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Who do you think is stronger the tiger or the shark?

alechka_g’s Profile Photo14Kарат
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I would run/swim equally if one of them was attacking me. XD I'd probably still have no change either way.
Although sharks are not as aggressive as people may think of them. Your life is just at risk if they can smell you're bleeding. While tigers are dangerous in terms of their revenge-seeking nature if you manage to be on a tiger's bad site that animal will hunt you down until you get what you deserve. lol.

Why do we miss toxic people after we terminate relationships with them?

Ayeman_Shabbir’s Profile PhotoAyeman
Ending a relationship doesn't always mean they were toxic. Sometimes its just you were not right for each other or maybe that wasn't the right time for you to be together. Khair Missing the people you once love is normal and its in our nature even the strongest ones still miss there ex partnered. There day to day memories are associated with them. Like eating something specific and suddenly it comes in your mind ka yar usa be ye pasand thi xD. Khair it is what it is.

Ever had an affair and would you do it again

No. I would have no interest or patience in such pursuits. If I had the slightest "curiosity" in pursuing anything of that nature, I would begin to question my priorities and why the sudden desire to deviate. Ultimately, I would get back on course and focus my attention elsewhere. Temptation may be strong but I am not required to yield.
Ever had an affair and would you do it again

Czy to prawda, że koty są fałszywe i samolubne?

Kot, tak jak każde zwierzę, ma swoją naturę, ale uważam, że jego sposób bycia jest również zależny od wychowania i energii jaką emanuje sam właściciel.
Nie wiem jak to jest, że większość kotów jest wycofana, nieufna, często i gęsto wrogo nastawiona, a mój? Jest zmieszany, kiedy widzi kogoś nowego, ale po chwili podejdzie, wskoczy na kolana i będzie się łasić, ogólnie jest do wszystkich przyjaźnie nastawiony i nawet nie wiem co by trzeba było najgorszego zrobić, żeby wyskoczył z pazurami XD Nie licząc zabaw, podczas których czuje ekscytację oraz bywa rozjuszony, to jest niezwykle łagodny

What if you and 100 people crash landed on a deserted island and you were chosen to be in charge. What would you do?

> What if you and 100 people crash landed on a deserted island and you were chosen to be in charge. What would you do?
"Survival" by Alex
I would identify several trusted members of the group who have some experience in governing and making informed decisions that would benefit the health and welfare of the community. Next I would form a governing body. The worst possible situation would be to do nothing and allow human nature (greed, crime, chaos) to take control and devolve into anarchy, tribalism, crime, war and death. I would work with selected community leaders to craft a constitution that defines principles and rules that all members of the community would abide by to ensure law and order and the health, wellbeing and prosperity of the community.
Our governing committee would then create employment opportunities that are required to sustain life which would include agriculture, housing, water, sewerage and trash as well as police, healthcare, finance, education, emergency response and other necessities required to survive and thrive as a growing community. These positions would be filled based upon experience, education and interest.
Of course I've intentionally left out many important details because my intention is to simply answer the question and not publish a book. What is important to remember is this, when building a house or a community or a city or nation, you must first create a stable foundation upon which to build the community while also preparing for the success of future generations to follow. So my instinct would be to create a constitution and stable government as quickly as possible while simultaneously creating the infrastructure required to sustain life.

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What if you and 100 people crash landed on a deserted island and you were chosen

Everyone's favorite color is black until it comes to skin !

Maryam_x0’s Profile PhotoMahi
Everyone prefers good looks and not the good nature. If this wasn't the case i wouldn't have been single by now😂😂 Just kidding lol but this is a fact. Everyone prefers good skin and not the good nature! I wish People can understand that the face of a person can ever be changed with time, What won't change is their nature. :))

Hello 🦦 Would you be happy with a life without romance?

SamanthaMarioli’s Profile PhotoMetanoia
Don't fancy that at alllll.
Not necessarily your bog standard "Girl meets boy, girls gets fed up of him after 3-6 months, girl drinks gin" romance. That's great when it's great, big fan. Love a bit of love, me. I grew up on Taylor Swift, it's hardwired into me at this stage.
But! I could live without it if I could keep finding the romance in everything else. The romance in the mundane, in those ordinary extraordinary human kindnesses, in nature just being it's incredible self. If the rest of life was still seeped in romance, I could essily handle not having somebody to hog the blankets. And snore.
But if the rest of that wasn't there? I'd have a very, very lonely heart.

