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Don’t trust your coworkers or manager and don’t tell your personal business. For example, people at your job don’t need to know that you are planning to buy a home or your drama with your friends, family, and spouse. Keep it to yourself.

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What were you doing in 1999?

Buying this house, watching it being built, rooting for the Dallas Stars as they won the cup. Working as a claims examiner. Raising my kids.

Do you prefer a home cooked meal or food from a fast food restaurant? and why?

Home cooking is pretty good.

Have you ever felt bummed out after realizing that the guy/girl who you thought liked you was only interested in playing mind games with you? If so, have you wasted a lot of your time fantasizing about a future with them?

Yes but I was glad I had friends who wised me up.

When an engagement ended bitterly, should she sell the ring 💍 or return it to her ex fiancé? Thoughts 💭 🤔

The ring is a symbol of the promise. When the promise is broken the ring should be returned. Gifts can be kept or discarded in whatever manner.


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