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how can i stop envying other people?

Be contented with what you have, stop comparing your life to other people and know that nothing last forever.

Paano mo masasabing narcissist yung tao?

1. Love bombing - they'll shower you with love, gifts and compliments at first and once you're hooked or kinda into them, they'll do it less and keep promising you to give it again until you're the one who does these things first even if they'll never do it again.
2. They brag about themselves. They keep talking about themselves, of how great they are, their achievements and how they know things and the things they own and how they acquired it. But never brag about how you help them along the way or even how you contributed to their success, just their story and how great they are.
3. They'll make you feel worthless without them. They'll talk sh*t about you, shame you in front of other people, to make them feel great that without them you'll be useless or you can't do things on your own or achieve things without without them. And it starts with they do things for you and tell you "you don't have to sweat it" until you'll get used to them doing it and when they stop, it ends with you not knowing how to do things bc they have always been doing it and stopping you to try it, e.g. chores, and basic human skill.
4. They're energy vampires. Seeing you feel bad, sad and angry when they're the reason behind it or they're the ones who cause it, makes them feel great and superior like it gives them energy to do it again and again. They feed on your downfall and will repeatedly do it without remorse.
5. They're number one guilt trippers. They'll guilt trip you and act like a victim or don't know things to make you do things and favor for them. They don't understand the value of boundaries, they know how to use your empathy and once you believe them, it's another cycle of making you hook and sympathize with them again, even when you know what they do isn't treating people right.
These answers are based on experience with research. If you're still questioning if someone is a narcissist or not, feel free to make a research. There are many studies about them online.

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Ano ba ibigsabihin ng financially stable?

Not only that they can pay their own bills on time and can buy and afford their luxury desires but also have emergency funds and insurance. This doesn't mean rich but someone who's literate with budgeting their own finances and dividing it to right allocations and when to use a certain amount without borrowing a certain amount from other allocated budgets. In short, you have saved enough money that you already have an emergency fund, health insurance and a separate budget for your bills and budget for your wants.
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I want to confess so badly, but I'm scared of rejection.🥺

Is confessing about expecting someone to love/like you back or just letting them know how you feel?

thoughts nyo dun sa issue ni pura luka vega?

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It's not that deep. It's an art, it's a drag, means you get to dress up a certain icon or thing and show it. The song has been there online for a while and he didn't even make it.
Such a hypocrite move for a feeling conservative country that mostly practices pre-marital s3x before marriage, electing people who talk sh*t about god and the church, focuses more on k!lling innocent individuals without proper investigation and their own police men are for abusing their power by robbing random people who can't fight back. List could go on that there should be more topics to be talked about and should be addressed by media but they're focusing on one thing.
Politicians are just milking his issue to cover up the real issue that Filipinos should be talking about like the confidential funds of DepEd, the travel expenses of the president without transparency and why is the Philippines getting more in debt when the new president is just a year in his term, what more for the next five years?
My point is, the government should be focusing more on protecting its people, doing something about it and addressing the irregularities made by their own government officials than a one person dressing as a saint.

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Ok lang ba magkagusto sa gf ng friend mo kahit may gf ka naman???

What? What kind of a person thinks that? Are you that h0rny that you don't respect your girlfriend enough? And you don't also respect your friend.

Masyado pa akong bata para magseryoso sa lovelife mambababae muna ako kahit may gf na ako

Imagine your future daughter experience the same thing from a random guy, would that be okay to you? Ig What goes around comes around
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What would u do, if nalaman mo na hindi lang pla ikw yung nililigawan ng jowa mo noon, tas noong nag break kayo, pinormahan nya ka work nya na un pero noong nalaman na may jowa(intentionally yung Grl di cnabi na my jowa sya nang entrtn din)binalikan ka (Kayo na ulit, nalamn mo now lng)

Remove yourself from the situation. What you just knew is he's really not serious about you. And now that he lack options, he came running back to you because you're available? Ruuuuun!

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What can you advice someone who eants to move on or forget someone

Acery99692’s Profile PhotoAcery99692
Focus on you. Go back to your passions and hobbies that you forgot along the way, relearn them. Know your purpose, the reason why you're here, is it for someone or you have a mission for something else that you forgot because you focused your life on someone else instead of your own.

Kailan mo malalaman na dapat mo nang sagutin ang nanliligaw sa iyo?

"Dapat?" You shouldn't feel forced to say yes to someone just because they made an effort or gave gifts. It should be your own decision and not because you don't wanna disappoint them.
The real question is, do you like the person? Are you ready to be in a relationship with them? Do you see yourself being with that person in the long run? Do you want to grow with this person?
Keep in mind that you should have your own choices and decisions for you and not for other people.

