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What sex means to you ..!!?💭🍭

тεпαα ..❧
What sex has meant to me has changed as I’ve grown and matured. Before and then for awhile in my first relationship sex was a huge thing to me. I was so sure that I was going to wait till marriage to have sex, not for religious reasons but because I thought it should’ve been something you saved for someone you knew you loved and wanted to be with. Although with hormones running high I gave my virginity to my first boyfriend I ever had who I did love and being as young and naive as I was I thought that he loved me as much and we would last forever and get married. Well long story short he cheated on me and we broke up. I was devastated and it really changed my view on sex. For awhile afterwards sex meant nothing to me and so I slept with multiple guys that I found attractive. After the pain wore off from the break up and betrayal from my first boyfriend and I had seen a couple other guys romantically I’ve decided that sex can either be just sex or it can mean something, it depends on what you want it to be. Casual hook ups are okay if that's all you’re looking for in this point in your life, but sex is also something that you should only be doing if youre ready for it because it causes emotional attachments or strengthen ones that already there. Sex is something that can be very intimate and special. It all depends on what you want it to mean.
Ps : ive read an article ... I liked it so posting it here . #copied

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