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Would you let your gf control your money?

Hell motherfucken no. Boy get your head out of the clouds and take control of your life chase the money not the money you work your save your money you manage it letting somone else manage your money is dumb

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What would you like to see change in the US

Outside influences in the U.S. keep yall retared old work bullshit on that side of the world man get yall some individual rights/freedom

When someone messages you to wear jeans to their house and wear your hair down to make another person jealous 🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

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I say fuck it, go get fucked.

If you’re gf spitefully slept with over 15 of your friends when you broke up but you’re forced to to back with her for minimum 15 years and she was loyal, but you were given the chance to leave her without any repercussions would you because the principle of the matter or would you stay?

This is retarded you don’t have 15 friends, you have 15 dudes that would sleep with your girl and the girl is a hoe/ slut find someone new and stay away from those people

Why get a date when you paraplegic & not fertile, when its too late. Why get a date in a suburb that has no woman,when its too late. Why go on a date past 40,when its too late. Why would one that has kids expect the one that dont to be with them, when its too late.why be at your best, when no1 cares

I mean this sounds negative and I dislike it. Try and think positive, time is an illusion.
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I may be to old for ask FM anymore.

I wouldn’t worry about that it’s unimportance, but you should work on your Syntex

He's a dreamboat. I won't be convinced otherwise. Athletic, confident, supportive. He's the greatest.

He’s a cabana boy, you need to get with the captain. lol.

I feel lonely. I'm a 33 year old female, divorced and living by myself in Canada. How do I cope with my sexual desires? Please don't troll.. need honest suggestions.

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Sounds like you need to focus on you and the important things in your life, like education /work/finances/ health it sounds like you aren’t busy enough and your focused on someone else bringing happiness into your life . If you get horny, rub one out and go to sleep, trust me it’s better to be alone then in bad company.

Can you do a freestyle rap for me?

I want to hit your girlfriends pussy like a comet /stick my dick way in the back of her pussy hole that when I bust a nut/ it makes her vomit/ now when you offer her dick/ she doesn’t want it/ she wants the Shakespeare kid/ that produces sonnets/ not a limp dick prick/ so now your girl on my head like a bonnet/ sounding out cuss words like its hooked on phonics/funny cause when you do it/she’s just not as talkative/ boy you be filling up your girlfriend pussy hole/ with pocket lint /and we just don’t have the same prerogative/ I turn your girlfriend on like the lightbulb on a Logitech/ and she said your dick is the size of a carrot stick/ on a giga pet/ and mine is as long as the Cambodian alphabet but not only is the kid a dick slinging pistoleer He is also a lyricist and you be coming up with some bullshit yous a conspiracy theorist

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I wonder what about me can make someone that doesn't know me treat me badly? And why do I waste the energy caring?

Maybe jealousy, you have a solid rack; if your hatred is coming from a woman, that’s probably why. If your mistreatment is coming from a guy maybe he likes you and is abusive, in that case fuck that and stay away from people who dislike you go and be with people who value you.

Do you freeze up when being hit on?

No, I give a deep, long and hard mysterious look back, like what is it that you want.


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