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When you apply your make-up, do you do it in a specific order?

Mascara, brows, lip tint. If I want to wear face make-up that day I'll do it after the brows. 🙂
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What are the chances of the girl that liked me a lot, who’s blocked me on every social media we have each other on… unblocks me to talk? (Im a girl too) she really liked me but blocked me? Which is weird. Is there a chance she could unblock me? But it’s weird how it was on everything..

If she's gone to that extent to block you on everything, there's a reason. It sucks that she didn't give you that reason first but that's life. I wouldn't waste time hoping she'll come back.

Should my lodgers do their own laundry? Or do they have the right to leave it to me to wash it and dry it?

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If they ask if you can help them out once in a while by putting some stuff in for them, then fair enough, but to expect you to do it on a regular basis without even asking? no. If they aren't paying you to do their washing/drying/ironing then they need to be doing it themselves.

If your best friend forgave his or her partner for cheating and lying, would you try to forgive him or her too? Would you find it difficult to spend time with them as a couple?

Hm, if the person that's with them can forgive them then I'd try to as well but I wouldn't forget about it. If they did anything like that for a second time, no. It would be hard to spend time with them as a couple if it was clear that the cheater wasn't making the effort to work on themselves and take accountability. If my friend forgave them a second time, I'd tell them to not come to me if it happens again because I'm not being dragged into this toxic cycle of being there for you when they mess up if you're going to run back every single time and not learn from it.

If you're a tea person, what types/flavors do you like?

I'm a green tea person 🍵
Twinings make this apple flavoured one that I love. Tetley has a mango and passion fruit one that's pretty good but I've been obsessed with their boost one for fatigue recently.
I'll have the occasional peppermint tea, fruity tea or chamomile but I generally have specific health reasons in mind when I go for one of those.

Lifeguards can't rescue everyone there's not enough lifeguards and so many tourists so a lot of people die every day that's why i wonder if in AU and those scenarios should put safety over personal freedom? I can't decide but i feel for the lifeguards https://youtu.be/pWitu_SwWjs called BondiRescue

Ah yeah I've seen some of this show! I watched a lot of the ones where they've had to pull kids out of the water who are unresponsive and the parents didn't even know the kids were in trouble. These lifeguards are awesome! I think this beach in particular has a bunch of signs around warning about currents and they have no swimming times too, I think? You tend to find people want to do stuff more if they are told they can't so it's a tricky one. They should have more lifeguards though!
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Have you ever had a recurring nightmare? Do you still remember it? What was it about? 💤

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Yes, I have had a few recently and I generally remember most of my dreams. I have trauma related nightmares often but the one that isn't that I've had twice now relates to finding bodies under the floorboards in a relatives old house. It was specific enough to make me look strangely at them the next time I saw them!

Why do people go in the ocean without knowing how to swim? I could understand going in a small lake without waves or current but the ocean! Everyone has a right to go in the ocean but it could be like pools that don't allow non-swimmers into the deeper pools. Freedom vs security is a hard balance

I agree with you for the most part, I personally am not a strong swimmer so I don't venture further than I can touch the floor in a pool and I don't like open water so wouldn't go into the sea. I think splashing about in the ocean for those that aren't strong swimmers/aren't comfortable in a current is one thing but their should be a point where people think "ok, I'm not going to go out any further than this"

Have you ever been cheated on, or had a guy move on extremely fast after a long, seemingly sincere relationship?

I have been cheated on, it was repeated and not just one-off occasions with different people, but a whole second girlfriend as well. It sucked at the time but I learnt from that situation and I've moved on.


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