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What types of men do you find attractive in looks & personality? Cowboy, trucker, businessman, athlete, geek, professor, rapper, biker, military, etc? Confident, quiet, outgoing, macho, etc?

I find this question so difficult, as I don't really have a "type". All of my exes have been different, in both looks and personality. I am usually attracted to more alternative people, but my boyfriend right now doesn't fit that description at all so I don't know. I really value humour, though. The person has to be able to make me laugh. It's a deal-breaker if they can't.

What types of men do you find attractive in looks & personality? Cowboy, trucker, businessman, athlete, geek, professor, rapper, biker, military, etc? Confident, quiet, outgoing, macho, etc?

I'd go for a geek or metalhead over any of the others on that list, and I don't mind them being quiet or confident as long as they don't pull that "alpha male" crap, but what I'm attracted to is the person themself, rather than their aesthetic. 2 people with the same or similar aesthetic can still look and behave completely different.

Твой папа тоже космонавт?

Govnostar33’s Profile PhotoСибирская мышка
My father is a God.Almighty Sabaoth.
My daddy is a musician.
I'm Jesus.I'm businessman from London.
We r love.Moscow.
https://youtu.be/LiS2wH3VTkI?si=dGqYhcVDl8-DCVPomatthewway’s Video 172920345148 LiS2wH3VTkImatthewway’s Video 172920345148 LiS2wH3VTkI
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gwwdAJFqu0matthewway’s Video 172920345148 5gwwdAJFqu0matthewway’s Video 172920345148 5gwwdAJFqu0
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adX-uwAP2dUmatthewway’s Video 172920345148 adX-uwAP2dUmatthewway’s Video 172920345148 adX-uwAP2dU
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MQ3pDxaZygmatthewway’s Video 172920345148 2MQ3pDxaZygmatthewway’s Video 172920345148 2MQ3pDxaZyg
one more album»twinkles»[part of it]
https://youtu.be/tURrH8yjP-Amatthewway’s Video 172920345148 tURrH8yjP-Amatthewway’s Video 172920345148 tURrH8yjP-A
https://youtu.be/Juh5vhUO0Ogmatthewway’s Video 172920345148 Juh5vhUO0Ogmatthewway’s Video 172920345148 Juh5vhUO0Og
## #$$# $$ ##$
https://youtu.be/TWgK6PsXQEEmatthewway’s Video 172920345148 TWgK6PsXQEEmatthewway’s Video 172920345148 TWgK6PsXQEE

> sage already called the police - Why? Did you turn him down again? 🤣 > (salvatore) the colosseum is a serious thing, it's history - This. Keep the 🤡 show at the circus. > it is something sacred - Exactly! > a businessman like you - Totally legit! Prosecutor got nothin'. Nobody saw anythin'. 🤣

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Someone very wise is right about it being best not to speak to Sage. I’m either being asked out constantly or asked if I hate him… 🤣
You’re full of excellent profiles names lately, aren’t you? 🤣💗

Do you think Disney Is a Evil Company

Walt Disney himself isn't evil. He was a businessman with all the flaws of a businessman and all the creativity of an artist. People just disliked how popular he was, so they started to make up stories about how evil he is and how he's connected to the Nazis and pornography (when none of those have any basis of facts).
As a company, its a company. It doesn't have a soul or heart, so it can't be evil. The people running them are just there for profits, so they can be evil. Sometimes, they just have terrible work ethics. Disney as a corporate behaves just like every other corporates. So if Disney is evil, every corporate in this world are technically evil as well.
~ Walt wasn't motivated by money. Walt wasn't racist. Walt wasn't sexist. Walt wasn't homophobic. Walt wasn't anti-Jewish. Walt wasn’t anti-Muslim. Walt. Liked. People. Walt was like a big kid-- he liked people and wanted people to like him. Interviews with the Imagineers he worked with tell a lot about the man-- he entertained the “weird” ideas and made sure everyone he worked with felt welcome. Disney was a man who wanted people to be happy.
~ He created an entertainment company that tells compelling stories that move viewers to feel feels and think thoughts.
He also inspired people to take action on their own dreams. Doing accomplishes things. Dreaming of course accomplishes… nothing. Walt showed us the difference.
So no I don’t think Disney is a evil company ?!?!

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Работали когда-нибудь в соавторстве? Если да, что создавали? Как вам? Предпочитаете одиночный труд или совместный? А может, работу в коллективе?

nedelkogrigory’s Profile PhotoГригорий Неделько
In the past, I had different types and fields of activity. At the moment I am a businessman, I own my own holding company.
Работали когданибудь в соавторстве Если да что создавали Как вам Предпочитаете

I am very rich I am a businessman I have a lot of money I have a bungalow I have a car I have everything I am just looking for a good girl who will always be with me and understand my feelings and obey my every word

mktoseef’s Profile PhotoMk TouSeef
Post this on Two Rings Official group on facebook. You'll definitely find out one best fit for you.
Good luck. 🙂

Что бы вы купили или что бы вы сделали если бы получили 9 млрд долларов?

ognevstepan’s Profile Photoвишнёвый
my foster father's total fortune exceeds one hundred quintillions pounds sterling.
Therefore, I can get a lot more money at any time, but I don't ask him for anything, I can earn myself, of course I'm not a businessman yet, but when I become an adult, I quite possibly will create my own business empire.

Rate or hate Gordon Ramsey?

