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Aoa,I want new friends who's has patience, loyal and with good intentions. Comment if Any women/man is interested and they know me through my all answers on ask.fm.

Dua123456’s Profile PhotoDua
Yes yes Soo Bismillah 😆 kr do personal msg phr 😝

What are your qualifications / Job profile?

emanjaffer71021’s Profile PhotoEman Jaffer
Qualification : Engineering
height 6ft😆
Ab phr main “haan” smjhon?? 😆😜

Eid Mubarak y'all and happy devil's coming back hehe. How much eidi? Mine went full elite this time. 10k plus

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
آپ بھی سستا نشہ کرتی ہو؟؟🚬

I always manage to listen others when they need me. But no one is there when I have my low phase

princess567l’s Profile PhotoMiss Multiverse
Baby ap logon ka Low phase b to 7 Days ka hota hai na 😆😆 ab itna wela kon ho ga


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