Co sadzisz o Detlaffie? Zabijałaś go?

Tak, zabiłam Dettlaffa. Z jednej strony uważam, że został bardzo skrzywdzony i wykorzystany przez Syannę, a ponieważ nie potrafi się do końca kontrolować ze względu na swoją wampirzą naturę, skończyło się to tak, jak się skończyło. Z drugiej jednak to bezwzględny wampir, który bez nadzoru potrafi mordować bez opamiętania, który choć wydaje się być pokojowo nastawiony, przy choćby jednym złym ruchu zaatakuje i nie będzie czekał na wyjaśnienia. Mam co do niego bardzo mieszane uczucia, jest mi to postać raczej obojętna, a jego śmierć boli mnie tylko dlatego, że Regis musi przez to uciekać. Z drugiej jednak strony śmierć Dettlaffa ma też dobre sutki, a ja zawsze staram się postępować tak, by moje decyzje były jak najbardziej zgodne z moją moralnością - w tym przypadku Dettlaff musiał zginąć, by Beauclair ocalało. Poza tym nie mam zaufania do osób, które tak łatwo dają się manipulować innym XD

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Co sadzisz o Detlaffie Zabijałaś go

dont get offended guys mgr poochna yae tha k agr lardki materialistic cheezai daikh kar arahi hai apke pas tu us lardki mai aur ek prostitute ma kia frq reh jayega ?

Agar wo larki sirf materialistic cheezain dekh ke aarahi hai then you can say she is wrong. But larkiyon ko apke materialistic acheivements dekhni hoti hai. Allah has created women to expect material possessions and protection from men. Allah has created men to expect physical attractiveness and a nurturing nature from women. A girl can judge your ability to provide for her and her children by looking at your current materialistic achievements. Wo toh apki job or salary dekh kr hee judge kare gi na ke kal ko aap uski or uske bachoun ki zarooriyat poori kr bhi sakte hain ya nahi? Just being able to talk sweetly doesn't mean a man is able to protect his family aagay ja ke. Is baat ko samajhna zaroori hai. Jis tarha se ek aadmi aise aurat ko pasand nahi karta jo apne basic hygiene ka, physical grooming ka, baat karne ke tareekay ka, ya physical beauty ka khyal nahi rakhti. Kyun ke ek aurat ke ye traits uski laziness or careless-ness show krte hain. Kal ko wo uske bachoun or ghar ka kya khayal rakhe gi? That's how our brains work. So if a woman is ONLY focused on your material possessions toh wo ghalat baat hai. But wo apke nature, education, values ke saath saath is cheez ko bhi consider kr rahi hai toh remember ke wo apki future ability to take careof her family ko judge kr rahi hai.

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I want to stop drinking but all my friends love partying and I am scared I will lose friends if I do.

Sounds like you're ready to level up. Find new friends that enjoy other things, if your friends stop being your friends because what makes you happy has changed, then you haven't lost them, you just realised their true nature.

Who was innocent:😀 Tom or jerry? I am not asking for your sympathy was with whom.i mean who was actually innocent?😅😄

Hahaha well my point of view about this is that it's that difference in their nature just like salt n pepper. They both are completely opposites but everybody knows they belong together.

Would you rather live in the forest, the countryside, by the seaside, or in the city?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I'd say that I'm a city person! I like being close to things such as competitive swimming pools, clubs and such! It's also nice to easily be able to take public transport to other cities. Though, I'd still want easy access to nature and even better, diving opportunities. So a city close to either water or forests is preferred! 🏢
Would you rather live in the forest the countryside by the seaside or in the

Je nějaký film, kniha nebo dokument, který tě ponouknul ke změně myšlení/pohledu na svět? Doporučil/a bys mi ho? A případně proč?

