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are you a good dancer?😊

DrAnonStar12376148’s Profile Photo♚ ♔ ӨMZ ♔ ♚
It depends on the competition 😅🤣🤣. I LOVE to dance! I love swing, country, ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and Latin dancing. I am not an expert in any, but I will always be down to dance. 😅😁🤣

Do you find yourself comfortable in situations where there’s loud noise and dancing?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
… No. I often find myself being quite anxious in places where there’s a lot of loud music/loud sounds in general. It just makes me feel overstimulated honestly, and like I can’t think straight. 😵‍💫
Also, I’m not a good dancer, nor am I confident with other people seeing me dance. Like, sure I have some rhythm, but I don’t have the… moves. At all. 🙈😂
Do you find yourself comfortable in situations where theres loud noise and

Did you do any sports or activities as a child?

I did various martial arts, rounders (kind of like the English version of baseball), tennis, and a few different kinds of dance classes before realising I wasn't much of a dancer 😂 Also did a few different musical instrument lessons, but again not for long as I didn't have much talent.

Что недавно Вы добавили в свой музыкальный плейлист?

DjSandra’s Profile Photo∀˥ǝʞsɐupɹɐ
[Danicide — Rise of the Machines]
https://youtu.be/E_SZX6awmQQ?si=v2_t0Ag5X4hYAJfrms_nobodyyy’s Video 174977104811 E_SZX6awmQQms_nobodyyy’s Video 174977104811 E_SZX6awmQQ
[Blackmore's Night — Dancer and the Moon]
https://youtu.be/s56Hba2-K7E?si=-NzoZZMxo8LStbGEms_nobodyyy’s Video 174977104811 s56Hba2-K7Ems_nobodyyy’s Video 174977104811 s56Hba2-K7E
[Where's My Bible — Creator of Abyss]
https://youtu.be/CCB46riaGHg?si=j8vzlC1FNfFcoqHrms_nobodyyy’s Video 174977104811 CCB46riaGHgms_nobodyyy’s Video 174977104811 CCB46riaGHg

بتعرفي ياباني بجد ولا اي كلام؟؟؟

_ في سنة تانية كانت جاية محافظ طوكيو ووزيرة الدفاع سابقًا 'yuriko koike ' في جامعة القاهرة وكانوا عايزين 8 بس من القسم كله من الأربع دفعات ، أنا كنت منهم وطلعنا على التيليفزيون الياباني NHK .
_ في الترم التاني لسنة 2 والترم الاول لسنة 3 جبت امتياز مرتفع والترم التاني في3 جايبة ف ال7 مواد A+
_ Head of Volunteers في مؤسسة EJK ، دا مؤسسة لأكبر كوميونتي للياباني والكوري في مصر
وب lead تقريبا 183 متطوع ، وكنت مترشحة ادي كورسات لمستوى N4 بس أنا مكنتش فاضية.
_ كنت من منظمين حفلة الأنكا اللي كانت على يخت ومنظمين حفلة الأنكا التانية اللي في ساقية الصاوي بتاعت السفير الياباني وطلعت في ال NHK برضو .
ومعلومة محدش يعرفها بس أنا YASAKOI dancer والمفروض مشاركة في العرض بتاع ايچيكون الجاي .
_ طلعت في أول جولة ليا مع أصدقاء يابانيين في الأهرامات * محدش منهم بيتكلم عربي او انجلش *
دا اللي فاكراه دلوقتي عايزة اركز في المحاضرة يا أنون
و هو اه بقيت زي الزفت السنة دي وخايفة أشيل الترم كله عشان عندي اكتئاب وفي مادة جايبة في الميد ترم بتاعها 18 من 30 ، بس خير ان شاء الله🗿
واه بعرف اتكلم ياباني •_•

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بتعرفي ياباني بجد ولا اي كلام

Hay alguien activo en esta red social? Alguien de la vieja escuela? Si te llega esta pregunta significa que ya te sigo hace años atrás cuando todo esto era puro monte (o quizás te seguí hace poquito con mi regreso jaja) Saludos ✨🌙🤍

