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If you was “happily married” would you be worried about your ex boyfriend from 13 years ago and his wife (their kids,family,friends) go as far as stalking all of their social media sites? My opinion,if you were happily married you wouldn’t be worried about your ex anymore and still miss him it seems

Of you were "happily" married you wouldn't be stalking your ex or worrying about him. That's an obsession.... a dangerous one.

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Why do you love murder documentary?

It's interesting to see what their childhood was like and how they grew up. The fact that literally anyone could do something so cruel doesn't make sense. I mean, some of it does like abuse but others it's like.... why? Especially murders between couples. It doesn't make sense why you'd kill anyone out of jealousy or hatred like that. If you don't want to be in a relationship, break up with them — you don't take someone's life. Or the whole jealousy thing where you don't want nobody to have them. That's the most selfish fucked up thing ever.

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