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may kaibigan akong red flag, pero dahil sa sobrang late ko nang narealize na toxic relationship namin, at marami na kaming nabond na closeness, diko siya kayang i FO ano gagawin ko ?

Just because there's history doesn't mean you have to keep staying with those people. If you know your friendship isn't helping you grow or isn't helping you to be a better person then how do you know they're good for you?
You become the people you hangout with. One thing or another, you'll adapt their behaviors, mindset and how they deal with things. May it be problems, conversations, actions. You'll see it by how you deal with things since hanging out with them.
You can still be friends with them but not do the same things over and over again with them. You can do your own things while being on good terms with them and if they don't allow you to do that then they're not your friends.
Ikaw na rin nag sabi na di mo kayang i-FO even if you're aware of the toxicity, that means you either don't want to be alone or independent or you keep pleasing them to stay friends with them. What is it? This may seem triggering but it's always your choice to do what's good for your own sake.

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What's your view on maintaining independence while being in a committed relationship?

mkylrnstrck’s Profile Photomiks ♡˘̈
It's healthy, you get to maintain your individuality and sense of self without relying on another person to do things. That includes doing chores, your hobbies, your career goals, learning new skills, reflecting or something that fills your own cup. So, when you're together again, you're not empty and you get to be there for each other mentally, emotionally and physically.
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Yung ganitong sagot ? Bkt hnd ako naniniwala 🥹

If your gut is telling you something is not right, then it's not.
It seems like he's just deciding for both of you and what he wants, not what you really want then he followed it by changing the topic after you had a realization that is true and not hearing your side.
Do you know it's another form of manipulation to get what he wants? When does it end? You keep voicing out the problems in your relationship and he proceeds to ignore it just like that.
You have the choice to get out or stay in that situation for how long until things get worse.

Name something that hurts the most than being financially broke, heartbroken or having diarrhea.

Knowing you can't save people and pets who are suffering from hunger, homelessness, and diseases. Like sure, you can help them one by one but not everyone. 💔
Like, every minute from anywhere in the world there's someone being mistreated, being denied of the privilege to have education, apply for jobs, and being approved of health care bc of their background financially, color of their skin and criminal record.
There are so many people who went to jail for mistaken identity and when they get out after serving their sentence, they can't get a decent job bc they have a criminal record, so they have no choice but do real criminal act, that's why most of them go back to jail after few months.
Every minute there are pet and animal accidents, suffering from hit and run and the cruelty of humans destroying their homes and some mistreating them, hunting them. And some dog owners forcefully breeding their dogs to sell their puppies and when the dogs can't reproduce anymore, they just dump them tsk.
There's so much pain and suffering in this world, just be kind to anyone and animals.

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How do you know if the person is genuine/pure towards you?

They don't want anything in return for their kindness, effort, and money they might have spent hanging around you or with your friend group. And won't even mention everything they did for you, they just help you or being kind with you because it's who they are. But remember to never take advantage of their kindness bc they have their limits and they'll know if they're being taken advantage of.

How do you know you are being valued in a relationship?

Are your needs being taken care of? Are you being taken care of? Are you being heard and seen? Do they speak softly to you? Do they make time for you?
Yes, we all have different love languages but those above are just bare minimum things and you'll know by your answers to the questions above.
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Ramdam ko na sobrang cold na ng relationship namen, ang masakit 1 month plng kme .. Kahit ang kamustahin nia ang araw ko wala, lagi ako nagsasabi sknya everytime na out of duty na sya .. Should i wait nlng ba na sya makipaghiwalay saken , hnd ko kase ugali na ako ang nakipagbreak kahit ang sakit 😭

Were you love-bombed? Napasagot ka na niya so no effort na? Do you want that kind of relationship in the long term or even years? Imagine having that kind of relationship for years, na ikaw lang may pake at nag i-effort, di ka ba mapapagod?
It will hurt more holding on and staying in that kind of situation when you know it's not what you want and you're not valued. Let go habang maaga pa at kaya mo pa umalis sa sitwasyon. Do it, make the choice. Ikaw lang din naman magsa-suffer sa huli.

Anybody here who's going to watch Cinemalaya in PICC next week?

Always wanted to support Fil made films but I couldn't, sobrang layo from where I currently live. Hopefully someday

do u think u could give someone who cheated on u a second change and y

No, it's negotiable for me. If they did that I'll be glad to let them go. They already showed they don't value our relationship or respect me, so why would I stay in that situation? They chose to do that, they wanted that, I ain't tolerating it. Goodbye.

How would react if you were mistaken as a famous celebrity while grocery shopping and has been asked for autographs? Answer a reaction in GIF.

How would react if you were mistaken as a famous celebrity while grocery

normal lang ba na tingin pa rin ng tingin yung ex mo sayo kahit may mga anak na siya at josawa??

No. He should be focusing more on his wife and child than his past.
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