ValeehEstuboaqi’s Profile Photomoonlight ✨
@ValeehEstuboaqi 🌛 moonlight, ten buena semana 🙌
Ettoo... activo desde 2013. Te sigo desde hace 2 días cuando recibí tus preguntas y me pasé por tu cuenta 😎
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Babymetal 👉 Tokyo, Japan 🤘 www.babymetal.com/en
Su-metal (vocal, dancer), Moa-metal (vocal, dancer), Yui-metal (vocal, dancer).
Takayoshi (guitar), Leda (guitar), Boh (bass), Hideki (drums).
J-pop, metal, kawaii, metalcore, alternativo. CD 2014/2023.
Ficha: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/137778119225
🎵 🎙️
Megitsune (2014,2021)
https://youtu.be/-IW899HcHkQsalquial’s Video 171499654457 -IW899HcHkQsalquial’s Video 171499654457 -IW899HcHkQ
🎵 ♬
Karate (2016)
https://youtu.be/GvD3CHA48pAsalquial’s Video 171499654457 GvD3CHA48pAsalquial’s Video 171499654457 GvD3CHA48pA
🎵 ♪
Road of Resistance (2016,2021)
https://youtu.be/3T7ElZo2ioQsalquial’s Video 171499654457 3T7ElZo2ioQsalquial’s Video 171499654457 3T7ElZo2ioQ
🎵 ♫
Starlight (2019,2021)
https://youtu.be/UZmInHJzW_Usalquial’s Video 171499654457 UZmInHJzW_Usalquial’s Video 171499654457 UZmInHJzW_U
Hay alguien activo en esta red social Alguien de la vieja escuela
Si te llega

¿Qué habéis cenado o vais a cenar? 😋 Yo ⏩

itsloth5’s Profile PhotoLo
@itsloth5 🏝️ Hey Lo, te respondo, dar y recibir, pásate 🙄
Ettoo... arroz salteado, plátano frito, pollo agridulce, ...
ah y fruta+helado+nata+sirope de chocolate 😋
¿Alguien se apunta?
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫ .........dedicado a BlueMoon @Hatori01
KARD 👉 Seúl, Corea Sur 🤘
J.Seph (vocal, dancer), BM (vocal, dancer), Somin (vocal, dancer), Jiwoo (vocal, dancer).
K-pop, hip hop, electro, dance, house. CD 2016/2022.
🎵 🎙️
KARD - Hola Hola (2017)
https://youtu.be/4UjqwVIZM8Ysalquial’s Video 171450720825 4UjqwVIZM8Ysalquial’s Video 171450720825 4UjqwVIZM8Y
🎵 ♫
KARD - Ride on the Wind (2018)
https://youtu.be/tCT6ld8WZw0salquial’s Video 171450720825 tCT6ld8WZw0salquial’s Video 171450720825 tCT6ld8WZw0
🎵 ♬
KARD - Dumb Litty (2019)
https://youtu.be/acBFkRkpUYMsalquial’s Video 171450720825 acBFkRkpUYMsalquial’s Video 171450720825 acBFkRkpUYM
🎵 ♪
KARD - Gunshot (2020)
https://youtu.be/wRw2Mg1X7R0salquial’s Video 171450720825 wRw2Mg1X7R0salquial’s Video 171450720825 wRw2Mg1X7R0
🎵 🎸
Qué habéis cenado o vais a cenar  Yo

¿Te gusta el marisco?

luciacoutoestrada’s Profile PhotoLucía Couto Estrada
@luciacoutoestrada 🍓 Holi Lucía, voy a tu sitio, pásate 😎
Ettoo... a veces está bien, con vino blanco frío, hay que comer de todo, pero lo importante es una persona encantadora para comer juntos y escuchar música 👍
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Blackpink 👉 Seul, Korea Sur 🤘
Jisoo (vocal), Jennie (rapper, vocal), Rosé (vocal, dancer), Lisa (dancer, rapper, vocal).
K-pop, dance, electro, hip hop, trap. CD 2016/2022.
🎵 🎙️
Blackpink - Whistle (2016)
https://youtu.be/cXzOIfcIVAUsalquial’s Video 171412730425 cXzOIfcIVAUsalquial’s Video 171412730425 cXzOIfcIVAU
🎵 ♬
Blackpink - Boombayah (2016)
https://youtu.be/PjRxsQ3mQkMsalquial’s Video 171412730425 PjRxsQ3mQkMsalquial’s Video 171412730425 PjRxsQ3mQkM
🎵 ♪
Blackpink - Playing With Fire (2016)
https://youtu.be/PT0mv-4IL4Msalquial’s Video 171412730425 PT0mv-4IL4Msalquial’s Video 171412730425 PT0mv-4IL4M
🎵 ♫
Blackpink - Stay (2016)
https://youtu.be/ygF67HDFYTssalquial’s Video 171412730425 ygF67HDFYTssalquial’s Video 171412730425 ygF67HDFYTs
🎵 🎸
Te gusta el marisco

