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do you believe in destiny or do you believe we create our own fate?

xxanon1234’s Profile Photom.
i believe that a lot of things happen that are out of our control, though our choices also shape our future

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Which Harry Potter house do you think you belong to???.. I think I'm either ravenclaw or griffinder. Or however you spell it 😅

when I took the test, I was a hufflepuff

Which holiday do you prefer: July 4th or Christmas? I prefer Christmas time more even though I'm not a fan of 🥶 winter.

I don't really celebrate either

Real talk, do you think anonymous messaging and questioning is a good thing or bad thing on this app? I get not wanting to be judge but people have been getting out of pocket smh

ThatGuy65037’s Profile PhotoThatGuy
I think it's part of the point of this app and there's a good reason to have it, but a lot of people on this app seem to be weirdos who instead of asking thoughtful questions, just send weird stuff. which is why I turned receiving anonymous questions off.

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What is your opinion on social media?

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it can be uplifting, useful, toxic, addicting, and negative. personally, I've never been much of a social media person. I only use Instagram and this app, and I've never posted stuff of myself, allowed people to follow me, or followed many people that I personally know. recently, I've found social media more negative for me, but in my high school days, it was a way of making friends sometimes.

British accent is better or American accent? Which one is harder

ma00ou33’s Profile PhotoMasoud
personally, I prefer an American accent. don't think either is easier or harder tho, that really depends on the person


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