Listic3’s Profile PhotoLištice
Řekl bych, že mě většina filmů a knih ponoukla k nějaké změně pohledu na svět či myšlení, i když ta změna často byla miniaturní, i když ta změna často byla jen urychlení ve směru, kam bych se nejspíš dostal i bez onoho média, jen pomaleji.
Dokumenty jsou v tomto ohledu poněkud speciálnější, protože mám málokdy trpělivost, pozornost a kapacitu je vidět celé, nedejbože skutečně uvažovat o tom, co se v nich říká.
I proto zde (a pokud vím, na asku již podruhé) musím strašlivě doporučit dokument Human Nature. Tobě, ale i komukoliv dalšímu. Dostal jsem se k němu náhodou, ale je skvěle vytvořený, audiovizuálně poutavý, nesmírně mrazivý, a především velmi upřímný.
Vypráví o něčem, co je mi velmi blízké - totiž o genové editaci. Především o genové editaci člověka. Blíže představuje systém CRISPR/Cas 9, absolutní průraz v možnostech měnit samotnou podstatu lidského bytí, nástroj schopný měnit písmenka v DNA takřka s lusknutím prstu - ale především blíže představuje lidi, kteří s CRISPRem přišli (včetně jedné z držitelek Nobelovy ceny za jeho objev, Jennifer Doudny) a lidi, kterým CRISPR změnil či by mohl změnit život. Lidi s nevyléčitelnými genetickými chorobami. Lidi čekající děti s nevyléčitelnými genetickými chorobami. Máme právo změnit lidskou DNA? A kde toto naše právo končí? Co může udělat se společností, když tyto změny budou zcela legální? Protože to není otázka "co kdybychom mohli". Už můžeme. Kde uděláme hranici?
Přikládám celý Human Nature volně ke shlédnutí na youtube. Začíná to trailerem, pokud ho kdokoliv vidět nechce, přeskočte rovnou na 2:33.
https://youtu.be/TTBiBwbTNyMNoemAves’s Video 170659195732 TTBiBwbTNyMNoemAves’s Video 170659195732 TTBiBwbTNyM

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NoemAves’s Video 170659195732 TTBiBwbTNyMNoemAves’s Video 170659195732 TTBiBwbTNyM

I feel hurt, distracted, and confused. I'm going to get married in a few months. I love my single life but I chose to yes to a particular person for marriage. I know I have to get married but I'm traumatized by marriage. I always think of bad scenarios. I'm tired. It feels like I'm in a loop.

Nerves are normal. Marriage is a very big thing and it's human nature to be intimidated by something you haven't experienced before. Try to evaluate your feelings, by yourself or get some help. If it's really just nerves then you'll get over it in sha Allah but if it is something more then this is your chance to backout. Marriage is not something you can go into if you're not 100% sure as it's a life long contract. If you are not sure this is what you want then make a timely decision and save yourself from being miserable for the rest of your life and the other person too.

Do you believe that certain people are made for each other? 💌 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ тєηα¢ισυѕ тσммαу™ ▩ ♚ ☻
yes, I believe ^^
And this is not even because of my romantic nature, the thing is that scientists have proven that everyone on our planet has 5 ideal partners, but they can be anywhere and the chance of meeting is almost zero😏
By the way, there is a way out, if you accept a person completely and completely, then he will be ideal, this is rare, but there are living examples in my life
I wish everyone to find their "ideal" person😍🔥💫
да, верю^^
И это не из-за моей даже романтичной натуры, все дело в том, что учёными доказано, что на нашей планете у каждого есть 5 идеальных партнеров, но они могут быть хоть где и шанс встречи почти равен нулю😏
К слову выход есть, если человека принимаешь целиком и полностью, то он и будет идеальным это редкость, но есть живые примеры в моей жизни, Желаю всем обрести своего "идеального" человека😍🔥💫

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Do you believe that certain people are made for each other

A Wise Man Once Said....?💫

no_one__21’s Profile PhotoDanish Ahmed
According to the law of nature, happiness is not the
greatest good, struggle is the greatest good. One who escapes from struggle and tries to live in happiness, is trying to live in a fool’s paradise. This kind of artificial living is bound at some point to fall apart. Such people can live in a state of happiness for a temporary period, but then they are doomed eventually to become sad.
It is not happiness but seriousness, it is not an easy-
going life but struggle, it is not living in comfort but
being involved in hard work that matter in life. This is the natural path and it is by following the natural path alone that can one attain any real success.
Source: Leading a Spiritual Life | Page 304 | Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Any else feel like you are too much for anyone to care about sometimes? I'm too needy.

