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Jesus is coming back any day now ✝️

I don't believe in any of that sh*t but I've been amused by the thought of him coming back, joining the republican party while supporting the NRA etc.

Is 48 years old young?

BSchroeck255’s Profile PhotoBrian Schroeck
If you think it is, it sounds more like wishful thinking to me. Average life expectancy divided by two... Young would be at least a generous few years before the halfway point.

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Sprite or Fanta?

welroz’s Profile PhotoWelroz Wooz
Pop is the most overrated thing that you can consume. I'm not saying it tastes bad, but all of those liquid calories for very temporarily feeling better (then worse) is just not worth it.

What's a good diet I can recommend to my dad. 68 male bad health

anthonymbrown9504’s Profile PhotoAnthony Brown
He probably won't listen to you. A lot of people with bad habits when they're old will proudly hang on to them.

Are you a person who likes to eat leftover food? Some people don’t like it some do! 😊

PDawg2000’s Profile PhotoPeyton
I cannot understand wasting perfectly good food. It's sad that some fragile egos cause people to throw it out! At least feed it to your dog or exotic pet if you have one.
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Formspring became Twoo many years ago, and as of last summer Twoo shut down and now they're referring you to Plenty of Fish.

gggssaq’s Profile Photo1
I wonder how much they make off of each referral, those pieces of sh*t.

I dislocated my knee , any advice?

agustingovea2022’s Profile PhotoJR
For a split second, I read this as 'I just disclosed my location, any advice?'.

👧 Controversial debates: Should parents post photos of their children online, particularly in things like identifying uniforms or swimwear?

"Is it okay to d0xx your child?"

Is it weird that I called my old coworker who I used to talk to, to say hi and that I miss her?

How close were you to her, to begin with? If you guys didn't really call each other in the past, it would probably be best that you didn't.


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