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What should I do? I text my ex mom and asking to let son know I want my stuff back because been broken up for a while and then I proceeded why is taking so long to send it back and she gives me answer saying he broke . I even offered to as good ex to send the money to get it shipped off .


Have you ever been the reason why your friend is in a relationship (by suggesting them to talk to a family friend that you know, introducing them to a family member, etc.)?

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Someway but it doesn’t work for long.

What would u do if someone wouldn't stop cheating on u but Everytime u tried to leave them or get them to leave u by telling them it's over and how much u hate them now and don't love them they started hitting u or pulling ur hair out and screaming as well as get u fired from ur job

That’s not a good experience

Does the size of the spoon you use matter to you or not??

I thought I was the only one that feels some type of way by my spoon size.

How much does it affect you if/when others don’t believe in your potential or underestimate you?

Opinions are opinions and assumption put together, its not real

Do you believe God has a special someone for all of us? I believe there is someone out there just for me. A special someone who will love me even with all my imperfections.

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