ღ w h i t e n o i s e ღ

lost_souls__’s Profile Photolost souls
White Noise (화이트 노이스), also stylized as WN, is a South Korean girl group under Mania Entertainment. The group consists of 11 members: Binna, Summer, Spring, Belle, Leewoo, Soleil, Spark, Nala, Punch, Kanae and Sooyun. They debuted on February 22, 2022 with their first mini album "Significance" with the title track "Dazzling".
b i n n a [kang solbin] by WeisesFrettchen | leader . main dancer . lead rapper . choreography leader
s u m m e r [song nara] by celestae | lead vocal . songwriter
s p r i n g [kang saebom] by Skotophobia | lead vocal . songwriting leader . composer
b e l l e [annabelle dupont] by -Nessaa- | main rapper . sub vocal . producing leader . songwriter
l e e w o o [lee woori] by solasta | main vocal . composing leader . songwriter
s o l e i l [ha yurim] by Eternal Daisy | lead dancer . lead vocal
n a l a [nam narae] by s e r a p h i c - | main vocal . sub rapper . visual
s p a r k [salonga tala] by BlueElixir | lead dancer . lead rapper . sub vocal . art director . choreographer
p u n c h [harada kaoru] by moonchildren | main rapper . choreographer . center . fotg
k a n a e [im kanae] by chaewon | lead dancer . sub vocal . visual
s o o y u n [hyun sooyun] by redamancy | main dancer . sub rapper . producer

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I am an excellent dancer, my family had me dancing since I was a kid 😂😂

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
it will be interesting to check, and I learned everything myself. My biological parents didn't give a damn about my skills and knowledge, they were burdened by me, although they portrayed a happy family in public.
I am an excellent dancer my family had me dancing since I was a kid

Do you know any partner dances? If not, is it something you'd want to learn? If you do, how comfortable would you say you are dancing that way? 💃

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don't. I'm not much of a dancer. My Husband is lucky I didn't step on his feet at our wedding lol.
Liked by: Tobbe

Co sądzisz o "Hold me closer"?

potterrares’s Profile Photo#hpr Harry Potter Rare Facts
Fajnie, że zadałaś to pytanie 😊
✨ Sam remix jest dość przyjemny, taki wakacyjny, faktycznie dość podobny do "Cold Heart" z Duą, ale jednak nie do końca, no i ciekawie jest usłyszeć "Tiny Dancer" (który wielbię ❤) w takiej unowocześnionej wersji. Produkcja nie jest nieszablonowa, ale dość bezpieczna i sprawia, że utwór jest po prostu miły dla ucha. Świetnie, że Britney nagrała utwór z żywą legendą, którą John niewątpliwie jest, od zawsze marzyłam, że pójdzie we współpracę z tak wielkimi i szanowanymi artystami. Na zdecydowany minus zasługują moim zdaniem te dziwaczne efekty nałożone na głosy Eltona i Britney, które zniekształcają ich wokale, sprawiając, że oboje brzmią tak, jakby puszczali bąbelki w szklance wody i nie da się ich nawet dobrze usłyszeć. Jeśli miałabym ocenić remix w skali to dałabym takie 7/10. Bardziej podobało mi się demo, które dostaliśmy tydzień przed oficjalną premierą singla, Britney była tam bardziej słyszalna i jakoś lepiej się mi tego słucha.
https://youtu.be/lEzfjOviAq4SpearsPhotos’s Video 170885265183 lEzfjOviAq4SpearsPhotos’s Video 170885265183 lEzfjOviAq4

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SpearsPhotos’s Video 170885265183 lEzfjOviAq4SpearsPhotos’s Video 170885265183 lEzfjOviAq4

When you were a child what did you want to do when you grow up?

I didn't have a specific goal: one day I really want to become an archaeologist, another day I want to be a ballet dancer and president of the planet, the next - an interstellar smugglеr... Actually, I still don't have it. I am deeply interested in so many things and I do not yet know which combination of them will be successful.

