who has made a living from that language for twenty plus years, I see it as loaded with faults.
I saw a report that 50% of C++ bugs were associated with pointer errors. A garbage collected language makes pointer errors a meaningless concept. Wouldn't you like to get rid of 50+ of errors in one action?
Other languages are power tools aimed at particular needs. They are not, perhaps, as general purpose as C++. But if you want to do what they do well, they do it better than C++.

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ممكن تقولولى ازاى اقدر اتعلم البرمجه كبدايه من الصفر نصايح، مواقع ،اوكورسات اونلاين تكون كويسه للمبتدئين.💙

amiraeid225’s Profile PhotoAmira Eid
طيب في البداية المفروض تتعلمي الاساسيات اللي هتحتاجيها عشان تدخلي بسهولة اي تراك عاوزاه وفيه فايل كنت عامله زمان فيه اللينكات للحاجات اللي هقول عليها هنا.
اولا انت عشان تتعلمي المفاهيم البرمجية محتاجة لغة برمجة تطبقي بيها و يفضل c++ وكمان اللينكات اللي هنا كلها علي c++.
فهتبدأي تتعلمي حاجة اسمها البرمجة الشيئية او Structured Programming
بعد كدة تتعلمي حاجة اسمها Object Oriented Programming ودي حاجة مهمة اوي عشان بتساعد في تنظيم الكود وتخليه اسهل كمان علي اللي بيكود.
بعد كدة هتتعلمي حاجة اسمها Data Structures او هياكل البيانات ، اللي هو لو عندك مجموعة بيانات ازاي ترصيهم مع بعض بطريقة تسهل عليك الشغل بعد كدة.
والعمليات اللي هتعمليها عالبيانات دي اسمها خوارزميات Algorithms ولذلك هتحتاجي تتعلمي بعد كدة Algorithms
وفي النهاية عشان لما تيجي تعملي برنامج كبير في نماذج معينة المبرمجين بيستخدموها عشان تسهل الدنيا عليهم ، فهتاخدي كورس اسمه Design Patterns
يبقا عشان نلخص الدنيا هكتبلك بالأرقام تمشي ازاي وهتلاقي في اللينك اللي حاطه ده فايل فيه لينكات كتب وplaylists عاليوتيوب
1- Structured Programming using c++
2- Object Oriented Programming
3- Data Structures Using C++
4- Algorithms
5- Design Patterns
وده اللينك
هتلاقيني في الاخر كدة كاتب حاجة اسمها Problem Solving ودي مهارة مهمة اوي هتساعدك تفهمي وتطبقي اللي بتتعلميه اكتر.
فامشي واحدة واحدة كدة وبعد ماهتخلصي الكلام ده هتبقي مؤهلة تتعلمي اي تكنولوجيا (خصوصا الويب والموبايل كونهم الاكثر شيوعا في السوق المصري) ومش هتاخد منك اي وقت لأنك معاك اساسيات
بالتوفيق ولو فيه حاجة في النص تحت امر حضرتك.

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دكتور شاهدت على الفيس الخاص بك أنك قمت بتدريب طلاب على حل مسائل .. ممكن programming competitive تفاصيل عن دوراتك التدريبية الخاصة بال

abdulhamit3’s Profile PhotoAbdulhamit
ام الشخص انهى بالكامل شيت الجونيورز
او رات الشخص 2200 على كود فورسيز
من حقق اي من الشرطين فانا عندي اشراف

Why the hell did Bandai not make toys with Skurd accessories then?! It would've been soooo cool

Cartoon Network never shared their programming schedule with Bandai. My guess is because CN was just making up the schedule on the fly without putting any thought into it. Also, we can make cartoons faster than they can make toys, and CN just aired the last season without any consideration for how long it would take Bandai to make anything
+3 answers in: “Was there anything you were 'forced' to, or at least we're told to, add (Characters, Plots, Scenes, etc.) into any of your shows despite not wanting to?”

استاذنا هطلب منك طلب قد يكون مزعج لكني احتاج له ، ما هي بالتحديد لغات البرمجه وتقنياتها التي احتاجها للتخصص باختبار اختراق الويب من فضلك اكتب الاسماء بالتحديد اذا كانت كورسات متعلقه front end او back end رجاء منك تكتبها محدده

Get experience with at least one (1) common programming or scripting languages such as Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, etc.
Fundamental understanding of scripting languages to include the following – Python, Powershell, Ruby, Perl
Fundamental understanding of “coding languages” – C++, C#, PHP, AJAX, HTML, etc.
Experience with a scripting language (e.g. Perl, python, PHP, ruby) and a programming language (e.g. JAVA, Objective C)
Development experience using Python, Ruby, Perl, C, or C++
لو واجهك صعوبة بقراءة كُل ما كتبته سابقاً لك؟ اترك كل شيء وتعلّم اللغة الإنجليزية قبل أي لغة برمجة 🌷
بالتوفيق 🌷

ايه مجال دراستك في حاسبات

بص الموضوع كبير والله 😂
نظريا ف الكليه الدنيا مش ملمومة ولسه متخصصتش
فعليا مع نفسي ماشيه ف الcomptitive programming + 3d designing & animation + oop
ف سبيل اني ابقي game developer بالصلاه على النبي 😂🖤
ف دعواتك بقا 🤷‍♀️

Hey actually we had Java in IP as optional subject.I'm not a tech person 😅So you see I don't know much about these programming and all but yeah I do know a bit abt Java (I've studied it).

porwaljheel7012788’s Profile PhotoSmoothie
So, we don't have it at all. Not main subject. Not optional subject.
Btw, when I studied we don't hear about Java, Python etc.
Only MS Access a little bit, MS Excel, MS Word and some theory of VB.

Language: English