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Ladies, did you know that female viagra has been around for years? …..It’s called MONEY! 🤯 💥 💵

No, it's called foreplay 🤣
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Do you live by the saying, “I’m here for a fun time, not a long time”?

I'm not made for fun times, I need more.

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What’s your guilty shopping pleasure?

I'd say candles but my partner would say food. We have no more room in the freezer 🤷‍♀️
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Is there any person you know whose piecitos you'd like to have in the place of yours?

I'm ok with my feet 🤨

What’s a corporation you wish more people know is evil? How?

Florida. Because De Santis. Trying to take over Disneyworld 🤣🤣🤣

When did you first feel like an adult?

I think I first felt like an adult when I was making enough money to support myself. I was on my own before that, but I was struggling financially and felt like a scared kid.

What outdoor activities do you like most? 🏕️⛷️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Hiking is my favorite outdoor activity, going to the beach is a close second tho

Have you ever mapped out your family tree?

I don't know enough about my family and it's not important to me.

How long do you date/talk to a man before bringing up the subject of how much income you both make?🤔

I'm pretty open about my jobs but I don't talk about how much I make. And I wouldn't ask directly about my date's income, it'll come up eventually.

How can people tell if they’re in the right place at the right time? Is that even possible?🤔

It might feel that way at the moment but I don't think you know for sure until much later.

If someone forgot your birthday how would you feel?

I don't really care about my birthday. Or do I 🤔

What do you think of bird sounds outside your window? For example, do you find it soothing or annoying when they start to chirp really early in the morning? 🐦

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I find it very calming, the night's over and I can stop staring at the ceiling
What do you think of bird sounds outside your window For example do you find it
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Can Elon Musk build a big city in Vermont and pay enough people to move there to turn the state red?

He could, and then he could tell people that they can't leave the city, cancel all sanitation work and minimum wage and have people pay an extra tax to have a driver's license.

Do you still work out when you don't feel like it?

I know that I'll feel better after working out, so I do it anyway. I was depressed when I couldn't after I had surgery, I can't just sit around.

What is the difference between a vegan and vegetarian?

Vegetarians eat animal products like eggs and milk, vegans don't

what does being verified mean on here?

It means you have sent the owners of AskFm in Lithuania a picture of your driver's license.


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