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what's ur favorite memory from school????

Plentyyy but i remember i used to be the only one in 4-5th grade who used to listen to metal/rock and i had given up on making a friend who had similar taste as i did. There was this classmate of mine who's older brother listened to metal. One day it was the first period and he entered the class and sat right next to me and whispered into my ear "toney children of Bodom ko sunna ha?" It's a death metal band. I was like yeaaah broo. He basically liked rock and roll which is not the same as metal. His favorite band was guns and roses and we were all time debating if metal is better or rock and roll. I was a metallica fan and we almost debated daily with each other that our favorite bands are better 🤣🤣 fast forward i met him few years at a reunion and i said to him "you're listening to Nusrat nowadays?" He was shocked to know that how did i known it. Basically my cousin from whom I got into metal also started listening to nusrat and i thought this can happen too anybody lol but i had so many instances like that i can go on and onnn 🤌😎

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whats ur favorite memory from school

Nook!e Monster was my favorite Muppet. They forgot to put him in that Elmo movie too. So mean. Did u watch This Is Spinal Tap Dance yet? No tap dancing, just that Hefty Metal music you're into. Friends or Norwegian Reggaeton con Fenriz y Darkthrone? -Sage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0YXfeNxJJ0

I haven’t watched it yet Sage. I can barely keep my attention on anything but m̶y̶ your favorite Ask man. 🤭

Who do you talk to when you are sad?

seldomuser’s Profile PhotoSeldom User
I hardly feel sad, sadness is something I can evade easily, but when I cannot, I don't talk about it, I don't find it easy to trust people, even if I do I don't expect them to understand. I mean how can they understand something they've not experienced? Instead of shattering their beliefs I listen to music, heavy metal on repeat at maximum volume for hours. I do that until my brain goes numb and there's nothing I can feel except the rattling of my eardrums.

Yeah, it was on radio and TV, I didn't have internet then. When I got older I started cultivating my own taste. I'll listen to radio stations in the car sometimes but it makes me dissociate. I couldn't name one song, they just doesn't stick in my memory.

Luckily when I was growing up there were actually things on the radio besides pop, rap, country. Like grunge, post grunge, thrash metal, glam metal, nu metal, industrial rock, even industrial aggrotech I discovered on a college radio station.

Between money and fame, which would you choose? 💰 ⭐ 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ᏖᏋᏁᏗፈᎥᎧᏬᏕ ᏖᎧᎷᎷᏗᎩ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Money. It’s not important to me, though would help my life a great deal. I have little interest in fame unless I was in a small metal band or would be able to help animals in some way.

Habt ihr den Eurovision Song Contest geschaut ? Falls ja für wen wart ihr ?

KrisIsaak’s Profile PhotoKrapakris
Grundsätzlich erstmal für alle, die "was anderes" gemacht haben, als typische ESC Pop Musik. Also sämtliche Metal und Alternative Bands/Künstler. Baby Lasagna aus Kroatien mit ihrer Mischung aus Rammstein, Pain und Electric Callboy fand ich als Gesamtkonzept stark. Inszenierung fand ich bei Bambie Thug aus Irland am besten. Spooky Shit auf der Bühne muss man erstmal beim ESC bringen.
Und mein persönlicher Favorit war Norwegen, weil die mit Gåte eine Folk Metal Band hingeschickt haben. Und Folk Metal war einfach neben Punk Rock meine Jugend, und finde ich Female Fronted und Melodisch gleich noch mal ne Ecke geiler, als wenn da nur ein Kerl screamt und die ganzen Instrumente nur das Melodische Fundament legen.
Fand aber abseits davon auch die Auftritte von Finnland und Slowenien stark, obwohl das halt eher wieder "normaler" für den ESC ist.

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Chi mi consiglia una serie o una maratona di film da vedere?

Il miglio verde
La teoria del tutto
Forrest Gump
Dallas Buyers Club
Prova a prendermi
Pretty Woman
I sogni segreti di Walter Mitty
The Whale
Just Mercy
The Wolf of Wall Street
Deadpool 2
Spiderman (Sam Raimi)
Spiderman 2 (Sam Raimi)
Dracula (Coppola)
Non è un paese per vecchi
Il pianista
L’amore non va in vacanza
Il signore degli anelli (la trilogia)
Django Unchained
Pulp Fiction
Il gladiatore
Full Metal Jacket
Kill Bill
Travolti da un insolito destino nell’azzurra mare d’agosto
Vi presento Joe Black
Edward mani di forbice
Ti va di ballare?
Non così vicino
Quasi amici
Bussano alla porta
La fabbrica di cioccolato

