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Is you only child or have siblings ?

I’m my mums only child. I have a half brother on the other side but we don’t have contact. I have step siblings but again, not really in contact
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does caffeine or energy drinks give you energy when you are tired?

Sometimes but I’m known to fall asleep after a redbull
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aww glad your good, im okay still a bit sore but okay ty aww hope sonny gets better yeah weather sooo changeable aw you would not change his cheekiness tho xo

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I wouldn’t, I love his mischevious side really. The woman who owns the field had made him a little bed so he’s more comfortable 🥹 so cute of her!

hi nats how are you how are your horses

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
Hey hey! I’m alright thank you how are you? They’re very eager to get on the new grass that’s growing through but they need to wait a bit longer so they don’t have a sugar rush 😅 sonny has been stiff off & on again the last couple days, the changing wet/dry/cold/warm has set him off. Gonna do his tail pulls and put stuff on today when I go up. Still cheeky as ever tho!

Should I be worried that someone meeting online in person think I look different in real life from pictures?

Most people look a little bit different in real life, some of us don’t photograph well and tend to look better in person and vice versa. Unless you heavily edit the pictures/use someone else’s and were misleading, I wouldn’t worry about it

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Would you rather be a fish in an aquarium or a fish in an ocean? Why?

It might be more confined and less interesting but probably an Aquarium so there’s no chance of being eaten by a shark or a whale 😂

Where are your tattoos? I don’t see any in your pic

That photo is from a couple of summers ago, I only had one on my wrist back then. I’ve got my inner forearm and upper outer arm on that side now. The other side I’ve got inner, outer and side of forearm. My new ones will be upper arm and ankles ☺️
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