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سب کو سب نہیں ملتا🖤

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If you start counting points, giving every blessing a number, you will realize that eventually every single person is almost equal to the other person. If someone's childhood was perfect you will see them suffering as an adult or in old age. If someone had money they didn't get something they truly wished they had. If someone has a high IQ, they have some painful memories and thoughts you can never guess. Some persons whole life may be a mess but who knows what he may get after dying.

Are you afraid of death?

There comes a phase in your life when you realize that everything is meaningless, useless. The things we love, the moments we live, eventually all of it is meaningless. Everything is temporary. Life is just a show. At that moment, even if not clearly, deep down in your heart you wish for the show to end as soon as possible.

Life is all about?

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If you ever go through a hectic routine while being in a tough phase of your life, it will lead to the realization of the importance of work especially in such situations and how it becomes an escape and a safe place for you. You will forget all of the problems you are going through and you will grow to love your work, as you will find out how it can be a shield to all of those negative thoughts.
So, if any of you feels depressed, try to work hard, not just sit around thinking the thoughts over and over again.

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I hate this word "Sorry"
When someone says it you are supposed to say "it's okay" even when it's not, even when it's tearing you apart. This word can never make up for what you went through. But all you should do is to say "it's okay" just because they are fu**ing "Sorry"


We are all entangled in this endless thought of what others will think about us while the fact is no one gives a fuck about us. The world doesn't revolve around us, it has it's on path & so do the people around us. Everyone has their own life, their own problems, thoughts, more than you can imagine. I

I'm totally pissed off right now over something and someone. At the same time my ex is texting me again after one year of his marriage. Idk y he is doing this. But I want to spit all of my anxiety by calling him in the midnight. Is it okay? I have been ignoring him from 2021 never replied , I'm done

Never use a person for emotional support. Learn to heal alone without seeking help from any other person. Talking to someone might help temporarily to get rid of thoughts but it actually makes one more weak & vulnerable & always seeking others for help. It makes one dependant on others & a slave to emotions. Time heals everything but till then just let the time pass without making any further mistake.

How to break up with her? It’s just getting too mentally toxic for me. (50 coins for answer)

I thought every guy knows that the simplest way of breaking up with a girl is to start ignoring her, don't give attention, don't reply & she herself will come to break up with you within a few weeks, you won't even need to say it.

What's the point of celebrating birthday when you know u r one step closer to death?

Whoever doesn't want to celebrate because he has got one step closer to death can do so. But whoever wants to celebrate successfully living another year of life is also welcome to do so because we are gonna die anyway. It's up to us to be happy & celebrating the time we have or not doing so.


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