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When he opens your door to the car, let’s you in and closes the door… what should you do while he’s walking around to his side of the vehicle?

BlackBible09’s Profile PhotoBlackBible09
do whatever you want... wait patiently, eat a banana, beatbox.... whatever floats your boat

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What role does technology play in your life, and is it a problem?

mkylrnstrck’s Profile Photoᴍɪᴋᴀʏ 락을 배운다
I want to get into the tech field so it plays a big role. I use technology for doing most things I enjoy, like coding, watching stuff, creating stuff, listening to music.... the only problem is that the society is so fucked up and so being on social media and seeing news, toxic people, and other stuff just makes me feel more depressed, so I've been off of social media more recently.

How's everyone doing ?

kennylover024’s Profile Photodog water
it's been a hard day today, I had a rough appt that left me feeling even more lost than I already do and im not sure how to cope with that. I'm also feeling pretty stressed rn

What is something that makes you feel like you're not good enough? Have you ever explored the meaning behind that and challenged the emotions behind it?

H2o_o2H’s Profile Photo♤ A ♤
how I'm wired with my intense anxiety, how other people treat me, how I keep trying so hard and nothing changes, how I've failed so much, how much of a loner I am. I've done a lot, but shit doesn't change for me, so I just have had to accept.

How often do you forget to drink fluids?

aclownlikeme8’s Profile PhotoGlad Gresskar
i was in the emergency room for dehydration this summer, so I probably don't drink enough but idc. idk if it was really the cause anyway...

Why does life seem so simple a hard at the same time whats a deep meaning of experience

cedquan260’s Profile PhotoQ
idk, to me, I feel like life is just hard. I wish something about it would be simple

Would you say you are a nice person?

littlekri’s Profile PhotoJustKariOkay
more or less. I wouldn't say im mean, at least. I tend to try to match the energy of the people I'm around, so I'm just about as nice to them as they are to me. it's hard with my depression tho, so sometimes I just can't do it, and I end up blunt and angry, which can seem rude, but it's how I’m truly feeling in my head at all times.


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