BonjourCaptain’s Profile Photozar
As a chef and businessman I'm sure he's great. His whole attitude kinda sucks, but in that business it's necessary really. I think some of it is just put on for the cameras, but he cares a lot about his craft and understandably gets annoyed when others let him down. When you see him in other environments he's a much more normal human being.
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How it's like to be grown up?

bin_te_tayyab’s Profile Photoب ی ا۔
Allahamdulillah..... In my case.
Cuz meaning of life is now changing day by day for me.
I'm changed a lot but in a positive way, now a days , i'm accepting my mistakes ..
I'm worried about myself, my family, my frnds if they exist. Not only this, I wanna see my MOHALA, my AREA, my CITY, then my PAK LAND to be safest, peaceful and to be capitalism free. , Then I also wanna see every muslim as a real BUSINESSMAN having pure intensions towards his people. Na k khoty ka gosht khila kr srf paisa hi kamaty rahy.
Lol ya to bs halki sy bt ha .... Ya bhot bari debate ha ... Allah hi khair kry. Ameen

لو هم علموونااا نفتح سااالفه مع اللي انحبه .. مو أحسن أعرب ما تحته خط .. 🌚

zayoon_m’s Profile PhotoZayoon 26
لا مو احسن 🙃
مادري وش هالكسل الي صاير ف الكل
لا يبون يتعلمون لغتهم ولا يبون يتعلمون لغة ثانية و يمشون و يتحلطمون
مثل هالادمي 🦦 بدل م يحفظ له جم جملة بالانجليزي يمشي فيها اموره قام يتحلطم ، نزين خل انك ما تبي تدرس لغة غير ، قوم صير businessman 😂 و كوّن علاقات و سو دورات لموظفينك يتكلمون فيها عربي و شجع الباقي يسوون نفس الشي
اما تقعد مكانك و تتحلطم وتقول يحسسونا اغبياء 😂 هذااا شعووررركك < و شعور كل من يحس جدي طبعاً 🦦 ، نادراً اذا كان له علاقة بالطرف الثاني 🙃😂
- الحلطمة مو لش شخصياً بشكل عام و شكراً 🦦

I don’t know if this is a hot take or not but here it goes: Vince McMahon is not a genius. I keep hearing that word thrown around with him but all he did was inherit something, gamble with it and lucked up. None of his best stars were really his idea and all his other businesses failed

RockyTheWild’s Profile PhotoRocky
I think originality is awesome but I've seen a lot of people with unoriginal ideas and persistence get where they wanna get. I don't know if he's a genius but he's a top entrepreneur, nobody can deny that. One hell of a businessman

Nah well they want me to complete my degree It isn't like they don't support me to become businessman they just want second option for me ... You know business usually dont thrive that much

I feel it, with the time you also feel adapting to any place you don't like to be in, is the only choice.
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أنا أعرف businessman سعودي من أصل مصري عندة شركة سياحة في ألكس والمحلة لما اقابلوا هقوله هجيبلك معيدة محاسبة بحالهااا نشتغلوا سوا✋🔥🔥 اغاني تانية لمحمد سعيد؟؟ ❤🔥🔥

Halemaly’s Profile Photo7alim
ضحكت😂😂😂👊+ اسمع اغنيه لو ، وبعدها اغنية متغير💜
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Hahahaha that’s cool... assuming youre from a military fam. Happy that you made the most of the rollercoaster ride. And yeah meeting new ppl, having a lot of friends is fun and cool but things get real when you only got 48 hrs of free time and a whole lot of ppl to meet and catch up with 😂

ShahmeerAhmed’s Profile PhotoShahmeer Ahmed
Naa.. my father is a businessman lol
And yes ... i meet my friends whenever they are free mostly on sundays. Thats how you keep up with friends or else skype works better 😂
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Yar wo roz tyar ho k atay hain ?? jese unka walima ho ? even kabhi kabhi to esa lgta hai jese unhone base b lagai hui hai ?? "dulha" is a perfect name for him

Well hamaray dulhay dont wear base lol. But again hes a college professor hes to look good and decent. What's wrong in that? Even I dress up like a swaggy businessman even when I'm going to teach ? matlb aisay nahe bolo yar ;p
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Ya des abonnements a 1.99e le mois mais il y aura toujours des gens dans ton quartier qui te demanderont de les laisser apeller ou de voir un truc sur internet de ton téléphone. ... les gars ya plus d'excuse a part pour les bicraveurs et businessman qui veulent pas d'abonnement dépassé de la live😂

Trop ça, la dernière fois y'a une meuf elle me demande si elle peut envoyer un message avec mon portable alors qu'elle tenait le sien dans sa main et il était allumé, mais oh c'est quoi ça ?
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قەیچێکە ٢٩ ساڵەی مەسولەکانیترمان زۆر گوێ لێ بوە با ئەویش تۆزێک درۆمان لۆ بکا😃 دوایێ بەشکەم راستیش بکا دونیایە هەموو شتێك چاوەروان نەکراوە

raste che bka barezm la 3alama nabowa yakek businessman bet xoe halata naw seasatawa enja ba brwa prozhakane xoe tawaw ka parae karmandakane ba enja be naqd lawanae tr bgre anyway haryakaw bochwnek!💚
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What's the etiquette on asking for investments? I asked the father of my GF's son to invest in a new venture & she was offended...Idk what the issue is if he's a businessman and Im trying to be in his position one day. We've been together for a year+...

Uhhhh. It has nothing to do with the investment. Based on the reaction you describe and the scenario, I’m
Gonna guess that she and the kid’s father don’t have the best relationship or maybe they do now, but he did her dirty in the past. It seems you’ve ignored all this to make a quick buck.
ORRRR. This is an ego thing. You don’t GAF. That’s clear. But based on what you wrote you look up to the child’s father and want to be like him. Everyone who moves on from an ex always wants to feel like they’ve done better. You’ve kinda made the ex know that he’s a better man— or at least more successful. If he has any ego at all, he’s going to throw that in the GF’s face. In short, you embarrassed her. If she has any kind of ego, this will be hard to clean up.

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