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Lmk when u have an iPhone 15 and a Bugatti then your on my level

darkmagiciangirl782’s Profile PhotoDark'Magician Girl
iPhone's are pretty lame. they are pretty limited compared to what you can do on Samsungs, Pixels, Huawei, and other high-end phones. Even this app has a better UI on Android devices. So, if that's your level, I wouldn't wanna be on it

So I keep getting a notification that I've violated AskFM guidelines multiple times and If I continue I'll be banned....hmmmm it would be nice to know exactly what I did but no this app sucks so much they don't tell you anything. Lmaooo

yeah, I've gotten that too, it's weird. I think everyone gets it on here at some point tbh, it's like a right of passage

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What are the most common questions u seen about here?Can you list em?(Like so far ik its the phobias one since its like my 1st question here too,wyd 4 a klondike bar & recently, fav mythological creature. Others be like fav YT channel,movie,series) What were your highlights & lowlights of your week?

iMaxGz’s Profile PhotoiMaxGz♎
most common questions on here:
1. astrological sign
2. relationship questions
3. favorite ice cream
4. stuff about food
5. do you believe in true love
6. favorite pets
7. favorite color
8. How people are doing
that's all I can think of rn

Elon musk changed twitter logo to a stupid X instead of the cute blue bird. I am so sad right now. 💔🤦🏻‍♀️😫

yeah. I ditched that app long ago tho. it sucked anyway and Elon Musk is a monster

God loves you alway's remember that his love endures💙🤍💗

sofieking82’s Profile PhotoSopfie
Well then God could bother showing that love at least every once in a while. otherwise, I have no reason to believe that

What city in the US State of Texas would you rather live in, Houston or Dallas?

Leo Thomas
idk, Texas sucks. but I've never been to Houston. Dallas sucked. but it's nearer to family, so I'd probably choose it over Houston.

what kind of relationship do you have with the city(s) you grew up in? do you love it, hate it, is it your favorite city?

javacow’s Profile PhotoJavacow
I like the city better than any other city I've been to


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