Opisz jego postać w Glee swoimi słowami x

wszystkowopisie’s Profile PhotoPytania, Quizy, Loterie | All
A więc z perspektywy zwykłego widza: Mike jest racjonalny, lojalny oraz spokojny i cichy, aczkolwiek wstawia się za innych gdy jest taka potrzeba. Chce podążać za marzeniami ale równocześnie nie chce zawieść rodziców swoim wyborem. A podsumowując, jego główne personality traits to bycie tancerzem i bycie w związku z Tiną 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ale z perspektywy widza który wie coś o produkcji sprawa wygląda tak, że Mike by nie pociągnął długo gdyby nie wstawiennictwo choreografa Zacha Woodle, kierownika obsady Roberta Ulrich i współtwórcy Brada Falchuk, gdyż szef szefów Ryan Murphy faworyzował nielicznych i to odbijało się na scenariuszu, postaciach i aktorach. Mike praktycznie nie jest postacią z charakterem, jego wątki nie były rozwijane (gdy już jakieś miał). W szczególności w sezonach 1-2 Harry przyciągał na siebie uwagę widzów głównie poprzez improwizowane reakcje/momenty w tle (np. gif 😂) – improwizowane, ponieważ w scenariuszu często była dla niego pustka, a opis jego postaci brzmiał dosłownie „Mike Chang – Asian dancer”.

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Opisz jego postać w Glee swoimi słowami x

🌿 do you believe in the concept of "right person, wrong time"? why/why not?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh; ✨️
You know the "what if" game? What if, when we were swapping truths, I had said "I hate that I see your smile every single night before I go to sleep," or "I hate that I'm not holding your hand right this second." What if, instead of turning up at my hotel room at 6am for a run, you'd woken up next to me? What if I hadn't broken that moment, hadn't thought "god, we shouldn't." What if I had just fucking kissed you? What if, and if, and if. There are so many moments, scattered on the floor around me. I don't feel things anymore, darling, I really don't. I asked my shrink if there's something wrong with me, if that's going to change. I used to feel so much. I used to fall in love with someone new every single week. Now nothing touches - nothing ripples the surface. And she said that it might change, but for a lot of us it doesn't. It's a survival mechanism, she said.
But with you, I wasn't surviving. I was laughing. I was laughing so hard that there were tears running down my face because you'd got drunk and accidentally spent the afternoon in Mexico. Because you, in your secret life before you joined the ranks of the squad, had been a ballroom dancer. Because your hair was crazy that morning, because you were singing along to the busker and swinging me in a circle. I spend every single day with you laughing.
We could have been spectacular, darling. Cities are built on ruins. I think we could have been, too.

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Do you think you can learn anything or there are things you are going to suck at however hard you try?

There are some skills that can't be learnt by everyone because people all have different capabilities. Some people will never have the rhythm and grace to be a professional dancer, or the speed of a sprinter, the eye and creativity of an artist or the intelligence and perseverance for tech. And that's OK, because they are probably good at so many other things

Jak oceniasz jego umiejętności taneczne?

Czekałam na takie pytanie. Wiec Baekhyun moim zdaniem tańczy bardzo dobrze. Aż trudno uwierzyć, ze zaczął swoją przygodę z tańcem tak późnym wieku, bo miał 19-20 lat. Na przestrzeni lat można zauważyć duży progres w jego wykonaniu. Jest chwalony przez profesjonalnych tancerzy. Jako główny wokalista dostaje tez swoje solowe taneczne występy. Kilka miał na galach, koncertach i podczas ery Monster. Odkąd Yixing nie promuje się zespołem to Baekhyun zajmuje tak jakby jego miejsce jako Main Dancer. Będąc członkiem SuperM - w zespole, gdzie wszyscy tańczą od najmłodszych lat to Baekhyun nie ustępuje im i daje rade.
https://youtu.be/OAkJZYCCqZIbbhpolska’s Video 171042959477 OAkJZYCCqZIbbhpolska’s Video 171042959477 OAkJZYCCqZI

Kurze (sehr doofe) Frage für eine "minimal" Unwissende: Welche Positionen gibt es/sind überhaupt in einer K-Pop Gruppe möglich?

