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Those scars you're so concerned about? They don't make u, they don't show you're broken. They show that you were able to put yourself back together and they make you infinitely more beautiful. I wish I could lend you my eyes so you could see that.


dinaattiya7069’s Profile PhotoDINA (اغفِرْ لي وَلِوالدي)
فيه ناس بتاخد اللايك والفولو والكلام ده تلميح لكراش او واتسوايفر .
صباح الفل احنا في ٢٠٢٣ .. فيه ناس حرفيا هتقولك بحبك وهي مش بتحبك اصلا . فبالهداوة ارجوكم .


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