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bat ba ang dami daming tanong ni yellow. sya pa ba yan or bots

Baka binubuhay niya lang 'tong app, ikaw naman.

marami pa bang gumagamit neto?

Not as many as before, and there's nothing new here to attract new users. Most people who come here are just returning users.

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Pano kapag sinabi sayong panget ka?

Their words don't define me 'cause there are people who still appreciate me physically. 😊

Anong pakiramdam ng “living alone” ?

If you're used to having someone around, it can be difficult. But if you're independent and content, living alone doesn't mean you're lonely.

Ayoko magsalita ng tapos. There are a lot of possibilities na hindi ko kontrolado. I am open to whatever happen in my life, kahit nasa past pa yan. Ang tanging magagawa ko nalang is to be a better version of myself and learned from my past experiences.

secret_s_secret’s Profile PhotoSecret
True. We have to confront the possibility, even if it causes us pain in the end.
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what's a skill you've always wanted to learn?

I want to learn how to swim 'cause it could be life-saving, but I lack the time and dedication to do so.
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what if nagassume ka na may gusto sayo yung tao and u started liking him too. Tapos kaibigan mo pala yung gusto. Ano gagawin mo? 😭

Assume at your own risk next time, bhie.
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Is everyone in here just lonely and have no one to talk too?

Hmm, not everyone. Some people, like me, just want to share thoughts and inspire others about various topics beyond other social media apps.
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for job interview; bakit kailangan ka namin tanggapin? -matinong sagot pls it can be english, thank u

If you're a recent graduate or have no job experience, highlight your positive attitude and eagerness to learn and adapt.
If you have experience, share relevant past experiences that could benefit the company.
Instead of discussing how you would benefit from the job, focus on how the company would benefit from hiring you.
For example, say "my familiarity with software and strengths can optimize your company's output" instead of "hire me because I need the job for experience and growth."
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3 months na akong nangliligaw then all of a sudden bigla siya nagkaroon ng realization na hindi pa siya to commit. But I still want to pursue her, dahil gusto kopatunayan na mahal ko siya and how serious I Am. Any advice?

Jericson Godes
It's okay to still express your interest, but if she requests you to stop, that's when you should respect her decision.
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Bakit karamihan ng naandito feeling perfect?

Hmm, paano mo nasabi? 'Cause there's a difference between addressing your issues and seeking only the answers you want to hear.
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How to decline someone's confession without offending them?

It's impossible to avoid offending them, no matter how well you phrase it.
Addressing it sooner is better, 'cause giving false hope wastes their time and delays their chance to move on.
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do you think i’m pretty and smart?

ckairalourei’s Profile Photorei
I don't have a way to give you a definite answer 'cause I don't know you personally. However, please expect that not everyone here may provide the response you're looking for.
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kapag ayaw na sayo pag pipilitan mo parin ba sarili mo?

In my past relationships, I've been in such a situation, not to manipulate his feelings, but to see if it's a temporary problem that can be resolved. Trying to fix things once is not that bad, i guess.
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Sakin lang ba, parang super poor na ng performance ng App na to 🥲

They're not making any improvements at all, right? But there's something about this app that I can't seem to leave behind, no matter how many times I deactivate it. 🤣

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I can't wait for the moment where I'll be saying.. "in my life when everything was wrong something finally went right."

At this point, it's just lyrics.
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How do you know if a girl is toying on your feelings?

If she didn't acknowledge your right to experience your emotions, she might be using them as a tool to control you.
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Ako lang ba? ung niloko na ng ilang beses pero siya parin pipiliin kong makasama habang buhay

What made you decide to allow yourself to be treated that way? Don't you deserve love that is genuine, joyful, and honest?
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Ano dapat maramdaman mo kapag may bago na yung ex mo?

It's your call. If you've already moved on, you shouldn't feel anything anymore. You also don't need to be happy for that person; just acknowledge that you both have your own lives, and you don't have to react to what's going on in his/her love life.

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Hello! I'm Ms. Fely. Magiging inactive ako ilang months, baka foreever na haha. But maraming sa mga taong nakilala ko dito, masaya ako nakausap ko kayo kahit hindi ko kayo kilala, at di rin niyo ako kilala hehe. Maraming salamat ulit hehe🥰

Msfely’s Profile PhotoF. ♡
You're welcome here anytime!
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Baket mapa-squatter or upperclass, puro basketbol lang alam ng mga penoys?

That game is popular due to its accessibility, making it the most commonly enjoyed sport. Unlike volleyball, where setting up a net outside isn't feasible, you can easily install a basketball hoop in a spacious area outside your home. Similarly, badminton isn't practical in windy locations.
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Ano po pwedeng itext sa mga contacts para sabihin na ito na yung bago kong number. PS serious answer po sana. Thank you.

Include your old number in your message, indicating that it's no longer active to avoid appearing suspicious. It's a good idea to contact through both SMS and Messenger for added clarity.

How to get a blue check?

engbee88’s Profile PhotoRaphael Andaya
As far as I remember, when I met their verification criteria (which include reaching a specific number of followers, likes, and posts), they asked me to submit a short video of myself holding a piece of paper with my username, the current date, and the time handwritten on it. The process was completely free.

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Skl, I do have a friend(super comfortable namin together) and yung they way he act, cares and treat me is something fishy, even our circle of friend noticed that. So naga-assume lang ba ako or what?

It’s possible that his body language changes around you, but he can’t express his feelings. Until he admits it, just let things be unless you start feeling uncomfortable.


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