Basically gibt es drei "Grundpositionen/-talente"
Vocalist, Rapper und Dancer (pretty much selbsterklärend denke ich, ansonsten gerne nachfragen :D)
Diese werden weiter unterteilt in Main, Lead und Sub Positionen. Ein Main Vocalist wäre demnach die Person in der Gruppe, die am besten singt und ein Sub Vocalist jemand, der zwar auch gut singt, aber unter den Sängern der Gruppe der/die Schwächste ist. Dementsprechend sind dann normalerweise auch die Lines verteilt - ein Main Vocal wird in den allermeisten Fällen mehr Lines bekommen, als ein Sub Vocal.
Je nach Größe und Talentverteilung einer Gruppe kommen die Positionen auch mehrfach vor bzw haben Member auch mehrere Positionen
Zusätzlich zu den Basic Positionen gibt es die Special Positionen:
Leader, Visual, Center und Face of the Group.
Da sind die Definitionen etwas schwammig, ich erkläre einfach Mal, wie ich sie auffasse.
Leader ist vermutlich wieder recht klar.
Visual ist die Person, die den Koreanischen Beautystandards am meisten entspricht. Sie sind meistens die Personen, die in Werbespots zuerst gezeigt werden und generell immer Mal Deals bekommen.
Das Face ist (in meinen Augen) die Person, die in gewisser Weise am bekanntesten ist, die Person, an die man denkt, wenn man den Namen der Gruppe hört (z.B. Nayeon von Twice, Taeyeon von NCT, Kai von Exo etc)
Das Center ist der Part, der die Gruppe "zusammenhält". Oft ein All Rounder, der besonders in Performances ein bisschen im Mittelpunkt steht - z.b. im Chorus in der Mitte steht etc. Ein Beispiel wäre Yiren von Everglow oder Jungkook von BTS.
Ich hoffe das hat geholfen, ansonsten gibt es ganz viele gute Beiträge dazu im Internet, die das ganze sicherlich besser erklären c:

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My Bhabhi is a great dancer. But she rarely dances like in a function. I feel that's just sad given how culture goes

zainabsaysss’s Profile Photozainabsaysss
Weird how you are telling everyone here that your bhabi is a great dancer, and she dances rarely because of your culture, and at the same time you have a profile picture of yourself with only your face covered and rest of the body visible. Lol

Welchen Beruf hat Rhythmus?

Schlagtot’s Profile PhotoBedufter™
Musik, reine Melodie, Wortmalerei.
Im Einklang.
Berührt das Herz, trifft mitten rein, hält fest so fest, dass man nicht fallen kann.
Erzählt Geschichten, spricht von Gefühlen, Emotionen und berührt spielerisch leicht Menschen aus aller Welt.
Durchdringt den kleinen Zaun, welcher sich um einen zieht, ganz ohne Mühe. Man lässt den Schall auf sich wirken, man möchte es nicht einmal aufhalten.
Musik - Harmonie, Takt, Rythmus, Gefühl. Die höchste Form der Kunst, unaufhaltbar.
Wie heißt es so schön: rhythm is a dancer!!
Welchen Beruf hat Rhythmus

Sorry, ich weiß gerade nicht mehr ob das irgendwo steht o. mal erwähnt wurde. Beide Gruppen sind mir 5 m relativ klein: wird jede Position nur 1 mal vergeben oder kann/wird es auch mehrere mains, leads & subs dancer, vocalist & rapper geben?

Die Main und Special Positionen wird es mit sehr großer Wahrscheinlichkeit nur ein Mal geben, aber ich es wird sicherlich mehrere Leads und Subs geben :)

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀︑ ⠀lilac⠀heart⠀✿

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Lucrecia⠀ Mu ñ oz

⠀⠀ˢᵗᵘᵈᵉⁿᵗ ⠀ ᵐᵃᵏᵉᵘᵖ ᵃʳᵗⁱˢᵗ⠀ ˢⁱⁿᵍᵉʳ⠀ ᵈᵃⁿᶜᵉʳ⠀ ᵗʷᵉⁿᵗʸ ᵒⁿᵉ ʸᵉᵃʳˢ ᵒˡᵈ
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ sobre mí⠀∫ ⠀ https://justpaste.it/justLu ⠀ ∫
⠀- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ᴸᵃ⠀⠀ᵛᵉʳᵈᵃᵈᵉʳᵃ⠀⠀ᶠᵉˡⁱᶜⁱᵈᵃᵈ⠀⠀ⁿᵒ⠀⠀ᶜᵒⁿˢⁱˢᵗᵉ
⠀⠀ ᵉⁿ⠀⠀ᵗᵉⁿᵉʳˡᵒ⠀⠀ᵗᵒᵈᵒ,⠀⠀ˢⁱⁿᵒ⠀⠀ᵉⁿ⠀⠀ⁿᵒ⠀⠀ᵈᵉˢᵉᵃʳ⠀⠀ⁿᵃᵈᵃ
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀» » » ⠀ᴊᴜꜱᴛ ❝ Lu ❞ ⠀–
⠀▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⠀ ╱⠀ ✖

[Espacio] Letra de una canción que no le encuentren sentido.

kanatossakamaki’s Profile PhotoPromise; 민윤기
And so long to devotion it taught me everything I know wave goodbye, wish me well you've gotta let me go. Are we human or are we dancer? My sign is vital, my hands are cold and I'm on my knees looking for the answer are we human or are we dancer? Will your system be alright when you dream of home tonight there is no message we're receiving let me know, is your heart still beating? […]