Game of Thrones
House of the Dragon
Stranger Things
The Boys
Ted Lasso
Gli anelli del potere
Alice in Borderland
My hero academia
Demon slayer
Attack on Titan
Dr. Stone
Jujutsu Kaisen
Death note
One punch man
My dress up Darling
Tokyo Revengers
Le bizzarre avventure di JoJo
Seven Deadly Sins
Platinum End
Mob Psycho 100
Hell’s Paradise
Great Teacher Onizuka
Blue Lock
Spy x Family
Made in Abyss
Assassination Classroom
Chainsaw man
More than a married couple, but no lovers
Komi can’t communicate
Ya boy Kongming
Vinland Saga
Ajin - Demi Human
To your eternity
Zom 100 - the bucket list of death
Rurouni Kenshin
Shangri-La Frontier
Call of the night
Dragon Ball

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Jaký je váš nejoblíbenější hudební žánr?

AEROS099’s Profile PhotoÆRØS
Ja se asi v hudbě nevymezuju, nevadí mi nic co je znělý, má rytmus a co tě rozhýbe, od starejch pop věcí, přes soul, rnb, funk, vážnou hudbu, po metal prostě obrovskéj rozstřel. Tam už to jde pak do konkrétních skupin, který nemusím, protože jak mi nevadí Paulie Garand tak takovýho Barracudu považuju za naprostéj brak..

Do your gums bleed or hurt when you floss? Mine usually don’t bleed but they do hurt when I floss frequently. I was told that it’s not supposed to hurt/bleed.

They only bleed when I haven’t flossed in a while, but for over a year now I definitely floss daily. It doesn’t hurt, but some of my teeth are sensitive.
Since a while I have a special sort of floss with a harder pointy end. This way I can finally properly floss my upper and lower front teeth. I have a metal retainer at the back of my teeth making it impossible to floss normally. They have been bleeding and sensitive for a while, but that’s only a sign I have to keep on going until my gums are not inflamed anymore!
Do your gums bleed or hurt when you floss Mine usually dont bleed but they do

2) > this is the basement i lived in ages 17-19 - Damn, you lived in Helvete and never invited me? That's messed up, toots. How was Norway anyway? Black Metal or relationship? Call me if you want to visit a church. You know the one. 🤣 See ya in a few hours... 🤣🤣🤣 💗💗💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
🤣🤣🤣 I wish. Black metal or relationship? I’d prefer a combination of the two. 🤣 *dials* See ya later Lexy. 💗💗💗

Is there a song that's giving "Christmas" even though it isn't related to Christmas or a Holiday in any way? There are a few songs like that, to name one I listened most recently "You got it" Roy Orbison. It's a romantic song but it has that holiday vibe

Any Paysage d’Hiver song. Atmospheric black metal with blizzard. 👍 Not exactly Christmas, but winter. 🤣

What things help you relax the best?

The sound of rain (bonus points for thunder/being somewhere with a metal roof/in a tent), I like asmr and watching other people organise haha, cuddles with my boyfriend, cosy blankets and a mug of green tea, acoustic rock, spending time with my animals, reading sometimes, colouring on my iPad or just browsing for clothes and stuff :)

> in this moment - Not a fan. I'd rather watch Sage perform some zucchini magic. 🤣 Call SPAC and see if they can book him. I promise, it will be a memorable show. 🤣 Audio engineer: "Sage, you're going through front of house, right?" Sage: "In a manner of speaking..." 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
You don’t have to be a fan. I used to go to everything somewhat rock or metal there. 🤣 But sure, send Sage over. He can do a dance with his donkey. 🤣🤣🤣💗

Are there any metal lovers here?

MusicologistMetal’s Profile PhotoMusicologistMetal
Смотря что имеешь ввиду, под "любитель металла")
Если музыку то люблю. Хотя как по мне, металл (хэви-, спид- мелодик-) это подвид рок-музыки. Или я в чём-то не прав 🤔☺️
Нравится Ozzy Osbourne, "Motorhead", "Alice Cooper", "Twisted Sister", "Manowar", "Ac/Dc", "Guns n Roses"но скажем честно металл (и рок) слушаю но редко. Больше по IBM электронной (и электронной музыке в целом) и диджейской музыке
And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so
Thank you and Goodbye. I hope we meet again
Date: 03/05/24
Time: 20:47
Are there any metal lovers here

Would you say you have a versatile taste in music? I listen to mostly anything, from pop music to heavy metal, to goth music, to classical music. Recently, I've been listening to some country too. Still not my taste but the very few songs I've heard weren't bad.