jakegenocide420’s Profile PhotoJake Genocide
Not really. See I more raised to think people are selfish by nature and no one will ever care about my problems. So I keep all people at arms length. Which is why I have many close pen pals, but no real personal connections left. I basically am incapable of trusting people. If I'm in a room with someone new I'm always going to be looking for weaknesses, and or suspicious behavior. Because people are untrustworthy & dangerous. So I must be more dangerous or I will never be comfortable. That's a PTSD manifestation. People are a threat. Must watch them. Be defensive. Be the threat so you can't be threatened. Lol. PTSD makes you a psycho tbh. No one wants to be around that for long

Should you ever share how much you earn with another employee?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
There are three outcomes to sharing your income with other employee's and this particularly applies to private corporations:
1. Greater salary: They get jealous and angry that you earn more than they do because either they believe everyone should be equal or that they are better than you and therefore worth more. So they will seek retribution and make the workplace toxic.
2. Equal salary: if your salaries are equal, they get mad because they believe they deserve more than you. Remember, humans tend to believe that they are worth more than everyone else and as a result they expect to earn more money and receive greater rewards than their peers.
3. Lower salary: If your salary is less than your co-workers, they might pretend that you deserve better and that you should complain, but secretly they feel superior because they earn more and will likely treat you as though you are inferior. Beware!
I was taught to never discuss finances with anyone including your own children. Many people are insecure and suffer from a variety of emotional problems. They believe that they are superior and worth more than you are. This is an aspect of human nature that deeply offends me and so I protect myself by not discussing finances, hopes, dreams, goals or anything that matters to me with people whom I do not trust, which is 99.9999999% of humanity.

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اقتباس غير عشوائي، بيعنيلك و بتحس فيه عزاء لروحك.

"Here's harmony!" said she; "here's repose! Here's what may leave all painting and all music behind, and what poetry only can attempt to describe! Here's what may tranquillise every care, and lift the heart to rapture! When I look out on such a night as this, I feel as if there could be neither wickedness nor sorrow in the world; and there certainly would be less of both if the sublimity of Nature were more attended to, and people were carried more out of themselves by contemplating such a scene."
- Mansfield Park
اقتباس غير عشوائي بيعنيلك و بتحس فيه عزاء لروحك

Co ciekawego można zwiedzić w Tajlandii?

Tajlandia ma wiele pięknych i ciekawych miejsc, więc wymienię tylko kilka!
🌷 Ayutthaya (ruiny dawnej stolicy Tajlandii),
🌷 Wielki Pałac Królewski w Bangkoku,
🌷 Świątynia Wat Pho,
🌷 Elephant Nature Park (prowincja Chiang Mai),
🌷 Wat Rhong Kun - "Biała Świątynia" (prowincja Chiang Rai),
🌷 Ko Phi Phi (rajski archipelag).
Co ciekawego można zwiedzić w Tajlandii

What's your opinion on fate?

FiaSaif’s Profile PhotoM.
Fate, its in your hands and your thoughts on how you want what you want and trust me its gonna sound crazy but the nature will give you what you really ask for, just have to ask specifically and intelligently. Be direct and smart and start making your own fate bec it is in your hands...
Liked by: Ayesha Baqar Umair ! M.

I’m so confused why people ignore and deny climate change???

I believe that most people acknowledge climate change as something that has been occurring for millions of years and before humans first appeared on this planet. Most people recognize that the weather changes, seasons change and many changes are cyclical in nature. What most people reject is the hysteria that the world is coming to an end in 2030 or that all humans are going to become extinct if we don't achieve the sustainability goals define by the United Nations agenda 2030 that mandates the earths population be reduced to 500 million by 2030. That goal is insane and no rational human being would ever accept the eradication of 7 billion humans to satisfy some arbitrary "sustainability goal" fabricated by the psychopathic members of the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization and United Nations, in an attempt to create a New World Order and One World Government funded by an international Climate tax.
p.s. since I have been alive, the world was supposed to end at least 3 times and yet I am still alive. So let us stop the climate hysteria and adopt a live and let live attitude instead of screaming at people, intimidating people and blaming people for something they have little, if any, control over.
If you want to blame something for the climate change, blame the sun. Yell and scream at the sun and then report back here in one year with the results of your scientific tests.
How effective were your tests?
Did the temperature decrease?
Did the temperature increase?
What was the standard deviation?
Did humans become extinct as predicted?
Why are humans still alive?
Why didn't the humans either catch on fire and die or melt and freeze to death?
What happened?
Is Florida under water as predicted?
Is Manhattan under water as predicted?
Is Cape Cod under water as predicted?
If you answered no, then explain why our coastal cities are not submerged.
Did all of the ice on the North Pole and South Pole melt as predicted?