Hi wanna ask you ur opinion about being dumb & unskilled on something and someone saying like “ why are you taking so much time to finish this task”. It is not that I gave up, just I need time to get used with it😔. But their words made my self esteem went bad

Don't feel bad about yourself just because you're unable to do a task on time or bad at it.
And don't listen to people. If you do something, they'd still say something negative, and if you don't then still they'd bring negativity.
If you're slow or bad at a task that doesn't mean you're dumb or unskilled. It just means you're best at something else and skilled in a different field.
If you're a good dancer, and one asks you to sing then of course you'll be pretty bad at it.
If I'm good in playing basketball and one asks me to play cricket then of course I'll be pretty bad and slow and unskilled to play cricket.
And yes, you can take your time to finish a particular task. Don't give up, take your time, adapt to the situation, learn how to do it and eventually you'll get better and better at it with time.
But if you're unable to do so that doesn't mean you're unskilled or you're dumb.
~You're amazing just the way you are. Know your worth and value. Don't let people define you. They're just people, in every situation they'd say something negative. And if people are being negative, leave the area and surround yourself with positive people.

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Hi wanna ask you ur opinion about being dumb  unskilled on something and someone

Are you psychic in any way? Are you a good dancer? Are you a good singer? Are you a good cook? Are you a good artist? Are you a good listener? Are you a good public speaker? Are you a good babysitter?

No, maybe 💃🏻, average 🎶 , average 🍲, also average 🎨, yes 👂🏻, nooo to public speaking, and I don't tend to babysit.

How good of a dancer would you say that you are? Even considering basic things such as following the rhytm etc. Does that improve when you know the song you're dancing to beforehand? Do you ever incorporate the meaning of some lyrics into your dance moves? 🕺🎶

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I think I can dance pretty well especially when I have a choreography haha, I can follow the rhythm of songs very well so I can match punctually the speed of dance steps of the song etc 💃🏻

What's your best travel story?

SyedHamzaBinFaisal’s Profile PhotoSyed Hamza Bin Faisal
I don't know, I have so many good stories from traveling:
• one year I went to Palm Springs for Thanksgiving & ended up going to a gay bar/club at like 11pm. I ended up talking to the GoGo dancer for like 45 minutes at the bar & he bought me drinks then I became friends with the girl GoGo dancer & ended up dancing my heart out with her.
• Went to Colorado. It wasn't so much Colorado but the plane ride back home where I met Boa. Best day ever.
• I went to Balitimore for my 23 birthday & oh my god, the utter mayhem (in the best way possible) I don't think I went to so many clubs in a weekend in my entire life. I don't think I slept the entire trip. It was wild. you know you had a good time when your phone gets stolen LOL (I am supposed to go back next year lol)
There's so SO many more but those are the three that popped in my head right away.

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If ever you become desperate for money & there’s no one you can ask for help, would you strip to earn a living?

I was an exotic dancer when I was 22 for about 3 months. Before that I was a cocktail waitress at the same club. I didn't strip fully, just lingerie/bikini. I'm not embarrassed by that but I do hate that most of my life during that time was spiraling out of control.

Philosopher Alan Watts explains, 'Life is not a journey with a destination, it’s a dance!' What has changed your view on life for the better?

I'm a terrible dancer! Should I worry?
What has changed my view on life?
Experiences, especially in the last two years.
Pain, failures, relationships, absolute loneliness, illness. They've all taught me so much.

What’s something that happened on elementary school that you still remember today? 🇳🇱: Wat gebeurde er op de basisschool, wat je tot op de dag van vandaag nog steeds herinnert?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (Only Dutch And English)
I honestly remember very little from my childhood, so memories from back then are few and far between! I have no recollection of being that age at school, but I do remember being told off during a ballet class when I was four! It was because instead of leaping gracefully across the room like other dancers, I was running/sprinting 😂 I remember they took my toy off me (one that I’ve had since a baby, it’s rather small) and the lady placed it on a shallow windowsill, with the windows being wide open. I recall being absolutely terrified for the entire class that my toy would fall out of the window, as we were quite high up. I can genuinely recall the anxiety now!
Safe to say, I lacked the grace of being a ballet dancer, so I don’t think I continued with those classes for very long afterwards 😅😂

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What was your “dream job” when you were little, and what is your dream job now? Is it the same, or has it changed?

It has definitely changed! My dream job as a child was being a pole dancer, because they always wore glittery outfits and had lots of money on them on movies. 🤣 My dream job now is running my own animal shelter!
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What was your dream job when you were little and what is your dream job now Is

Do you like to dance?