Yes, but nothing heavy metal or goth. I usually don’t like country either but there are some country singers that are an exception.

Would you say you have a versatile taste in music? I listen to mostly anything, from pop music to heavy metal, to goth music, to classical music. Recently, I've been listening to some country too. Still not my taste but the very few songs I've heard weren't bad.

Yes, if I’m in the mood but I generally stick to metal. I like a lot of experimental things in metal.

Para ti, ¿Qué género musical odias/no te gusta? ¿Cuál es tu favorito o que más te pueda representar?

LuisBerme03’s Profile PhotosTangana
Creo que no odio ninguno porque escucho muchiiiisimas cosas y la mayoría no tiene que ver nada con nada xD
Actualmente diría que el black metal es lo que más me está acompañando y el rap/trap también, pero lo dicho, escucho muchas cosas 😂
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Compagnia? Mi annoio😩

Ragazzoincazzato’s Profile PhotoDavide de Luca
Sai oggi sarebbe la giornata mondiale della sicurezza del lavoro sai che c'è il fatto che sono aumentato o morti sul lavoro che sono stati l anno scorso circa più di mille morti una vergogna. Poi sai sto sentendo chi i rappresentanti della fondazione Dell ambiente che belvedere ha preso dalla regione Campania sono stati usati per altri. Poi sai io dico società che inquinano come arcellor metal e poi eni e snam devono nin inquinare.

I feel like anyone who says they don’t like country music hasn’t found their country artist. Country music is comfort music!

I’d check out some black metal country. There was that one project from the US south. I forget the artist name. It had a little bit of country-ish parts.

Как Вы считаете, почему большинство людей отдают предпочтение «мраку», «тьме», «черноте»? Зачастую, это может коснуться чего угодно: стиля одежды, домашнего интерьера, собственных мыслей, отношения к людям, музыкальных и литературных предпочтений, кинематографа, т.д. Вот почему?

mismoodivoitlustmolema’s Profile PhotoMismoodi Võitlust Mõlema
Я этой тематикой интересуюсь более 10 лет. С прошлого года я иногда выходила на природу помедитировать. Есть люди, которые приводят и обряды. Тёмная сторона во мне всегда была, но я умею контролировать свои демонов. Дело в том, что тёмная энергия обладает силой. Я скажу больше я с этим сталкивалась. Даже фантомы видела. Если 10 лет назад мне было страшно от этого, то теперь меня не удивит даже тёмная тень.
Возьмём музыку. Я знаю мрачные жанры. Это не обязательно black metal или ответвление рока, но можно и самой делать тот же мрачный эмбиент.
Я человек скорее всего закрытый для посторонних, не слишком эмоциональна, холоднокровна.
В последнее время всё чаще ношу мантии с капюшоном. Просто понимаю это вот "моё". Что-то моё. Я очень долго изучаю культуру Тьмы. В ютубе очень часто смотрю ролики на эту тему. Я не верю в Гороскопы как многие, я верю во что-то сильнее, но мне трудно объяснить. Текста не хватит в ответе.

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Как Вы считаете почему большинство людей отдают предпочтение мраку тьме черноте

Welchen Anime schaust du? 🤙🏼

Aber viele verschiedene Dinge. Ich werde mich nicht erinnern. Muss mir meine Liste ansehen. =)
1). Nagagutsu o haita neko.
2). Marine Boy.
3). Flying Phantom Ship.
1). Hans Christian Andersons The Little Mermaid.
2). Candi Candi.
3). Goldorak.
4). Captain Future.
1). Golgo 13 Professional.
2). The Dagger of Kamui.
3). California Crisis.
4). Robot Carnival - Star Light Angel.
5). Kenya Boy.
6). Roots Search.
7). Urusei Yatsura.
8). Savior of the Earth.
9). The World of the talisman.
10). Dominion Tank Police.
11). C.O.P.S.
12). Last Unicorn.
1). Mad Bull 34.
2). Alien From The Darknes.
3). Mamono Hunter Youko.
4). Kite.
5). Street Fighter II.
1). Full Metal Panic!
2). The Animatrix.
3). Golgo 13.
1). Appleseed Alpha.
2). ...
1). Urusei Yatsura.
2). ...

