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Number 1 rule for being a nice person?

Ummm.. shazzy maybe number 1 is believe i myself that i can make this exchange

I met this great guy, but I can’t commit. I find it hard to trust people. Advice?

What is exactly your problem tell me and i will try to help you

Do you know what a shower curtain is?

When you want to make a shower but your bathroom doesn't have any door so you use curtain 🤣

How do you feel about the modern day colonialism of south asians? Brampton is little india at this point.

ThePlea’s Profile PhotoFabulous Fin
Sorry my English is elementary and your question was kind of hard for me to understand 😂🥲

Les jeunes établissent un record avec 80% d'abstentionnistes. Le vote électronique ne serait-il pas la solution idéale pour les inciter à voter ?

Hello i can't understand your language sorry

Les fêtes de fin d’année approche ! 🥰🎄❄️ Qu’avez vous demandé de bon au père noël ? Personnellement un IPAD 🥰

Lacycydu62’s Profile PhotoLa blonde
What kind of language are you speaking?

What’re your plans for today?

One of the best thing for doing for me that i really enjoy it is nothing . You say what you going to do. I tell you nothing ☺️


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