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What was the last game you played that a Game Over instead of respawn?

Last game I played was Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Name the artist whose work you hate.

Most modern rappers, modern pop music, it all sounds the same to me and there's no individuality

What “forgotten” artist/s would you like to make a comeback? I’d like to see Jordin Sparks. Like what happened to her, she had some real hot hits thru mid and late 2000s then she totally vanished. Michelle Branch also.

Get Scared and The Relapse Symphony,

Is it okay to shame people for using pre-shredded cheese in mac n cheese? That sh*t is so nasty, has no flavor, doesn't even melt properly and the texture looks like something I can not even say on here for Ask will delete the question.

People have their food preferences, why are we dictating how people make their food?

How long have you been on ask for? I've been here since 2012, so approximatively 11 years. Which sounds wild to me. I practically grew up on here.

Since 2019

Girl you put your full name and location here wdym

Because I made the decision to do that, other people have their preferences, my best friend doesn't put his full name or give social media to anyone unless he knows them in real life. Your point?
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When you apply your make-up, do you do it in a specific order?

I only wear eyeliner and mascara, eyeliner goes first then mascara

Why do you think a lot of people on the internet are secretive about certain things? Like they won't say what their *real* name is, where they live, what they look like, what their phone number is, or social media etc.

That people are smart enough to do that, if people don't want their identity known, they can do that.

Do you think STDs existed in the middle ages?

They did, it was just was way worse in the middle ages because modern medicine. One of the oldest virus in the beginning of time was STDs.

How do you view parents who give their children very expensive possessions? Which many working people cannot afford.

My personal opinion is to teach kids the value of money and how you earn money by working hard for it, not that it's easily handed out to you.

I always forget about the color confusing dress but it comes up every then and now. It’s been like what, 10 years and the internet still isnt over it 😭 can we all agree that its black and blue for once amd for all?

I never really cared about it, people have talked about it for so long that I just don't care

Have you ever watched the movie Groundhog Day over and over and over and over ? ⏰ ✏️ 🎥 😬🤔

I've never watched the movie


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