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> your description of something like “Ape but with black metal." Sadly, I wasn't lying... 🤣 I was pretty rough on trolls and other cretins. No quarter. Rip 'em to shreds. I wasn't looking for confrontations but they always brought them to me. These days, I usually ignore, delete and block. 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
I’m the opposite. I used to ignore. You and Ape rubbed off on me a bit and I started to talk back more. And then people started to tell me I got b!tchy.🤣🙄 I’m a lot of things but I’m certainly not a b!tch. And now the block button is also getting put to good use lately. I’ve finally built up a pretty long list but I’ll never compare to you. 🤣🤣🤣💗
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> weird picture - That's the point. 🤣 I'll explain... > i don’t think i have. should i? - Yes. It's a must. 🤣 An old comedy about a fictional Heavy Metal band ("Spinal Tap"). It's made to look like a documentary which makes it even funnier. A bit slow-paced but I think you'll enjoy it... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Ooh it sounds familiar but I’m not sure if I’ve seen it. I will definitely check it out. I always like anything recommended by you. 💗

Как ты относишься к экстремальным видам музыки таким как brutal death metal?

Ради интереса послушала пару треков в этом жанре...Не впечатлило. Может, от исполнителя зависит.
Какой-то деструктивный эффект

Как ты относишься к экстремальным видам музыки таким как brutal death metal?

Экстремальный вид музыки, это в подъезде с гитарой орать сектор газа , когда у дяди Коли с 4 этажа есть обрез. Да, нравится

Как ты относишься к экстремальным видам музыки таким как brutal death metal?

Не слышала про такую музыку, может и слушала, может как-нибудь и отношусь.. Но искать не буду, лень.

Girls: What is one thing you were told you couldn’t do just because you were a girl?

In my teens the metal kids that did psychedelics before I met them said I should never do acid because I was too depressed and anxious. That’s why I wanted to do it so bad for decades. Also someone thought I could never work due to anxiety and depression so I got a job that I stayed at long after I was involved with him. I like to prove people wrong. Nothing to do with being a female though.

Are you married? If so do they know your ex?

The person I married never met any of my exs but knew all about them. All the other exs knew each other though because all the local metal kids knew each other. Even the Kentucky guy worked with dready before I was with him. And he knew my first ex because we always saw him at the mall.

If you were trying to make a metal band that would get it banned but say all the truth in your life. How would those lyrics go? Give us a sample

I’d love to make a metal band but I don’t think it would be banned. It would have rather poetic lyrics.

Do you like Maroon 5 and the song misery by that band?

Nope. “No hot girls listen to metal.” -Adam whatever his face
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Вам подобається гуляти в сосновому лісі з білочками? 🐿️🥰

Дуже до вподоби. Але без білочок. Зрідка можна того пацюків побачити, але сильного захоплення я не відчуваю. ;) Згадав у дитинстві був момент, відпочивав я на курорті сосновому десь близько столиці. Було доволі мило. Пам'ятаю жолуді собирав. Запитував ним сірники у гузно.:⁠-⁠D Жартую. Робив з них чоловічків і конячок. Слухав радіо дідусеве і підспівував. Одна сусідка навіть похвалила, що я маю гарний голос. Шкода я на це не звернув увагу... А ще на дитячому майданчику був один дерев'яний будиночок, башта, з якою дупцею можна було запускатись до низу. Незнаю як це називається. Конструкція була дерев'яна а спуск певно що металевий, чи що воно там... Бо дерев'яному сумнівно, що дуже п'ятою місциною проїдеш, та і скалок на сідницях матимеш.хD Так ось, там я вперше побачив намальований череп і напис Heavy Metal! Не знав, що воно таке, але через років вісім дізнався. Крутий музон. Іноді і зараз слухаю під настрій. Ось такі спогади про соснові ліси. А ну і ще пам'ятаю як біля берегів річки злегка смердить. Мідіями, імлою, ну таке... Нещодавно був у схожому місті на набережній. Той самий запах. З часом нічого не міняється, чи мало що міняється... Так правильніше мабуть. ;⁠-⁠)

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At what age did you discover dolls kill and what about it makes it makes you want to continue shopping from there?

The company is only about a decade old. I used to shop very cheap cr@p online like Forever 21 but somehow switched to DK and Killstar. Killstar used to be my main but I didn’t like how they withdrew their clothing from DK because of “woke” stuff and then all the cr@p started to look the same. Always loved DK and their founder was always very interesting to me. I started to love them more since last summer when they started their daily auctions on Whatnot. The founder does shows and other interesting women. The shoppers formed a Discord. Everyone in the community are just a bunch of cool girls and a few guys. I have several different sides to my style and always have. Unlike Killstar being mostly goth, DK covers every aspect. Metal, goth, girly, rave, boho, fairy, etc.

Language: English