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What one best describes your temperament?•Sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable) •Choleric (ambitious and leader-like) •Melancholic (introverted and thoughtful) •Phlegmatic (relaxed and quiet)

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Choleric 👀

I am probably at the lowest level of iman right now, inspite of regularly praying, crying infront of him. Please motivate me to not lose hope or atleast pray for me that I don't give up on myself and that He doesn't give up on me. 😭

I am probably at the lowest level of iman right now inspite of regularly praying

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Patient in medical ward:
Dac sab Zindagi say tang aa gaya hon!
Me who wanna reply to him: Same bruh same....but instead take a deep breath, don't worry this too shall pass!


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Zero (Zor Kadal/Zar Kadal): The zeroth bridge was constructed in 1950s. It is said to have been named so because traditionally the Amira Kadal bridge was regarded as the first bridge on the Jhelum as it entered Srinagar and the Zero bridge preceded it.Another lesser known anecdote behind its etymology is that the the Contractor of Zero Bridge, Sona Ullah Shora Sahab of Shore Garee Mahalla Nawab Bazar was hard of hearing (“zorr” in Kashmiri) and ironically even the section officer and assistant engineer were hard of hearing and thus the attribution of Zero bridge (Zearri bridge).
This bridge closed to traffic in the 70s owing to weakened wooden structure.

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How ABOUT having some historical tidbits form 🍁
First bridge of Kashmir 🍁(Amira Kadal/Amiran Kadal/Omra/Womra): This bridge was built by Afghan governor Amir Khan Sher Jawan in 1774-1777 with the help of local boatmen (Hanjis). With help of this strong and study class of people he also built Sher Garhi Palace on it.It was a 5 pier wooden cantilever construction 150 yards long and 6 yards wide. The bridge was fully damaged in devastating floods of 1893 but was soon rebuilt.
This bridge been a witness to everything from Afghan tax collectors flogging the locals to collect Zar-i-Habubat to Dogras extracting taxes from artisans and peasants, to the more recent events after 1947.
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