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How would you describe being high to someone who has never taken recreational drugs?

A big laugh track/relaxed feeling with the occasional feeling of being hungry

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When was the last time you fainted?

Last May when I was at a pool with friends and it was hot outside and I passed out from heat exhaustion. I stood up after I fainted, only to faint again after 5 seconds.

What's the point of giant screens at live events? Don't people go to live events to see the show with their own eyes?

Because the further back the row, the further you are from the stage and can't see the artists.

What is the last movie you watched? I watched Kung Fu Panda 4, NYAD, The Farewell, French Girl and The Book of Life today (12/4/2024)

Requiem For A Dream

Hey friend! You probably won't remember but some months ago I asked you if you knew the title of a specific movie. Well, I finally found it! It's The Hidden (1987).

I vaguely remember, lol. Thanks for telling me!

Does everyone upgrade health first in videogames or is it just me?

I usually either upgrade health or weapons, whichever I'm able to do first.

Why would a guy wear eyeliner?

Because nothing is stopping them and they can wear eyeliner if they want. Men have been wearing makeup for centuries, it's nothing new.

Do you have lights that turn on/off when you clap?

No, the most I have is LED light strips and LED light bulbs that can connect to an Alexa, but I don't have an Alexa, so I just stick with the remote.
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Is the word "culprit" common in American English? I was talking to an American the other day who didn't know this word.

Yeah, it is. Whoever the American you spoke to needs to expand their vocabulary.

If you were to have one big tattoo to cover your whole back what would it be?

Nirvana's album "In Utero"
If you were to have one big tattoo to cover your whole back what would it be

Did you ever have a job that had a 3-strikes policy before getting fired ? How many strikes did you get?

No, Oklahoma is an at-will employment state. Unless an employee is hired under a contract, an employee can be fired for any reason as long as it is not an unlawful reason such as discrimination.

Have you ever felt nauseous while doing the same thing many times? (It can be listening to the same music, seeing the same scenery while travelling or watching the same movie, etc.)

No, I haven't


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