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Ever felt bad when you haven't even got enough energy or too busy to chat and hold conversations and see people?

Today, I just wasn't in the mood for a phone call with a friend, It makes me feel bad but it'd make me feel worse if I snapped at them for no reason.

What are your plans for the summer? ☀️ (Or well, winter for those of you down under ❄️)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
No plans this year! We were gonna go to America but that's been postponed for next year now :c
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Do you retreat back into a comfort zone or do you try to overcome fears?

Comfort zone, usually. I'm quite a boring person.
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What do you with your old phones ? Do you send back to phone company, recycle or keep them?

cw22_’s Profile Photocw22_
Usually give them to someone, I gave my last to my mum, the one before that to my brother.
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Which is worse cramp in your toes or cramp in your calf muscle

ghosthunter725’s Profile Photogary
Any kind of cramp in your foot, ankle, or toes can fuck right off. Calf muscle isn't fun either but anything to do with feet can fuck off.

If don't have children Do you feel like people pressure you into having kids like your parents keep on asking about when gonna give them grandkids ?

missygls’s Profile PhotoGₑₘ ☆
I never get asked that, thankfully! It would fuck me off if they did!
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Beach or Pools?

Ramsha_parachaa’s Profile PhotoRimnique
Pools, as long as they're how I like them, otherwise beach! I like my pools big, long, and deep, on a sunny day xD


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