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Because this is askfm, and the point of people asking you questions on is that they're interested in the answers, even if you don't personally understand why. It's the same reason someone asks "do you forgive people" or "anyone in uk? raise your hand" So best to just answer, don't overthink

I was just curious as to why they are interested :)

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Are you ok with your partner watching porn to get off? (Instead of going to you?)

Of course, I think everyone is entitled to their alone time even in a relationship. It's nice if we're together and they come to me, or if we're apart and they message me or whatever but it's fine that they watch porn sometimes too. As long as they don't prefer it to me and it's not something they can't get off without then why would I care? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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How do you feel about people who lie for no reason? One chick was bragging about how she owns and reads college books in her spare time. She named a book I actually have, but when I asked her to tell me what it said on the page, she got upset for being called out.

Or maybe she couldn't remember what it said on the page or didn't have the book on hand when you asked her?

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