Ask @abdullahhashfaq:

What memory do you just keep going back to...?🍁

Maham Amir
School days❤. Not matter how rich you get or whatever life you are living. Nothing will ever replace your school life and memories 🏫. We would just have 10 riyals in our pocket and would be happy to spend the day and enjoy (riyal is the currency of qatar btw.) And now even if you have 1000's in your pocket. You cannot feeling that happiness. Everything seems a bit off. I miss my school days

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Hi.. how u doing? 😊 What countries do u know about Latin America? 🌎 Would u like to travel to some of these countries? ✈️

Aɴᴀ Gᴇᴍ
Hi... I'm doing great. Well I know many Latin American countries. But I can't name all of them as the list would get long but some of them are
Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia,Ecuador,Honduras,Chile,Uruguay,Paraguay,Costa rica and so on.
The thing I know about Latin American countries is that almost all of them speak Spanish and know how to speak Spanish. And if I ever get a chance to visit Latin America I would definitely visit it. To explore the beautiful natural places and some amazing heritage sites❤.

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