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Apparently girls say Okey and yeah because the guy does not spark the convo is it true

Can be true in some cases

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if you are 30 and you still colour ur hair blue, you're not cool you just come off as a cringe adult who cant grow out of their teen edgy phase

genuine question, why did you feel the need to say this?

this app is lame, and people on here are boring, idek why i reinstalled it

The one thing that seems to keep most (if not all) users on here is actually the people that they connect with on here so maybe you just haven’t found the right people🤷🏻‍♂️ you’re right about the app being boring though

Who's this Mr Pizza going around asking girls what they are like when they're drunk? Lol

I think this is Mr Pizza himself asking this question🤨

Why only british people answer questions here. Where are the rest of the people from the other parts of the world? xx

If you are talking about British people only answering your shoutout questions, that’s because your shoutout questions only go to those in the UK


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