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Hypothetical scenario: If you have to choose? Jail, Prison or an insane asylum.

I would go crazy in jail or prison. At least I have fun people to talk to in an insane asylum and they're not so stingy with meds.

Ahh ….Where is Portland?

Portland is not a place, it's a state of mind. Unless you're talking about Portland, Maine. That's in New England.
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Is it possible to think of nothing?

Happens to me a few times a day and lasts for a few seconds. I blame my meds 🤣

When was the last time you dropped food on the floor accidentally and picked it up to eat it?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
I would never do that in a public place. At home I don't care, I drop food all the time during meal prep. Last thing I dropped was probably a piece of onion.

If people live in a time zone ahead of us, does this mean they live in the future?

It just means they're older 🤣
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Are there things in life that are truly random or is everything predetermined? Thoughts 💭.

I think everybody gets turning points and their life goes on based on their decision. I don't think it's either random or predetermined.

Would you ever want to know how or when you were going to die?

That's one of the few things I would like to be surprised with 🤣

In your opinion, is it weird or wrong to have an OF while in a relationship?

I don't find it weird or wrong, if both are ok with it.
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So people workout in the gym and yet they have Coca-Cola in their Stanley cup. Hmmm 🤔?

You can't do workouts without carbs

Ladies, when you kissed another girl, did you stick your tongue 👅 inside her mouth? 👄

Among other places 🤣

Have you ever been friends with someone who only ever seemed interested in talking about others/gossiping?

Yes. It can be fun but eventually it gets exhausting.

The purple hair clown girl on ask fm called me a weirdo.

The purple haired clown girls shall inherit the earth.

What do you do to stay alert and motivated during an intense work / study day? 🔋

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I take a cigarette break when my concentration drops. Tea and energy drinks help too.
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Some people would interpret & read “Who reads” as Whore Ads and “Therapist” as The Rapist. Makes sense?

And that's why teachers' salaries need to be raised.

When driving, How often do you tailgate ?

I don't do anything to make other drivers angry at me, nobody cares if an Asian woman gets shot.

Funny thing Juan Carlos you have no idea how little of integrity you have for how much you say the damn word you probably think it’s the name of a old wooden ship. Lmfao

Funny thing Juan Carlos you have no idea how little of integrity you have for
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What were you most afraid of when you were younger? Do you still have that fear?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
I was afraid of being in my room with the lights out. Not afraid of the dark, just my room being dark. Now my room can't be dark enough at night.
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When you see a midget(dwarf) climbing down the prison wall, would you say “That’s a little con-descending? 😨😳

I think you told that one before.

And you like wasting time on askfm because?

It gives me something to do during my smoke break. I have more friends on here than on IG 🤣
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