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If you became a god / goddess of a specific thing, like those from Greek and Norse mythology, what'd you be a god of? What'd you use your godly powers for? ⚡️🌊🔥💕🌱

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’d want to be like Gaia, a goddess of earth.
So I could fix all the damage we have done to not only our eath, but also eachother. I would change human nature😊

If you became a god / goddess of a specific thing, like those from Greek and Norse mythology, what'd you be a god of? What'd you use your godly powers for? ⚡️🌊🔥💕🌱

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I would be like Gaia! Also known as Mother Nature!
So I would control earth elements! So help things grow! Probably be a pain in the butt and deliberately get wild flowers etc to grow in heavily concreted areas...
It bugs me that areas aren't left aside for some nature :(
If you became a god  goddess of a specific thing like those from Greek and Norse

*When his foe lunges Red switches to sword and shield and using his shield to weather the flurry of strikes the distance he's moved is minimal*

PyromaniaRed’s Profile PhotoRed
Sensing this change of tides, they decide to tip the scales briefly but massively in their favor,
Using tail to distract Green and create some distance, before sprouting celestial WINGS, and gliding over the lava to viciously assault Red alongside it's sibling.
Two Crucible at once, overloading his senses and advancing on his childish nature, knocking him closer to the lava and battering him further with each sweep.
The boy is doomed.
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What are your green flags?

- Understanding and easing going people are absolutely precious. If you get me, I already kinda love you haha
- I am caring by nature, people are not. So when I see someone, who’s caring it always comes off as a surprise to me. 😂
- Kindness oouuufffff but not at the expense of your own sanity because your people need you too!
- I like people who take responsibility and honour it!
- I have a sweet tooth Ofc I like sweet people. 😂 That being said, there’s a difference in being sweet and in being a creep. Also people who are the same sweet with everyone? Ugh no just no. 🙅🏻‍♀️
- You know what a gentleman is made of? Manners, manners, manners and manners.
- It’s so important to be accepting. If someone isn’t the definition of what you want, it’s better to let them go instead of trying to mould and shove them in *your* designed and approved version of them.
I will prolly always eat in the middle of the night and I would never have anything, to do with someone, trying to school me, on how it’s not good for me. 🙂 If you make me feel like, I’m in a hostel and I need to think before being ME, in absolutely any way? Off you go fella. Off you go. 🙋🏻‍♀️
And oh I forgot to add *patience* because I run low on it. 🙂

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Comment pourrais-tu expliquer le fait que l’Homme (avec un grand H donc les femmes avec) ne doit jamais satisfait et en veuille toujours plus?

Yhankzy’s Profile PhotoYhankzy Asaf
Parce qu'on pense à tort être supérieur à tout le monde (y compris les animaux et la nature) et on a un égo qui en veut toujours plus...

🌱 Do you care about nature and your environment?

Yes. I am a conservationist but unlike environmentalists, I have no desire to politicize the issue or use it as a means to push collectivist notions. Instead, I believe it's imperative to address economic interests and ecological concerns in a sane and responsible manner. Current innovations, many emerging technologies and balanced proposals can ensure that future generations may enjoy prosperity, freedom *and* a clean environment. Green 🌱 does not have to be Red ☭.
Acadia National Park, Maine:
Do you care about nature and your environment

Чем мужчина отличается от женщины?🐍

love_oil_love_cs’s Profile Photo.o p p r e s s i o n
А вот всем^^
Абсолютно разные, я из того числа девушек, когда считаю что в семье гендерные роли должны разделяться взаимодополняться друг другом и все же во главе должен быть мужчина так как природой это заложено, "Мужчина определяется делом, а не словом" (с)
Девушка/женщина в свою же очередь несет колоссальный эмоциональный заряд, основа семьи и общества, самое прекрасное, дорогое иценное в жизни настоящего (не побоюсь этого слова) мужчины, у меня есть эталон этого мужчины-это мои папа и дедушка 😍🖤🔥
Могу много писать/говорить не войдёт в пост😏
Here's to everyone ^^ Absolutely different, I am one of those girls when I think that in a family gender roles should be divided and complement each other, and yet a man should be at the head, as nature has it, "A man is determined by deed, not by word" (c) The girl / woman, in turn, carries a colossal emotional charge, this is the basis of the family and in society, the most beautiful, dear and valuable thing in the life of a real (I'm not afraid of this word) man, I have a standard of this man - these are my dad and grandfather 😍🖤🔥
I can write/talk a lot will not be included in the post😏