Dancing's most of what I do! I started Latin dancing four years ago to broaden my own cultural horizons (Mexican-American guy who doesn't speak Spanish/doesn't eat Mexican food any more than any other kind of food), but I quickly fell in love with it on its own merit. A couple years later, I expanded that to about twenty social dances total. Within the last couple months, I've slowly been starting to dance by myself, without any partner.
I was nervous about telling people at first; I started dancing my freshman year of college, just months after high school wherein classmates would mostly...look down on dancing as an unmanly activity. But the more people I told about my dancing, the more I realized that it's actually a fairly attractive skill. Now it's one of the first things I tell people about myself! The closest thing to dancing I can do is play some DDR in an arcade, because the game tells me what to do. I have no idea how to actually dance, and any attempts I've made to "just copy someone who looks like they know what they're doing" hasn't worked well. I think I can't rhythmically move multiple parts of my body at one, like if I do something with my feet my arms stay still or vice-versa. The only music that actually gets me moving is metal, and it's not really dancing to most people. If I was in an actual dancing type situation I'd probably end up standing in a corner, or go to another room if it's possible. I don't care for dancing at clubs though. In my culture dancing with a girl in a club means "I wanna do you" and people are restrictive to dance except with those they want to bone. We just stand in a group and shake our bodies in an awkward way. If I go clubbing with some of my friends who simply don't care I can let myself go and have a really good time. No - I hate it & yes, I'm embarrassed about it. But just because it embarrasses me doesn't mean I secretly like it deep down. To me there's nothing at all to like about it & embarrassment is just what pushes it from pointless to something to actually dislike. Plus there's the fact that it's one of those things for which "I just don't like it" is often considered an unsatisfactory answer, so when the opportunity presents itself to dance, you'll sometimes get people trying to do you a favour by pestering you about it. Love to dance, but rarely do anymore. Forced to go to ballroom dance classes when little because my parents thought a young man should know how to dance. It was alright, discovered hip hop when I was 13, learned to b-boy a little. Was in a little dance group by 15 (3 girls, 4 boys). Stopped when I was 17. Cringe a little when I think back to my days as a "hip hop dancer" in the 90's, but the major upside is being able to completely have a good time as an adult, and dance with confidence.

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What is your best way to respond to a compliment?

Blushing and staring at my feet...or you know...just saying a sincere Thank You. Unless it's a fake compliment. Honestly, just say “Thank you”. Don’t make it awkward by trying to play it down with false modesty. If it’s a genuine compliment then you earned it, despite what you may think. “You look great today!” - “Thank you!” “Great job on the project last week!” - “Thank you! I’m really happy with how it came out!” Etc etc. You’ve done something that someone else appreciated, acknowledge it and move on, it’s dwelling on it that people don’t like. I read that is how Bill Clinton would thank you to compliments and makes you come off as more charismatic. It took a lot of work because receiving compliments always gets me flustered and I'm not always perfect in reacting to compliments but I believe this is the best way to react to compliments
Usually when I got a compliment the first thing I do is smile, even if I don't like the person/ I don't know the person and say something simple like "thanks"...If I like the person or I want to continue the conversation, I would compliment her/him back or start a discussion on that compliment like " Hey, nice tie !" - "Well, thanks...It took me the whole morning to get the knot done...How was your day ?" or something like that to keep the conversation alive...
I have a split-second delay in which I am absolutely baffled that somebody would compliment me. It happens so rarely, especially from the opposite sex, that I spend half a second making sure that they were, in fact, talking about me. I usually respond with ''Thank you'' while trying to figure out if it was genuine. On a side note, I find it interesting how often women get compliments compared to men. I don't mean anything sexist by this, but I do find the concept of giving and receiving compliments to be rather interesting when comparing the two sexes. It creates an interesting contrast between societal norms regarding men and women. Not particularly meaningful, but still fascinating to look at both objectively and subjectively
Depends on who is complimenting me and whether it's on something I know I'm good at, or surprised about being good at. If I get complemented on something frequently, I figure out a canned response, e.g. when someone says I'm the best dancer they've ever seen I tell them I have no idea what I'm doing.

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What do you think about classical music? There any symphonies or any other famous classical work that you like? 🎻🎼

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I like classical music. I used to listen to a lot of instrumental music when I was a child. My favorite 45 record was called music box dancer. More modern choices are Giovanni, Yo-Yo Ma, Lindsey Sterling, and The Piano Guys.
Ask for more well known classical artists, I like Vivaldi.

