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Thoughts about Minal Khan?

I don't support celebrities and Alhamdulilah I never waste my time on them. I don't care what trends they are running or what they said earlier to annoy people. It doesn't matter to me because I don't look towards them as a mentor. For me, only people with a good and clear character are mentors. The people who are struggling Muslims are my heroes. That's it. But there is something that I want to talk about and it's actually in favor of some actress. It's just that the people of Pakistan are making memes and mocking someone today for posting someone else's story as her own while they have no right to do that. But they think they do, so basically they are all being ignorant. It's not the first time and not going to be the last one too. But this is wrong.
Like did that specific person commit/do something offensive? No, not at all. But the rate of lifelessness is so high that people have got literally nothing to do other than discussing someone's life in Pakistan. I think that the "kartoot" (actions) of the people living in this country state clearly that they deserve the current imported leadership. Every kind of evil is present here. People here have no manners. No respect for others. No etiquettes. They just want to become famous by roasting others and disclosing someone's private life. May Allah punish or guide the people who destroy others' lives. I have literally no sympathy for such people. In a lawless country, it is not rare. But in a modest civilization, it is a punishable act; a crime to attack on someone's life.
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Thoughts about Minal Khan

Kā Tevi ierobežo vai ietekmē tagadējie ārkārtas situācijas noteikumi un ierobežojumi?

- Nu, pagaidām tāpat kā jebkuru. (Vien paldies Dievam darbiņš man vēl ir. Bet diemžēl tāds, ko es pat gribēdama nevarētu veikt no mājām).
Bet, ja drīzumā bez īpaša iemesla nevarēs iet ārpus mājas neviens pēc likuma, tad gan būs dimbā, jo esmu jau pieradusi, ka mīļais mani pavada uz darbiņu un sagaida pie pēc tā.
Jo man ļoti, ļoti nepatīk vienai atrasties uz ielas.
#panicattacks #mentalhealth #mentalillness #anxiety
Kā Tevi ierobežo vai ietekmē  tagadējie ārkārtas situācijas noteikumi un

well obviously the mentalhealth benefits of exercise dont work for you. you dont even do real workout anymore you would just LIKE to do it.

How do you know? Are you spying on me :|
Hahah just kidding. I know you're not because I am working out and most of the time it does help right away. Not always, but there is no way I could say it doesn't help me at all :) I've very recently starting to come back to where I used to be. Altough I do not run as far as before. But I will get there. I'm going on a one week training vacation in a month WOH :D
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