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Чем мужчина отличается от женщины

How do you generally tackle a conflict with someone? Do you tend to try to find a resolution? Walk away and avoid the conflict altogether? Take time to reflect then address it? Ect?

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
I think it depends a lot on the nature of the conflict! Do I want said conflict to be resolved, is it worth the effort or do I know it'll be fruitless? But if given the chance I'd like to take the time to think things through and truly search my feelings before I try to resolve it. Just so it doesn't escalate in a way I wasn't expecting etc. 🤔😅
How do you generally tackle a conflict with someone Do you tend to try to find a

If there is a god… Why do they allow so much suffering? Shouldn’t they be able to fix things and help people if they’re so powerful?

"Does God Exist" by Alex
> If there is a god… Why do they allow so much suffering? Shouldn’t they be able to fix things and help people if they’re so powerful?
I often ask the same question and the honest answer is that I do not know and I do not pretend to know God's will. However, the fact that God does not behave the way I expect him to behave or demand him to behave, does not mean that God doesn't exist. It just means that my understanding of the God's nature is imperfect, and that I have more work to do in my prayer life and contemplative studies.
There is no doubt in my mind that our universe and everything in it is part of a grand design that we barely comprehend, if at all. And it seems to me that most humans see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear; which, at best, results in an inaccurate picture and a distorted perception of the world that we live in. And yet, I believe the answer to our questions concerning the nature of God abound if only we can remove the shackles from the confines of our entrapped minds, our calcified hearts, and our emaciated and depraved souls.
The answer to all of our questions lie in plain sight, but we are too blind to see, too deaf to hear and too arrogant and stubborn to understand. It is in times like these, when my faith is being tested and my belief in God challenged, that I turn to nature in search of answers. Since God created all living things, perhaps the animal kingdom might offer us some insight into the nature of God. One might begin their search for truth by observing how the animals, birds, insects, fish, reptiles and mammals survive in their habitat. How do they live? What do they eat? How do they communicate? Is survival of the fittest real or simply a discredited theory? Do animals make decisions or is their behavior instinctive or perhaps a bit of both? How much of the behaviors that I observe are a result of nature verses nurture? Do animals have free will or is their behavior determined and therefore predestined? Do animals help one another? Do they reason? If ten wolfs attack a single deer, is that fair? Where is the sense of righteousness and justice? Why doesn't God intervene to save the deer? Does the strongest animal survive or is it the animal who has the ability to adapt more likely to survive?
There are so many questions and seemingly not enough answers and yet, I believe for every question there is at least one answer and potentially multiple answers or explanations to consider. Perhaps God does not directly intervene in human existence for the same reasons he does not interfere with the animal kingdom. Or maybe God lives within us and therefore we control our own destiny. One truth remains crystal clear, God's will be done. And whether or not humans understand God's will or not, will not change the outcome of our shared destiny.

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“Sa paglawak ng daan, s'yang pagkasira ng kalikasan. Sa pagdami ng kabahayan, s'yang pagkasira ng kagubatan.” Agree or disagree? Lapag your thoughts if you can/want ◉‿◉

I agree with that. Every city or town, hindi lang sa Pinas, kahit ibansa, ang dating kinatatayuan ng mga yan ay dating kagubatan. Kalikasang hindi kilala ang civilization. And throughout millennia, kada expansion, you need to make room for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial projects to support the needs of the growing population. And making room means destroying nature. That's how it has always been.

L’endroit où tu te sens le mieux ?

La nature... regarder l'océan, le ciel ou marcher en montagne. En fait, lorsque je regarde le spectacle d'un lever ou d'un coucher de soleil! c'est là que je me sens le mieux... Y'a aussi chez moi quand j fait me priére & à côté de mes proches 🌚
Lendroit où tu te sens le mieux

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