Аск удалил ответ про воркауты, прикрепляю архивы еще раз, будут у меня в bio

DashaYushkova’s Profile PhotoDasha Horrorshow
Zuzka Workouts 1 (5 Minute Burnout, 8 Minute Tabata, 12 Minute Body, 15 Minute Fit Slide, Cardio Kickbox, Mobility Drills) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10uY5qZPBxOYx_hbZluZP5X9I5Z43DaiA
Zuzka Workouts 2 (Black Diamond & Upper Body, Upper Body & Abs Inferno, Guns & Pistols, Flexible Strength, Legs Like a Dancer, Low Impact Fullbody, Low Impact Lower Body, Mob Therapy, Postural Therapy) https://drive.google.com/drive/u/4/folders/1NFpFORYusFd1O8jI9wLZPrg2wXlBkHFU
Zuzka Workouts 3 (Stretch & Tone) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jzBlPk0U8DggRQPuxabm2TqJ-3EqtQtQ
Zuzka Workouts 4 (Body Crush) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1plRVl2OXGTsc2ODGMB9BWYqhqflcPFmR
Zuzka Workouts 5 (Summer Shred) https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1MeqrbqkGnBeQi3W7CbP3hLI_jRBWDu40
Zuzka Workouts 6 (Cardio Shred, Heartbreaker Body) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z7lHdQ0PdlvA05DA1e_ZM7Zanvb6QXlm
Zuzka Workouts 7 (15 Minute Fat Burn, Kettlebell Workout, Power Yoga) https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1yjR1ynS_tL52poK_uzRMF7WC35GJVp4L
Zuzka Workouts 8 (Lifted Butt, Stretch & Tone Cardio) https://drive.google.com/drive/u/3/folders/1D0kdf7L9x1cTIV_uSyjDwQ7KZEDqYd5n
Zuzka Workouts 9 (Killer Legs, 300 Killer Rep) https://drive.google.com/drive/u/5/folders/1QPcJEOBuIPzKRzuOMyvzR--Dm8r7F49k
Zuzka Workouts 10 (Old Z-Collections: ZWOW, ZCut, ZShred, ZRopes, Six-pack Summer Abs) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13QeSKtjqKh-bckUE0qMJbqTgqay1kcdi
Zuzka 8 Week Challenge https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1u93OOYN0jrorzJuNAtjlflOURZoLTrDo
Zuzka 30 Day Challenge https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DTPp1CserHY4gSy-tMd1_13zZOBl-vlT
5 Minute Workouts (со временем пополняю каталог) https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/15x0aca9wus2Jm9CdeqT9PYePkoBZrK1i
Old BodyRock https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d2idjC0EIX2qYYheqXcOUFF0krLXq6hO
HiitMax with Lisa-Marie https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fbqo34PeJxj6OAFZRwltydlm-OlStlsP
Abs Workouts & Deep Stretching with Millionnaire Hoy https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1djn3HphLsQdEzcn6hPoAWgeGmjZsABPy
Бонусы, бёрнауты на пресс и ягодицы https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kdQecDLas2Xyv4tkQ7OzwPq4ecu-NfVl
Разминки и заминки https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1C6CO88B8uL6MVyUyud72m2rECA9RgVnb
Zuzka Jump Rope Workouts (серии Jump Rope Cardio, Jump Rope Cardio & Abs, Jump Rope Cardio Fit Slide, Jump Rope Cardio Kettlebell) https://drive.google.com/drive/u/3/folders/1vtCkpjJbUgH1YaUhxLwgAclSh8OkRg-S
Latest workouts, randomly:
Zuzka Workouts 14 https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/14IQgBElNNba-mwVzTkP-j7uSSClxioS7
Zuzka Workouts 15 https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1wiNbGgCJNbHi2wfYaMIIG9vWEwAJ4TWf
Zuzka Workouts 16 https://drive.google.com/drive/u/6/folders/1bWbmO9LBuzJT63Ivd6L0MUTCpVusWMZl

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مشكلتي اني Maysa ومش عارفه ابطل mayasa والناس بتفكرني left و belly dancer بس انا straight و right اوي اعمل ايه سمعتي بتضيع يا شباب

انا بس مش شاغلني غير حاجه one بس انتي متحمله yourself إزاي يا Maysa.. تصدقي بالله You حلال فيكي فدان برسيم تحشيه حش لـ donkey والـ Cow لحد ما ينحش وسطك بحزام ناصف نقوم Rest منك ومن Mayastik.. خروبيتك بوظتي إلـ language بتاعتي

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